Friday, October 2, 2015

Anti-Gankers Are Anti-Fun

The big news out of the EVE fan events last week was the unveiling of real-life laminated mining permits, which were issued to some CCP devs as a token of the New Order's appreciation for all their hard work. You already saw CCP Shadowcat's famous tweet, but there was more to the story:

Our humble Agent requested anonymity. This is the kind of news that warms an EVE player's heart. Just picture CCP Phantom, who has locked so many threads on EVE-O, being given the chance to carry his very own mining permit.

A photo of the five permits was provided by our Agent. Two of them were flipped over so you can see the reverse side, which was also intricately designed.

It sounds like a good time was had by all. Who could object? You guessed it: The Anti-Gankers and bot-aspirants of highsec squealed in disapproval when they saw CCP Shadowcat's tweet. Partly this is because the New Order's enemies have always tried to deprive our cause of legitimacy. However, it's also because our opponents are more Anti-Fun than Anti-Gank (most of them have never tried to stop ganks, and fewer have succeeded). By definition, carebears don't have fun in EVE; bot-aspirants grind isk while AFK. They think the point of EVE is to make money, not to enjoy a game. So they see no problem with stopping other players from having fun.

The CCP permits were a bit of fun that any reasonable person could enjoy. Even in the EVE Subreddit and on EVE-O, both of which have more than their fair share of GRRR CODE types, the reaction was mostly positive.

Everyone was having a splendid time. Normally curmudgeonly ISD members cracked a smile. In a day and age where nullsec is withering away and EVE players have become unused to content, it was an opportunity for all to bask in the warm glow of New Order creativity.

...But some squealed.

I would add one other label to the enemies of the New Order: Content-averse. We've often heard about EVE players being too risk-averse. There is truth to that, of course, but increasingly we've seen the "theme park" crowd objecting to content creation in general. The content-averse don't want to see players creating and enforcing a Code, or innovating new ways to gank freighters, or designing real-life mining permits. They want peace and quiet, for EVE to be a silent, colorless platform for their boring, automated PvE. May it never be so!


  1. I honestly can't believe how twisted some peoples' panties got over something that is all in good fun. Makes me wonder how these people can find joy in anything. I guess people just love an excuse for outrage these days :(

  2. Why are we so concerned with gun control, when we should be focusing our efforts on Fun Control!!!

  3. CCP's position has never changed; if the New Order follows the EULA, our presence and activities in the game are as legitimate as anyone else's. CCP's involvement in this bit of merriment reflects that, and only that.

    Has anyone noticed that anti-gankers are also failing daily to even comment? A spent force indeed (if 'force' there ever was).

    1. Like the force of wet tissue paper gently striking the golden statue of James 315.

    2. Wonderful image Alana; perfectly conceived and executed. James 315 inspires only the best in his followers.

  4. "They want peace and quiet, for EVE to be a silent, colorless platform for their boring, automated PvE. May it never be so!"

    This a thousand times over.

    I started playing EvE in January this year. Why did I pick up EvE? Because it supposed to be a harsh game, a game that kicks you in the teeth instead of holding your hand. If EvE turns into a themepark were everyone is safe and everyone is being handheld through the entire experience, I am out.

    Carebears, HTFU or GTFO. Try a more suitable game, like Hello Kitty Online.

  5. CCP just knows what we players all know--- CODE ALWAYS WINS

  6. Hey dicks get it right for crying out loud, dont lump me with those idiots in AG. An as to posting a comment from the forums, let me explain it to you...
    First i think the item is cool, but i asked someone i knew if a corporate employee was overstepping things as asked by your member. In short i was told only if more "employees" could be seen publicly supporting an idea, in conjunction with perceived notion from customers that their money for services rendered was being stolen...basically game made unplayable with Corporate Employee would be difficult if not impossible but not improbable for a customer to try and make a case and sue CCP.
    He said at this time, with only 1 such employee, and the nature of the game as i explained it to him...that such on occurrence is highly unlikely let alone make it to an actual trial or have any chance to succeed. Of course if it were to happen, CCP could get out of it by seizing assets and property and employing the organization as part of the game.

    As to the other, yeah I'm not AG, hell I'm no longer guys might have a reason to gank continuously but i do not anymore and without a reason except just for the sake of ganking...its fucking boring. In fact you guys are boring...if you were less carebearish like the things you hunt, i might have considered joining you at one point..but holy shit if your not exactly like a f1 pushing monkey except for the FC's that might run things.

    Asveron Durr

      Sit down, space lawyer.

    2. "CCP could get out of it by seizing assets and property and employing the organization as part of the game."

      Not only is this a completely outlandish fantasy that you just made up, but what the hell are you even talking about? We're a part of the game NOW, and we do it for free!

      Just out of curiosity of the asinine, how would NPC us operate differently than real us? Is our current AI too advanced, demonstrated by the fact that we always win, always?

      -Galaxy Pig

    3. @hurrDurr
      Stfu and gtfo bot.

    4. I'm not AG, but...

    5. Bring your umbrellas, it's raining tears!

  7. Whats the limitations on litigating a game company if their game is too hard? If it goes back far enough we can finally get reparations for all the 16bit hell certain console titles in the 90's delivered!

    Asveron Durr is obviously sitting on a gold mine of legal genius. The New Order always wins so eve is safe, but electronic arts is in trouble!

  8. If anyone is ever confused about what the term "tempest in a teapot" means just refer to the these AG tears.


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