Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kills of the Week

Every time a miner dies in highsec, it's a learning experience for everyone else. Let's celebrate that quest for knowledge by taking a closer look at the more exotic kills performed by the New Order between March 17th @ 00:00 EVEtime and March 23rd @ 23:59 EVEtime.

Agent Jrahen scored a nice podkill after both he and Ziaeon killed miner Great Zeus's Hulk. Killing ice-mining Hulks is special enough on its own, but there's nothing quite like smushing a Michi's Excavation Augmentor.

Hoplit Mk9's faction-tanked Mackinaw, worth over 400 million isk, was rightly antimattered into oblivion by Ziaeon, Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism, Sara Agel, and Amyclas Lacedaemon. If you want to put a little more isk into your exhumer, why not spare 10 million extra for a permit, and enjoy mining legally?

Here's a weird one: Defkaleion lost a Loki to a suicide gank by Agent Buck Futz, who brought out a Brutix for the occasion. Though a Loki is not a mining vessel, Agents have wide discretion when it comes to stamping out bot-aspirancy. Buck Futz felt there was probable cause in this instance.

What's this? A mining Apocalypse was killed by Agents Jackee Sparrow, 290xanaots, NoseCandy, Capt Starfox, Lenda Shinhwa, Nardieu Narideu, and Kaire Koschuken. The attack occurred in a lowsec system! There was good reason for this rare excursion. The offender, Bazsothefathamster, originally lost a Covetor in highsec to Jackee Sparrow. Bazsothefathamster was unrepetant and rude, and pursuit was authorized to the border zone. He later lost a mining Omen, among other things, in the same lowsec system.

What's a week without an Orca kill? Leybia picked the wrong time to mine in an anti-tanked Orca, as Agents testing out some terror weapons were on the prowl. The Orca was popped by Buck Futz and Droopsack's Taloses, John E Normus's Brutix, Catalysts flown by Dante Lobos, Boarat Saagdiyev, Sara Angel, laassaalos Kiblos, and Fawn Tailor, and Lenda Shinhwa in a Velator. With the extra firepower afforded by the larger ships, the gang also killed two Mackinaws piloted by the Orca's alts.

Buck Futz logged local chat, where Savuth, one of the Mackinaw alts, tried to warn his fellow miners.
Savuth > Look out!! Assholes killing miners!
Savuth > RAping with like 10 to 15 ships
Savuth > losers
laassaalos Kiblos > which belt?
Savuth > does it matter!! They are coming for everyone!
It looks like the "terror weapons" lived up to their name. Though I appreciate the sentiment, Savuth is incorrect. The New Order is only after the miners who fail to comply with the Code.
Savuth > I'd pack it up if I were you. Lost orca and macks
Aerwyn Sun > untanked orca with CODE in system is not very smart...
Aerwyn Sun > sorry...
ChowYunPhatt > they killed my orca too so I paid them the 10mil and now they protect me while I mine. its worth it.
Savuth > They can go fuck a duck for all I care!
Savuth > I ain't giving them SHIT!
ChowYunPhatt > yeah thats what i said until my orca popped lol
Savuth > Hey, Do you like being ass raped too?? On second thought. Maybe you do
laassaalos Kiblos > my ass is doing just fine
laassaalos Kiblos > hows yours?
Savuth > pretty f'ing sore that's for sure
I know that a lot of you miners out there are avid readers of MinerBumping. Don't be the next Savuth!


  1. What the fuck kind of reason is there to mine in lowsec in a defenseless apoc? That fit doesn't even look capable of tanking lowsec rats, so why was he using it and not a venture (a cheap, specialized ship designed to align and get the fuck away before too many points land on it)?

    1. He was raging. I'm new, but still never seen anything quite like it. He called us out to "fight" in the lowsec system. Told us which planet he would be at. We all said, "Its a trap." But we went anyway because our cats are expendable. Showed up expecting a trap. Instead the apoc was there with no guns and no friends. We were amazed to have a) gotten the kill and b) gotten to keep our cats. He just kept on raging in local.

  2. In my defense we were out of t1 cats so the Velator was all I could come up with. But I've stocked up in a nearby system so I won't be caught short again.

  3. I really don't understand. I'd pay. Or take arms. Not bitch in local.

    how do you explain? why hath though forsaken us

    1. How the hell did that get published? It's bankrupt of charisma and practically unreadable. As far as I can tell, its message is "by pulling out of the CSM8 election James 315 guaranteed that literally nobody on CSM8 will try to nerf highsec, ever."

      Which simply isn't true. If anything, I think that this move, and James 315's continued activism for a better highsec, will do far more to benefit EVE. The nullsec blocs were going to land 315 with a spot on the CSM, so they obviously support his agenda -- but now they have to implement it themselves, rather than just waiting for him to make the fixes that EVE needs.

    2. This is the sort of thing Gevlon does.

      He wants to "win" whatever MMO he is playing.

      When we didn't go along with his plan to get to the top of the tonnage ganked charts, we became "morons and socials" who are scorned in his little universe.

    3. Gevlon's an absolutist with an unusual perspective, who's not at all afraid of being wrong. This has led to some unexpected successes, and also some bewilderingly strange statements. You can either take the bad with the good, or you can ignore him. Those are really the only two sensible options.

  5. Back from another RL-induced hiatus from EVE.

    I will *never* comprehend the inability of people to properly tank thier shit... Err... Ships. Orca, throw on Reinforced Bulkeads and a Damage Control, shield extender, invul field and extender rigs. Congrats, you now have as much EHP as a freighter. Doesn't make you ungankable, but we have to bring more ships to the party or settle for some other guy's untanked fit.

    Is those extra few blocks of ice, that extra 0.e trips an hour to the station really worth 700 to 800 million, plus the loss of a mining mindlink pod (billion minimum)? I just don't get it.

    I'm an orca pilot and never undock with less than 110k EHP, and that's how i've been flying them since the day they were introduced.

    Same goes for exhumers.

    1. It's a question of simple arithmetic. The variables are time, effort, cost & profit. When you get ganked, cost increases and you'll be out of action for a short period until you replace your ship. When you tank your mining vessel, time, effort and profit all take a hit due to decreased yield. Unless you are getting ganked regularly, simple mathematics says tanking your mining vessel is usually pointless as you'll make more ISK optimizing for yield and operation. Also, as many NO members have said, a tanked ship just requires a few more gankers to take it down so you're still not safe, but *might* have reduced the risk of being ganked.

      Orcas are a different story and I don't understand the fits that some people use for them.


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