Friday, March 22, 2013

The Mine Teck Negotiations, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... I decided to indulge Mine Teck's request for a kind of peace summit, to determine if there was any way we could avoid his joining the resistance.

(Credit Levarris Hawk for this fine promotional poster.)

When we last saw Mine Teck, I was asking him about his notorious strawberry remark. Finally, the mystery would be solved.

When Mine Teck picked strawberries, he bent over, leaving his hindquarters the most elevated ("highest") position of his body. The cryptic reference to strawberries turned out to be just an incredibly circuitous way of delivering an insult.

Fortunately, Mine Teck is normally much more blunt. His other famous quote, "What in the HELL are you doing?" is a question that leaves no room for interpretation. Mine Teck would stick to straight talk for the rest of our conversation.

The bio "bumper sticker" issue remained the chief obstacle in our negotiations.

Everyone recognizes that nullsec is governed by alliances, but there's still so much reluctance to accept that highsec may also be subject to the rule of its most powerful inhabitants.

The conversation turned philosophical. Mine Teck had been willing to hand over isk to a New Order Agent, but his bio (which remains empty, now) had to be immaculate to preserve his "free will".

The philosophical debate devolved into the most basic form possible: We exchanged one-word talking points.

Mine Teck shifted gears and appealed to Danish law on human rights, which variously applied in-game or not, depending on how convenient it was to Mine Teck's argument.

Old grievances resurfaced. One three separate occasions, Mine Teck was promised a one-on-one talk with an Agent on TeamSpeak. But each time he appeared, numerous other Agents flocked to TeamSpeak to listen in.

I urged Mine Teck to be more practical. Anything he says on New Order TeamSpeak is a matter of public interest.

At last, Mine Teck was willing to talk turkey. But as is his custom, he gave me a very specific, limited time to provide an answer. He had an important rebel conference to attend.

...Or so he told me.

Mine Teck dropped another bombshell: He was responsible for running the resistance movement's own TeamSpeak server and chat room. Two questions came to mind when I learned this. First, what does it say about an organization when Mine Teck is the guy in charge of their communications network? Second, is 512 slots a bit overkill for a movement with so few people? On the other hand, most EVE TeamSpeak servers contain a subchannel for AFK players. Maybe they would need all the slots they could get, just for that.

I still believed very strongly that we could reach an agreement. We weren't that far apart on the important issues.

But if a deal could be reached, it would need to be done quickly. The clock was tecking.

To be continued...


  1. Quality tears there, James315, quality tears.

    1. The quality tears were yesterday.

    2. You're right Bobbins, the new CCP-driven CSM elections system is something that would provoke tears in anyone with some love for the concept of democracy...

  2. Forget strawberries the New Order reminds me of apple crumble. With the emphasise on the crumble. Too weak to stand for the CSM, no real cause other than ganking for fun, neglible effect on the mining community and totally delusional about its significance. The New Order is crumbling admit it and move on.

    1. People playing a game for fun?!? We should be ashamed of ourselves.

      As for a negligible effect on the mining community, my wallet says otherwise. You'd be amazed at what a bot aspirant pays to replace a recently ganked ship....

      Anyway, Bobbins sweety, if we left, you'd have nothing to exist for. That would be sad.

    2. Bobbins, if James actually got an Icelandic seat on the CSM, he'd have gone down in history as the most ignored CSM member in history.

    3. @Lady Fappington
      The New Order has ambitions to change Eve however the rank and file of the New Order may as well be in 'I'm a carebear happy highsec ganking coorporation'. With the backing a 'fun' players it is no wonder James felt the CSM would be too much like hard work and not 'fun'.
      The neglible effect is that you go after the softest targets in order to make that wallet bulge. Yes making isk thats what the code has degraded to. It is rather sad you consider isk to be your main achievement.

      @Anonymous 12.55
      Just because he thinks out the box in a town called Looneyville, what makes you think he would have been ignored?

      @Hannah Achasse
      Is that New Order speak?

    4. Here's the really crazy thing, Bobbins m'dear. This will blow your mind.

      By going out, having fun, and ganking targets, we are advancing the New Order ambitions to change Eve. It's really amazing, I know! We have fun, explode targets. We show the flaws of highsec. We encourage emergent gameplay in a multiplayer game. And, we have FUN doing it!

      As for a carebear lecturing me about ISK generation...I'm taking advantage of emergent gameplay mechanics initiated by other players to inflate my wallet. You 'bears are begging CCP to turn Eve into "click button make number go up" FarmVilleesque game. One of us is playing Eve (hint, it's not the 'bears.)

      Also, I apologize if my tone comes off as more antagonizing than usual. In the RL, I've been studying entirely too much for midterms, and planning my Master's thesis. Stress, yo.

    5. "admit it and move on" keep saying that Bobbins, but every day, you post here again. Denial much?

    6. @Lady Fappington
      'One of us is playing Eve (hint, it's not the 'bears.)'

      But the New Order are the bears. They cry because they can't gank easily enough so they put forward a CSM candidate to champion their cause however he turns into this guy

    7. Bobbins, we really need to hook up in game, and have a depth chat.

      We, being the rank and file of New Order, didn't put anyone forward. James chose to run. He withdrew his candidacy, gave us a reason, we accepted it.

      As for us wanting it easier to gank...why do we give out so much info, tell people how to defeat us, give ISK and support to actual "rebels" (those are people willing to take up arms and fight, not the Someone Else crowd). I've had an outstanding offer to jump ship, and give an actual miner group who'se willing to fight back every bit of information I have. I've not been taken up on the offer.

      If we wanted EZ ganks, this blog would have no maps, no info, nothing but tears.

      I ask this simple question. Do you think a miner who is ATK, flying a tanky barge, and paying attention to local needs to pay us the mining permit? Do you think a miner who reads up on Eve happenings is even concerned with us? Will someone paying attention hang around while some random dude cuddles right up against the side of their barge? I'll say nope, cuz those miners are 20 jumps away, selling their minerals to industrialists who are building us ships (and barges for our gank targets), and selling them for a decent markup.

      Also, insults are unbecoming. I've yet to meet a New Order agent who insults their targets. I've met many targets spew vile insults towards our Agents. I've had actual death threats. I shall give you an example. Recently, I'd gotten great news about a negative cancer screen that had been worrying me. While relating this to friends in Brape, I got "Too bad if it had been positive we'd have one less bastard here" from an iceminer.

      You tell me, is that a sane mind talking?

  3. Sir Master Sensei President Chancellor (of the Galaxy)March 23, 2013 at 12:43 AM

    Lies. There is no such thing as a mining "community". As an avid reader of this Blog, you should have realized that a couple months ago.


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