Monday, October 1, 2012

Top Supporters for September 2012

At the close of each month, MinerBumping recognizes its top isk contributors in a kind of "hall of fame" post. The "Month's Top Supporters" sidebar will be reset in the next few days to make room for October contributors, so this post will preserve the September crew for posterity. You can see the August 2012 top 10 list if you'd like to take a trip down memory lane.

We've reached 00:00 EVEtime on October 1st. September supporter top 10 list incoming!


#1. Nanatoa
1,337,000,000 isk

#2. Riyal
600,000,000 isk

#3. Rykker Bow
400,000,000 isk

#4. Retirement Fund Admin
334,000,000 isk

#5. Nathan Gorden
300,000,000 isk

#6. Theangryhobo
249,000,000 isk

#7. Jori McKie
200,000,000 isk

#8. Vladimir Frye
106,000,000 isk

#9. Cyras DeValera
100,000,000 isk

#9. Elysium Science
100,000,000 isk

Congratulations all, and let's make October just as magnificent!

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