Monday, October 26, 2015

The Agent of Mystery

There are many ways to enforce the Code. Most of them are very straightforward--so obvious even a miner can understand them. Others are more enigmatic.

An inconspicuous Agent named Harlequin Croft appeared in the Balle system and began requesting payment for mining permits. She had no combat skills or killboard history. Her simple frigate simply orbited the miners, who, fearing the Code, began to dock up one after the other.

Sthenelos Tau ganked the frigate, but was soon won over by Harlequin's nonviolent approach. He actually sent her 10 million isk for a permit, though he had no intention of mining. Local rebel Sol epoch was infuriated.

Harlequin was open about the fact that she had no firepower at her disposal. She drifted across the system in a pod, occasionally re-shipping into a rookie ship.

Sol epoch was utterly baffled by Harlequin's behavior. It wasn't what he expected from an Agent of the New Order. What was she up to?

Sol demanded that Harlequin leave the system. At other times, Sol demanded that Harlequin do something to enforce the Code. But she wouldn't.

Balle was treated to the traditional highsec trash-talk between two players who were both docked up a station. But unlike Sol epoch, Harlequin freely admitted that she had no intention of doing anything. She wouldn't even make threats.

Incredibly, Harlequin was selling permits merely by asking politely. Most miners docked up in terror, but to Sol epoch's chagrin, at least one permit had already been sold.

Sol sounded like an angry miner. Most rebels get upset when they experience--or even witness--a suicide gank. Harlequin wasn't ganking anyone, but still managed to enrage the rebel.

With a few thinly veiled threats, Sol declared the conversation over. That was that.

...Yet the rebel found himself unable to think about anything else. The riddle of Harlequin Croft's conduct was driving him mad.

Finally, Sol repeated his demands that Harlequin duel him or leave the system. Harlequin undocked in a rookie ship.

Sol could only grit his teeth. Why wouldn't this Agent explain herself?

The Agent passively sat outside the station in her pod. Even this quiet, harmless act was enough to send the rebel over the edge.

Try as he might, Sol epoch couldn't crack the Code. The unarmed Agent remained in Balle to pursue her mysterious agenda. A few days later, Harlequin was victorious in combat in Balle when she famously used snowballs to provoke a rebel into CONCORDing himself. That event was recounted in the celebrated "A Snowball's Chance in Highsec" series. Yet the full story behind Agent Harlequin Croft must remain a mystery. Some time later, Harlequin Croft vanished into Doomheim, never to be seen again.


  1. Would this be the Sol Epoch ( who only ever engages in large fleets or against solo pods, but won't even engage a solo Agent?

  2. I enjoyed this brilliant work harlequin

  3. Good stuff.

    I used to spend a lot of time in Balle around 2009/10, even then Sol epoch was a mouthy dick always bloviating in local.

  4. That Sol, he seems nice.

    1. The man who invented the triple shot thrasher?

      No, id guess no.

    2. Nope, that's not me. (Yes I've started reading minerbumping again).
      That's Epoch, the overly sensible, ever whining dipshit with the insanely inflated ego. Thinking I behave like that is kind of insulting. This guy hates me, because I've always been the better known Sol.

      So, if anyone reading this wants to stick it to him ... swap "Sol" for Epoch.
      Dipshit doesn't deserve being called Sol.

      Have a good one, guys!

    3. I miss an edit function to correct the layout. %)

  5. Oh Mr James 315, you do make me blush. I wonder if I should let the mystery remain, but really there is no mystery. CCP, bless their hearts, decided newbies should get a skillpoint buff. Sadly I was not a newbie in age, but in training only so I decided to 'reinvent' myself. Like how Madonna from Detroit now has a posh English accent -- only I did it with the Code as a core skill.

    The miners of Balle shall not go unattended. They shall have my sisters, Harlequin White and Harlequin Black to see to them.

    1. You have a gift of grace and the blessing of our Supreme Protector. Fear no darkness. I look forward to reading about your future adventures!

  6. Old story, ChODE. is dying.

  7. The guy is a legend and rp's better than code but Harlequin never got ot lol.

  8. I have known Sol epoch for a number of years on Eve and he is probably one of the nicest guys you could meet. I would say that Griefers will get short shrift and also presuptious people but all in all he is a cool guy.

  9. I would say if you want content call Sol epoch and if you want gif's of Bra's call Solecist Project lol No brainer in my opinion.

  10. Look at Epoc talking about himself.
    That's actually typical for him. :)


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