Thursday, March 14, 2013

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #25

We all know the drill, so let's get right to it.

Uh oh, not a good way to start off the post. Is it going to be another one of those days?

Yeah, it's gonna be another one of those days.

After all these months, I'm still amazed by the emotional reactions that some miners have to an orderly highsec.

The New Order doesn't charge anyone anything to mine, aside from the 10 million isk mining fee. So where does the anger come from? Bot-aspirancy. It's a system failure when they encounter something that does not compute.

Yesterday I wrote about how polarizing the New Order and I can be: Extremely positive reactions, and extremely negative ones.

It seems like there isn't much in the way of middle ground. I've noticed a strong correlation between the quality of a person's character, and which side he chooses in this conflict.

Which side is which? Let's just say it's probably not a good sign if you're on the same side as SPIONKOP.

People throw the term "cyber-bullying" around so freely. One of these days I'd like to see an example of someone being called a cyber-bully when they've actually cyber-bullied.

Every miner has an excuse for his Code violations. They put such effort into their rationalizations. If only they could spend some of that energy on active EVE play.

These days, it's exciting to meet someone who hasn't yet heard of the New Order and its Code. What an opportunity!

Our Agents were, as always, enthusiastic about getting the miner sorted out. The New Order is in the education business.

Highsec miners are an interesting breed. Even a highsec ore-sucker who pilots an exploded Venture can maintain a superior attitude.

Darex Julius has it all wrong. Why would we protect those "uninterested in combat"? EVE is a combat game, therefore our job is to encourage carebears to get interested in it. Besides, they may be uninterested in combat, but combat is interested in them.

Another sign of progress: The Code is spreading even among Evealopalous spammers.

Highsec is an ecosystem; the New Order can't help but touch the lives of everyone who resides there.


  1. I don't know, maybe it's me, but i have a good feeling about Nattigorran.
    As always good job.

  2. I remember when Slave0112 stopped by, that was rather amusing. I was bumping some non-compliant miners and getting the carebear stare from a Scorpion that didn't want to dance with my Invincible Stabber, and he popped in.

  3. "they may be uninterested in combat, but combat is interested in them."

    I'm amazed by the Saviour's poetry. It's as beautiful as effective.

    1. Until last year I taught self-defense and firearms classes. I wish I would have that line like that. It is a nice turn of phrase.

    2. It's actually a turn of phrase from a quote by Plato, I think: "You may be not interested in politics, but politics is interested in you."

      You can get quite an education hanging around here.

    3. Agent Trask, I couldn't find anything about Plato, but I found this line attributed to Trotsky:

      "You may not be interested in the dialectic, but the dialectic is interested in you."

      Maybe it's this one! The Saviour's citations open our mind and enlight our hearts.


    4. I'm an idiot. The quote is from Pericles.

      Plato's big politics quote was: "One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors."

  4. "they may be uninterested in combat, but combat is interested in them."

    Too true and not only do miners of high-sec need to realize this, but all high-seccers regardless of Eve profession.

  5. Haha it's hilarious that the betting site ad-spammer is coincidentally a supporter and actually takes a break from his ad posting to engage us.

    Also the screencap of SPIONKOP is gold. Pest: "this is the face of the resistance" hahaha

    1. Atlas Tigh: "You disgust me."

      LOL, now that's definitely some Real Talk!

  6. "EVE is a combat game"

    Funny, I heard Eve was a sandbox.

    1. It is not mutually exclusive.

    2. Yes, it's a sandbox where combat si unavoidable (unless you never undock).

    3. """"""""EVE is a combat game"

      Funny, I heard Eve was a sandbox."

      Funny, I heard EVE online was a computer program."

      Funny, I heard EVE online was a trademarked product sold by a Icelandic company."

      Funny, I heard EVE online was a two-word English phrase."

      Funny, I heard EVE online was spreadsheets in space."

      Funny, I heard EVE online was a player-driven, persistent-world MMORPG set in a science fiction space setting.-wikipedia"

      Funny, I heard EVE online was a place where you either mine ore in order to make Jew gold or grief other players to make their lives living hells. -E.D."

      Funny, I heard EVE Online is an extremely slow and boring MMORPG that hardly anyone plays, made by the greasy foreigners at Crowd Control Productions, or CCP. There is no point to this game except to waste your worthless life away and make yourself a pariah to the outside world. -ibid"

  7. "It is not mutually exclusive."

    Actually, it is. Favoring a certain play style is directly the opposite of having no suggested/enforced play style. Otherwise everything would be a sandbox game, like eg. Counterstrike being sandbox with emphasis on combat, which is absurd. Eve is not a combat game. Players are allowed to pursue any play style they want and not be limited by game mechanics. And that is the problem with James. He thinks eve is a Pvp game, when Pvp is just one of the possibilities it offers. The same problem is with hardcore carebears, who think eve is as dangerous as Farmville and get surprised when they find out it isn't. Both notions are equally wrong. Eve shouldn't be a ganker paradise as James wants, but it also shouldn't be carebearland.

    "Yes, it's a sandbox where combat si unavoidable (unless you never undock)."

    Wrong. Until I decided to become a pvper, I never got into a combat situation, despite playing for months and months. What you really should say is: "combat is always possible, unless you never undock".

    1. what could you be doing for "months and months" to NEVER get into a combat situation?

      did you not run the tutorial? theres combat situations there.

      never ran a mission? theres combat situations there.

      never launched a drone to kill a belt rat? that counts too.

      that leaves manufacturing which isnt something that a lot of day 1 players dive right into, or market warfare, which isnt exactly combat, but is certainly competitive. you make the tools that combat requires and running from station to station with a load of goods can sure get your ass shot off...which invites combat to scan you down and take what you have from you.
      it IS about combat, this isnt a "MMO sit and look at each other" game

    2. "combat is always possibile" does not mean "combat is possible if i want it". If you're not docked and I want to shoot at you I can, because it's a sandbox. In a true sandbox (like null sec) you can't rely on NPCs, you have to defend yourself against other players. That's why in a sandbox combat is always present, unless it's a sandbox played entirely by clones of Gandhi.

      A part from that, even Mining is a form of combat. The more ore you mine and sell, the more you're lowering ore prices, therefore lowering someone else's profit. Everything you do in EVE damages someone else.

    3. "Favoring a certain play style is directly the opposite of having no suggested/enforced play style."

      This implies that your definition of a sandbox game is one that has no suggested/enforced play style. Suggested by whom? Enforced by whom? What does "play style" mean, exactly? Here's an example of a definition of sandbox game, which you may not agree with, but is much more clear: "I’ve used the term sandbox to refer to any game world — regardless of size and scope — that offers free-roaming, open-ended gameplay.", from an article by Chris Kohler of Wired magazine:

      Using this latter definition, EVE online is definitely a sandbox. Using your definition, as best I understand it, I don't believe any computer game ever made qualifies as a sandbox game.

  8. "Favouring a certain play style is directly the opposite of having no suggested/enforced play style"

    Never attacking another player = a play style

    Wanting to never be attacked BY another player - isn't a playstyle. It's a desire to enforce your playstyle on other players.

    "Combat is always possible, unless you never undock" - yes, exactly.

  9. New order is illegitimate because they discriminate against non English speakers.


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