Friday, March 15, 2013

The Streets of Gotham, Part 1

Another peaceful day in Kamio. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, SPIONKOP was complaining about the Code... You know, the usual.

Out of nowhere, someone jumped into the conversation and attempted to defeat me using the new bounty system.

To my surprise, he actually did put a bounty on me, rather than just threatening to do so. He gave his fellow miners a raw deal, putting only 7 million into the bounty pool, rather than the 10 million he encouraged everyone else to place.

The seven million weighed heavily on my shoulders. Would it be just enough extra bounty to make bounty hunters interested in attacking me?

I got Gotham2 up-to-date on my combat history in the New Order era: I have never lost a ship. I asserted that this pattern would continue, but Gotham2 disagreed.

Gotham2 fell into the old rebel pattern of belief in some future retribution from all the enemies I've made. But actually, my popularity has only risen since I began living in highsec.

Without warning, the situation escalated. Gotham2 wanted a fight.

I did my research. He was a 2004 character, so he could have some combat skills trained. It was time for a serious duel.

But there was some confusion. Did Gotham2 want me to duel him whilst AFK? How would that work?

Another sudden escalation: It sounded like Gotham2 wanted to arrange an out-of-game duel at a coffee shop.

Gotham2 offered confirmation of his proposal to duel with fists in lieu of blasters (or possibly mining lasers in his case). And he was certain that he would win.

Gotham2 wasn't just any old rebel miner with 7 million to throw around--he was a seasoned street fighter and gym enthusiast. And the fight for Kamio had only just begun.

To be continued...


  1. If you do meet this guy James and he does beat you IRL will he get in game bounty? I dont think CCP cover that!


  2. Hilarious as always (:

  3. Sounds like a real life threat to me. Naughty gotham2 can get banned for that.

  4. CCP: "Gotham2, you have been banned for making real life threats against other players."

    Kamio local chat; "FATALITY!"

  5. Sounds like we have another "Mad Moon Rising" series on our hands here.

    ---Alistair Drake

    Friendly Neighborhood Scoundrel

  6. We shall call him "He Who Duels With Fists".

    -Talia Andrade

  7. he seems like a very nice chap!

    he DID offer to have a cup of coffee before he kicked James' ass.

    i find myself wondering what happened to Gotham1.

  8. I can't even provide a reasonable response due to the amount of fail by Gotham2...

  9. There's a very valuable lesson to be learned from today's episode...

  10. Anyone who is so stupid all they can think of is to make R/L threats has already lost both Eve and life.

  11. I sometimes carebear, too. But is it just me or do some of these particular carebears take things WAY too seriously.

    Man, the pirates and FW folks are MUCH better emotionally adjusted. Well, most of them...

    1. You're a good observer. The paradox is that the carebears who think they're the good ones, versus the bad pvpers, are actually the most violent, foul-mouthed and irrational players.
      Gankers, on the other hand, are players who understand that there's nothing bad about shooting at spaceships in a videogame, and are a lot more often peaceful and kind persons, who understand the difference between videogames and real life.

      On the other hand, those carebears attack with insults and threats not the game character but the real person, the player behind the computer. They feel that if you shoot at them in a game they have the right to cause damage to you and your family in real life. And they are fool enough to call the gankers "sociopaths". It's scary.

  12. New order is illegitimate because they discriminate against non English speakers.


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