Friday, October 30, 2015

The Emergence of Gameplay

Many people wonder what a New Order Agent's EVEmail inbox looks like. Is it completely filled with tears, rage, real-life death threats, etc.? No, not completely.

...Because the fact is, highsec is populated by countless supporters of the New Order. Most people are reluctant to embrace change, but the smartest know a good deal when they see one. And the Code is the best deal of them all.

Knackered Old Goat has been playing EVE on different characters for several years. Like so many other EVE players, he lacked guidance. He fell into a pattern of grinding isk, which is ultimately unfulfilling.

Even those who seek PvP may run into difficulty. This is especially true when PvE'ers swarm highsec due to the risk/reward imbalance, rather than providing the base of the PvP food chain elsewhere. The recent failure of nullsec alliances, some of whom relocated to lowsec, has breathed new life into that area. Still, EVE struggles.

CCP has spent years working on the "new player experience". They've bestowed countless advantages upon the newbies. But the newbies leave anyway. Something is missing. The new players can't be retained.

...Unless a thing happens.

The Code is the missing ingredient. It has given countless players a reason to play the game. And every Agent, being imbued with the power of the Code, is an inspiration. Who wouldn't want what the Agent possesses? They're genuine EVE celebrities wherever they go.

The mere presence of an Agent in local rescued Knackered Old Goat from a dismal life of carebearism. Empowered by his New Order friends, he helped destroy a Mackinaw.

It's incredible to think how many players' fates have been altered merely by looking at Agents' bios. They are not only Agents of the New Order; they're Agents of destiny.

CCP, take note. The New Order improves player retention and encourages players to get multiple accounts! And to think, so many theme park advocates have spent all these years encouraging CCP to remove highsec aggression.

Some say that ganking is too easy. Such critics all share one thing in common: They've never successfully executed a suicide gank themselves. When those who support nerfs start dunking freighters, maybe we'll have a reason to listen.

A chance encounter with a New Order Agent made all the difference. The carebear was transformed into something special. Something powerful. Something to be feared, respected, and obeyed by his former peers in the asteroid belts.

The future of highsec--and everyone who resides there--is in good hands. Namely, ours. After all, we've earned it, haven't we? We create the content.


  1. I have a similar story. Karma Balancer was the celebrity in my history.

  2. Join Code - Have nonstop fun!

    Join AG - Watch Code have fun while you fail non-stop daily!

  3. Each time I convert a Bot-aspirant and hear them tell the story I smile.

  4. tl;dr
    Incompetent psychopath who couldn't do anything right in EVE almost quit but eventually found CODE. and now revels in happiness.

  5. Wow.

    I'm glad you're all having fun being space pirates.

    I know collecting tears, rage mails, and constantly bleating about how you're special people can be so tiring.

    But you're not special. Your only unique trait is your slavish devotion to a Cult of Personality that is, frankly, delusional.

    CODE agents aren't powerful, or feared, by anyone that actually knows what they are doing and follows common sense. CODE agents and the propaganda wrinters puff themselves up like a small animal, claim to do great things, but literally anyone can do this so how great can you be?

    1. great enough for you to shed tears on the minerbumping blog.

      Keep it up so I can slurp up these delicious pubbie tears.

    2. If everyone can do this, why don't they? If everyone can do this, why isn't there an apposing force of equal strength in numbers, dedication, propaganda and influence?

      Slavish devotion as you put it isn't that special, most of the miners who hate are devoted to themselves only to the point where they jump corp at the first sign of a war dec. As for a cult of personality - you do realize you're playing Eve Online right?

      Few people bother playing Eve because the mechanics are so awesome (hint: it's not), they play, or rather they keep playing, because of the people they're flying with and against.

      Instead of seeing enemies see content providers, both externally and internally and it makes Eve so much more social you can hardly believe it.

  6. You should have stayed in NOL... CE is full of socialpaths and trolls whereas NOL at least tries to live up to the CODE.

  7. Wow! What an honour to be featured on!! Inspires me to redouble my efforts!! I'm even happier that this article managed to generate commenter tears! Wonderfully done, James!

  8. I actually teared up a little bit reading this. What a joyous thing.


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