Thursday, March 21, 2013

Now Is the Time on Sprockets When We Bump

Business as usual in Kamio. I bumped some Code violators in a manner no different than any other day, and the locals were outraged.

My reputation preceded me. And I was just in time to witness a carebear give birth to a brand new resistance movement.

Rebel sprrocket became increasingly agitated as he watched me cleanse the ice field without opposition.

It has become fashionable for Code-violating miners to justify their behavior with the concept of "free will". In the old days, "principle" was the Bingo favorite. But the New Order is all about freedom.

In other ways, sprrocket was like a blast from the past. The "he'll increase the mining fee later" line was more popular when the New Order was just formed. I boasted of my consistency, but he gave me no credit at all.

I'm always delighted when a carebear makes some weird historical analogy. These days, I can sense them right before they occur...

I have heard the 10 million isk mining fee called many things. "Extortion" is the favorite, but also "blackmail" or "protection racket" or "bullying". I think this is the first time I've heard it called a "tariff". That doesn't sound like such a bad thing, really.

sprrocket's defiance of the New Order didn't win him the friends that he thought it would; he was starting to get a little overheated.

Going back to basics, sprrocket invented a new bit of space lawyering when he explained that pushing ships around is inherently bullying. I wonder what other in-game activities could be given new meanings in this way?

sprrocket decided to join Leo Ravenheart's rebel army. The "army" consists of the two of them.

Then he dropped a bombshell: He had a powerful main in nullsec.

All this time, I assumed I was speaking with a powerless rebel. In reality, I was speaking with the alt of a powerless rebel. Could this be the end of the New Order? Sadly, his main was unable to make an appearance that day. I have to give the rebels credit for one thing: They're extremely good at biding their time.


  1. Some love Abudban. Others may love Tolle, Kino, or Brapelille the best. I know one that swears by Osmon. But for me, Kamio is the best system of them all.

    John E Normus

  2. A tariff would be like CONCORD tackling you when you tried to leave an ice belt with a hold full of ore, and then blowing you to hell unless you paid a percentage of its market value. Not actually a bad idea.

  3. I haven't been playing EVE long (around about 2 weeks) but YES, what you are doing is what EVE should be all what I've heard about. I'm mining to raise cash so I can start PVP'ing as soon as I can as it's getting a little stale just sitting there all day. I'm not spending a tenner a month on a game just to mine rocks.

    I got suicide ganked a couple of days ago (by some random, not a Knight) and I have to say it livened up the game somewhat. I believe players should have a week or so of being protected and then after that time, expect the unexpected.

    I'm surprised no one has tried this before, but then again I'm very new to the game.

    Keep up the good work in trying to get people to play EVE, not just sit there watching.

    1. The reason "this" has not been tried before is because "this" was always happening. Even with the knights doing the good that can as quick as they can they can not yet remotely rival the rate of ganks from 1 year ago :( thanks to the buffs to hi-sec security and barges.

      However long CCP has been steering the game to this state of imbalance it is only recently they in the minds of many have stepped over the line. A truly sandbox game is what EvE deserves and in my opinion its worth bumping for!

      Feel free to join the knights/agents ingame to see first hand how the game is meant to be, just like in those adverts for eve you saw.


    2. And then, when James 315 comes into a position to actually DO something about it... he backs down.

      But you guys are very entertaining all the same. Keep up the good work!

    3. Are you really suggesting that the CSM (especially in this new CCP-approved version) has any power? The only real change EVE went through lately happened because of a leaked document and rioting players.

  4. RANE. Now I know I've heard that term somewhere recently. Where was it? Ah, yes. "[02.03.2013 01:12:09] My Teck> So to put it another way, you can raned me..."

  5. This website is kind of getting... Boring.
    Ive been following it (and the EVE-O) forums for about two months, and at first I just laughed and laughed at the intricate troll, and the people who got so angry at James.

    But its getting to feel a little samey in here. Every day, there's a new update, and really it comes down to one of three possible topics.

    1: James posts the same ol same ol "penny dreadful/stay tuned for the next exciting episode" story about blah blah blah "rebels" blah, and his cohort knock themselves over patting themselves on the back. (Seriously, this is like, every day. The whole "Will this be the end of the New Order? Will Batman escape his dastardly foe's terrible trap?!" thing just gets old when it's three times a week.)

    2: James makes fun of someone for being slow on the English language uptake, and his cohorts fall into paroxysms of glee at the colossal wit of it all. (Have to wonder if James is in fact, being counter-trolled, and does not realize it, or if he knows that the "I dont speak English as a primary language" schtick is going to -GET- him trolled at some point.)

    3. James delivers a CSM address, in which he pleads with EVE players to do their due diligence, and elect a CSM who will be better for EVE, and then smears the candidates he dislikes, and advises people not to vote for them. (This of course, culminating in the announcement the other night that he was no longer running. Who didnt see that coming? I mean, did you really think he was going to fly to Iceland and hand out copies of the code, and be taken seriously?)

    I guess at the end of the day, EVE is EVE, and James is James. Ill freely admit, EVE is not for me. Ive never seen the use in paying money to associate with people who get their jollies off of pissing other people off. But I -GET- EVE. I understand why people play it, and I respect the hell out of the devs, and community. The idea that James and his cohort can take legitimate control of some of the board, is fantastic. So well done!

    But that doesnt mean it wont grow old. Wont mean it hasnt already, in fact. I wish the New Order all the success in the world, but the blog (and EVE-O) forums are just feeling stagnant. The same penny parlor posts and the "We are -totally- not trolling you all here" thing just stopped feeling fresh and interesting.

    And at the end of the day, you're all still paying money/attention to read about, and associate with, people who want you to think they are dicks. They'll grief you, then ask you why youre so mad about pixels, while they put as much effort as you did into their ventures.

    Good luck, and happy trails!
    Peace out,

    1. "I'll freely admit, EVE is not for me. Ive never seen the use in paying money to associate with people who get their jollies off of pissing other people off. But I -GET- EVE."

      EVE is so much more than that.

    2. You know what would really freshen things up? Some meaningful opposition. A rebel who actually rebels. A resistor that actually resists. Someone willing to make a real effort to take down the New Order. Maybe RANE will be different than the others that came before. Yeah, right.

    3. I just hope this guy doesn't realize that the newspapers IRL only have 3 meaningfully different lead topics for the front page, or he won't be long for this world.

  6. Bwahaha they think that stopping the purchase of mining permits (I can only assume through prayer) would stop the New Order! Haaaahahahahaha!

    -Galaxy Pig

  7. June 24 wow time sure does fly, its nearly been a year already?

  8. "They're extremely good at biding their time."

    Pure awesome!


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