Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Polarized Electorate

EVE is at a crossroads. There are two very different paths EVE could take. The EVE playerbase, at least in highsec, is divided.

Rebels like Szlam believe the AFK carebears are CCP's "best subscribers". They may not contribute anything to the game, but they do often multibox multiple accounts.

For every carebear in highsec who opposes me, there's someone else who supports my vision of a PvP-oriented, interactive EVE.

Any CSM candidate who claims he can make everyone happy is a fraud. A CSM candidate's job is to present a clear choice to the voters.

If players passionately support you and others passionately oppose you, you're doing your job, because it's proof that you're communicating your message effectively. You're not just letting people read into your candidacy whatever they want.

A polarizing candidate, therefore, is an honest one.

If I may say so, my candidacy has been a very polarizing one.

At the end of the day, the presence of a clear division means that the people have the opportunity to make a meaningful choice. Will they make the right choice? Time will tell.


  1. Our friend Ancient Evils tried to gank one of our bumpers in Kamio today. Not only was it a failure but a permit holding miner got drone damage on the pod-kill!

    I think we're winning.

  2. Ah the good 'ol smear campaign, a part of American politics ever since Andrew Jackson. A tried and true tactic in today's modern age, why not part of EVE? Seriously, it makes me sick to my stomach to even consider it happening. Good luck James if he stays true to that word, unlikely as it may be.

    ---Alistair Drake

    Friendly Neighborhood Scoundrel

  3. Yeah and Ancient Evils tried to gank me today....this was the result.

    luckily i had support from a code compilant miner at the pod. it was a tough one.

    also i have now the killright on him, so i made it aviable for everyone....for...well... 10 million isk :D

    greetings bruce

  4. Wait, did Szlam say "bucking" instead of "fucking?"

    Yes. Yes he did. That's a brony thing. Speaking of which, according to his bio, "Fluttershy is the best pony."

    Goddamn, the New Order's enemies are impotent in more ways than one.

    1. My preference are monsters from Godzilla. My Harbinger is called Monster Zero (King Ghidorah). I can't argue though, Friendship is Antimatter, absolutely true.

      ---Alistair Drake

      Friendly Neighborhood Scoundrel

    2. *Side Note* I am a writer of fiction in my spare time, and have been contemplating a crossover between EVE and ponies. The line, Friendship is Antimatter, would make a great piece of the title. "My Little EVE: Friendship is Antimatter" ("Friendship is Antimatter" copyright Planetary Genocide) featuring my character Alistair Drake and maybe some volunteers from New Order willing to brave the wormhole and raise some hell.

      ---Alistair Drake

      Friendly Neighborhood Scoundrel

  5. Looks like a lot of miners just can't handle all the Real Talk.

    1. The Lament of the Carebears

      Just sitting at my asteroid
      Lasers grinding ‘way
      Don’t know what’s going on around me
      Cuz I’m AFK.

      Just minding my own business
      Trying to make some ISK
      Some gankers blew my ship apart
      And now I’m really pissed!

      I fitted every slot I have
      With upgrades used to mine
      Didn’t bother with a tank at all
      I thought I’d be just fine.

      It’s High-Sec, what could happen?
      Surely none would dare intrude
      I forgot that this was EVE Online
      And now my ship is screwed!

    2. That is pure gold bio material.

      Problem is, a name is needed for attribution. Any chance....?

      Dr Tyler

    3. Dr. T- I forgot to put my name on it....sorry. It's me, your new recruit, Talia!


  6. Loving to see that are editing what we say because they can not handle the fact they are all a bunch of small penised boys trying to prove there manhood. But when it comes to it remind us all How many war decs has james 315 had then closed his corp becuase hes too scared to fight?

    1. Judging by your post here you look exactly like your friends in the local chat screenshots, no need to edit anything.

      Oh and you should think a bit about why James wins his wars by closing his corp. I will provide hints: ask yourself why the mechanic is there, who wanted it and why. Then ask yourself what James is trying to prove about carebear safety mechanics.

    2. Just war dec CODE (not that you need to as most are -10), and I really dont think anyone is playing EVE to prove their manhood, that really is an oxymoron.


  7. My take on this is a bit different than what you have put, James. One of the reasons Eve has grown in subscribers is 1) the improvements in interface and improvement on low entry barrier PvP like Faction War and 2) The fact no other game that is notable has such a dynamic PvP system where actions can actually affect the world.

    I think a better way of wording that would be not to say you do not care about CCP being profitable, but to continue the cold harshness of Eve that is refreshing compared to other AAA MMOs that WILL keep Eve growing. That is, without succumbing to the cancer that killed MMOs like UO or pre-BG/LFD/LFR WoW on PvP servers. We all know how that story ended.

    Actually, by keeping elements of non consensual PvP you keep Eve alive while increasing player base. So, on essence, you actually ARE helping subscribers. After all, for all the hollering by folks who want a boring game, we all know what happened when the "danger" and excitement was taken out....


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