Wednesday, March 20, 2013

An Important Announcement Regarding the CSM

In a few days, the first round of voting for the CSM8 election will begin. This first round is merely to determine who will appear on the ballot for the real election; each candidate who gets at least 200 votes will qualify. (Or, if fewer than 28 candidates pass the 200-vote threshold, the top 28 will qualify.) After the candidates are determined, I will provide some information about them, to help everyone know which candidates have appropriate views on highsec, and which candidates have more malignant tendencies.

As long as I'm writing a post about the CSM, I may as well address some other CSM-related issues that I haven't given sufficient attention thus far. If you're not interested in reading anything related to the CSM, then you may take this opportunity to scroll down.

One of the things that people have occasionally asked me about--and have asked of other candidates with blogs, etc.--is what the effect will be on MinerBumping, if and when I am elected to the CSM. In terms of posting carebear tears, there won't be any change. Some have suggested that it is unbecoming of a CSM representative to "bully" EVE players in this fashion, but they couldn't be more wrong. MinerBumping is quintessential EVE. Not only does MinerBumping showcase proper, legitimate EVE play, it showcases ideal EVE play, and provides a positive example for other players to follow. Suicide ganking a fleet of Mackinaws and then posting the ridiculous, tear-filled EVEmail sent by the mining ships' owner is absolutely in the spirit of EVE. That's true whether the ganker is a player, a CSM representative, the CSM Chairman, or an employee of CCP.

However, my posts here (and my columns on concerning EVE's game mechanics and the direction CCP is taking EVE are a different matter. If and when I take a seat on the CSM, I will be placed under some serious limitations. Each member of the CSM is required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with CCP. The NDA prevents CSM members from talking about certain topics, especially relating to CCP's plans for the future. One of the reasons for the NDA is to prevent CSM members from taking undue advantage of the access they're given by CCP. For example, a CSM member might learn from CCP that a certain in-game item will increase in value. The NDA prevents him from using that information or telling others. CCP takes the NDA seriously. If it is broken, as it was in the case of a certain spoon-throwing carebearess a few CSMs ago, the offender is booted from the CSM and can be permabanned from EVE entirely.

The intent originally may have been to protect CCP's secrets, but the NDA can apply to almost anything. One of the reasons why the CSM seems to be silent most of the year is that CSM members are not permitted to reveal what they're doing behind closed doors, and must wait for CCP to make things public before the CSM can discuss them with the EVE community.

Speaking generally, I think this policy is exactly wrong. The CSM ought to have the freedom to immediately engage the community (i.e., to stir things up) when they see something they don't like. Otherwise, by the time the CSM is authorized to let the community know what is happening, it's too late to change things. For example, consider the successes of CSM6. EVE players rioted in response to the "Greed Is Good" memo (among other things), because the memo was leaked by someone (no doubt in violation of an NDA). The CSM6 was able to leverage the community's disgust and helped CCP get back on track.

In the past, I have written at length on my concerns about the direction of EVE. I speculated freely about the possibility that CCP would introduce a series of nerfs to highsec aggression. As it turned out, my speculation proved to be accurate. Ironically, had I been a member of the CSM at the time, I probably would have had access to more information to back up my claims--but I would have been prohibited from writing on the subject.

When I decided to run for the CSM, I recognized that I would need to accept these limitations. Through the writing of Manifestos on EVE-O, columns on, and MinerBumping posts, I put a spotlight on an issue of critical importance to EVE. When I started, people weren't talking about it very much, but now it's the focus of attention. I have a unique platform, but when I take my seat on the CSM, I will be required to put it aside.

Why give it up? I entered the race because of my belief that if I can speak to the decision makers at CCP face-to-face, it's possible I can convince them to change direction. After all, it wouldn't be the first time CCP has changed course. That possibility is worth giving up my platform for a year--perhaps longer, depending on the circumstances and the terms of the NDA.

My critics believe that my CSM run, along with most everything else that I do, is driven by my arrogance and ego. They say that I overestimate the power that a CSM member has, and that I would spend my time on the CSM screaming in vain for nerfs to highsec. They say I'm ignorant of the possibility that CCP might simply dismiss me and move on to something else.

The criticism amuses me, because their portrayal of me is exactly the opposite of how I approach things. I don't take anything for granted. I am fully aware of the fact that the value of my seat on the CSM is dependent on how seriously CCP takes the CSM. However, I also believe that even if CCP were completely dismissive of the CSM, there would be value in having fourteen representatives who spoke against a bad idea. The question is whether there's enough value in the power of a CSM seat to justify my giving up my platform, as opposed to endorsing another candidate(s) for CSM who shares my beliefs but doesn't have a platform to give up.

With that in mind, I turn my attention to the recent changes to the CSM. The voting system has been altered considerably, to a Single Transferable Vote (STV) system. Much has been said by many about the change. The change was a mistake, since it greatly enhances the power of organized voting, which was already powerful to begin with. As far as my own prospects are concerned, the system enhanced my chances of winning a CSM seat (which were already very high), because of my support among nullsec alliances, some of whom have already made plans to include my name on their bloc vote lists. I don't have very strong opinions on the new voting system, other than my view that it wasn't very well thought out.

A much-less publicized change to the CSM has to do with the way the "Iceland reps" are chosen. Fourteen candidates are elected to the CSM, but only half of them are flown to Iceland, where they may interact directly with CCP during the summits. Before, the seven were chosen by, well, the voters: The top seven vote-getters went to Iceland. Not anymore. It had been suggested that the CSM itself should decide which seven members were most deserving of the privilege. In this way, the CSM could govern itself and punish or reward its members based on their merit and conduct, just as other deliberative bodies do.

A few weeks ago, there was an announcement concerning this change. At first, it appeared that CCP and the CSM would make the decision together. Then, when the dust settled, it turned out that CCP would make the decision on its own. The two top vote-getters would be guaranteed seats at the table, but the remaining five would be selected by CCP in its sole discretion, with the CSM getting no vote in the matter. The CSM had imagined that changing the system would enable them to govern themselves, but instead, it gave CCP power over the CSM. Rather than the voters deciding who talks to CCP, CCP decides who talks to CCP.

Proponents of the change believe that this is a good thing, because high-quality representatives with fewer votes could be elevated over low-performing reps. Regardless of whether that's likely to happen, there is no question about the transfer of power. CCP determines which reps deserve a seat at the table, rather than the voters. This undercuts the central purpose of the CSM, which is to give the voters a voice that runs contrary to CCP's own thinking. It also gives CCP leverage over the CSM that it did not have before.

The change, I think, is also bad for CCP. The only thing it guarantees is controversy. No matter which CSM representatives they choose, there will be arguments and drama about one person being chosen over another. Not only is controversy inescapable, but all of the resulting angst will necessarily be directed at CCP, because they make the decision. This is not an ideal situation, given the fact that the CSM was also created to improve CCP's relationship with the EVE community.

In determining the value of a CSM seat, one must infer CCP's attitude toward the CSM, based on the information that is available. The meeting minutes of the most recent CSM summit were full of red flags, with the CSM repeatedly (and loudly) complaining about being cut out of the loop. Only one of the fourteen incumbent CSM members is running for reelection, which is never a good sign. Originally, the top nine vote-getters in the CSM election went to Iceland; this number was reduced to seven, and then to two, with CCP choosing the other five. Some may downplay the importance of having an "Iceland seat", but why would CCP willingly put themselves in the crosshairs of guaranteed drama and controversy, unless they felt it was worth it to control who gets the seats? These are all things that need to be considered.

Before, I would have been guaranteed a seat at the table in Iceland, receiving one of the top seven vote tallies (regardless of whether STV was used). Now a new scenario presents itself, one in which CCP declines to include me--based on my platform, reputation, attitude or whatever--but in which I would still be under the NDA for a year or more. If the CSM is increasingly viewed by CCP as obsolete, or if they view it as a pool from which they pick and choose the useful candidates and marginalize the rest, then I must adjust my cost-benefit analysis of giving up my platform in order to take a seat on the CSM.

Again, I return to the question I asked earlier: Does a (non-Iceland?) seat on the CSM offer enough influence to justify going under the NDA, as opposed to having someone else on the CSM who shares my views but doesn't have a comparable platform to give up? At this point, to ask the question is to answer it. Accordingly, I am withdrawing from the CSM8 race. Today was the last day to submit my application to CCP to include my name on the ballot for the first round of voting. Instead of sending my application in, I wrote this post.

I am fully aware that many people will be disappointed by this decision, if only because they were looking forward to seeing the carebear tears generated when "James 315" got listed under the CSM winners list. As you may have guessed, I did consider going ahead and winning the seat to resign it later, if only to see the reactions of all those angry miners when I won. However, doing that would absorb a lot of good voters' votes, even under an STV system. I still believe the CSM holds value, and I would prefer to have as many good representatives win as possible.

I'm also aware that my departure from the race will generate its fair share of tin foil. Rest assured, I did not leave the race because I was disqualified by CCP, or because I'm really someone else's alt, or because I was afraid of being hunted down by angry carebears IRL (I have a very common first and last name), or because I want to spend more time with my family.

There may be a temptation for people to tune out of CSM politics. With my dropping out, and the departure several days ago of a prominent lowsec candidate, and thirteen of fourteen CSM incumbents not standing for reelection, and with The Mittani washing his hands of the CSM, and with so few prominent EVE players stepping up to run, it may look like everyone's abandoning ship on the whole CSM experiment. That's not my view. However, I do believe that I better serve the pro-balance, anti-carebear agenda from outside the boundaries set by the CSM.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has supported me during this campaign. Together, we seized the focus of the CSM8 election and aimed it where it belongs. As it turns out, we also drew all the fire of our opponents, and we put the CSM candidates who agree with us in a better position to be "good cop". For that, I believe, they thank you as well.


  1. oh wow! Even though I've started to question the worth of your candidacy this couldn't have been a decision made lightly. At least its most definitely a win for (best blog in eve).

  2. Hmmmm, just completely lost my interest in voting.

  3. Well.. now I need to change my signatures.. nah, James 315 CSM 8! Even if he's not going to be there!

    1. And glad to see you're still hanging around leading NOL/high-sec :pirate:

  4. Will you at least post an article with your recommended votes once the candidate list is finalized?

  5. You could have gotten in man. I don't get it.

    1. Read the post, James outlines the reason pretty clearly.

    2. A whole lotta hot air, this post. His reasons are anything but what he wrote. Basically one of two reasons (or a combination of both):

      1) Fear
      2) Troll

    3. So quick to throw James 315 under the bus? Funny to see how such ardent supporters like yourself and Gevlon turn on James so quickly when he stops fitting your picture of him. What makes you think its not as James says? Could it be that you're upset you spent so much time writing about his candidacy for naught or you're just feeling betrayed (or a combination of both)?

    4. Could it be he jumped under the bus, because no-one pushed him.
      Get got afraid of making a genuine contribution because it wouldn't be solely on his terms, and apparently that's the only way he wants to play, on his terms.

    5. If this announcement had come a day or two ago, James could have chosen somebody from the New Order to be the preferred candidate in his place. This is no longer possible.

    6. Pssst... James 315 doesn't want anyone other New Order person to run. He wants and must have all of the limelight. The New Order isn't about saving high-sec. It's about James 315. Do not forget that, pleb.

    7. @Virm "[...]apparently that's the only way he wants to play, on his terms."
      That's a surprise? That's how he treats every other player in the game. To the point of enjoying causing emotional disturbances.

      @doll toucher "It's about James 315."
      And I paraphrase, "I enter system like the rock star I am." --J315
      To which I add to doll's response: "Well, duh."

  6. An elaborate troll. I had a feeling this might happen. It's really a cowardly and douchebag move.

    I spent time supporting his campaign too.

    1. I think a blogger like you should spent a bit more time thinking about topics before forming a very strong opinion.
      He's a passionate writer...he LOVES to write about EVE. He wrote posts of thousands of words. I think he's right when he says that a non icelandic seat is not worth a NDA.
      I understand that this might have been a giant trolling like you say, but I think it's not fair to already trow out words like "coward" and "douchebag", seeing that his reasons are not that unlikely for a very passionate EVE writer.

      However I'm very sad, I really hoped for him getting to talk with CCP about a dramatic "true sandbox" change in EVE.

    2. It'd not like the NDA is new ... or the workload is new ... this has been known for years. I don't buy that this week is the first time he sat down to consider them.

    3. It ain't the NDA or the workload. What is new are these changes in deciding who the top seven are.

      The problem here is, that unless he gets voted to the #1 or #2 spot, he signs an NDA for a zero percent chance of having any chance at influencing CCP under this election rule change.

      Why sign an NDA and get forcibly shut up if you can now be completely ignored by CCP?

      The fact that all but one of CSM7 declined to run again is very telling.

    4. But those were all known facts long before the deadline to submit an application came up. Most of them were known before James 315 even announced he would be running. Instead of bowing out when the full details came to light, he kept everyone strung along until the very last possible minute only to drop this right as applications closed.

      It's also worth noting that what seems like his main reason for the decision - that the possibility of not getting an iceland seat alters the balance of having his hands tied by the NDA and means that apparently it's not worth it now - ignores that going to Iceland was never a given anyway (unless he really is the Mittani's alt and can call on the Goon voting block to guarantee a top 7 seat :P) AND ignores that CSM nowadays use video conferencing so that members who don't get the trip to Iceland itself can still have a voice in the summits there.

      Make of those details what you will.

    5. To be fair, the shit with CCP deciding the majority of the group who goes to iceland IS a bullshit move. Regardless of whether anyone supports james or not, we should be bothered by CCP being allowed to pick the people they like best to listen to

    6. Depends on how much you enjoy tinfoil haberdashery. There's a good reason for doing it - in general only about half of any CSM shows much activity once elected, and that half isn't split by vote count. Separating tickets to Iceland from votes received allows them to reward (and thus encourage) CSM members who do what they're elected to do and provide feedback and input to CCP. As I've said elsewhere, CSM7 hard workers like Hans and Aleks did not get invited to attend the summits because they came below the 7th spot in the elections - presumably under the new system they would have received tickets to Iceland in the place of the likes of Kelduum Revaan or other voluntary nonentities.

      Obviously the :tinfoil: explanation is that this is CCP trying to control the CSM, but that seems to ignore that members who don't get a free trip to iceland can still attend via video conferencing and have input throughout the year via skype. It also ignores that CCP aren't under any obligation to listen to the CSM anyway, so there's not really any reason for them to try and manipulate them; they could just as easily give them lip service and then do their own thing anyway.

  7. We only usually see this much hot air and empty promise from AFK miners.
    Have you become one yourself?
    You could have thought this through before everyone put so much effort behind you.
    Looks like the miners win after all :( Shit the resistance KO'ed our death star in March just like they said they would.

    As Victor says to Captain Ramius in the Hunt for Red October:
    "Or was it something deeper, Captain...
    Something that made you unable to slip away?
    Was it ego, Captain?"

  8. Perhaps ccp can include seven devs on the ballot so they can go to the Iceland meeting in order to talk about their great plans for the future and how awesome it will be - after it's reiterated on at a later date of course.

  9. My heart sank when I read that you wouldn't be running for CSM. I had high hopes for you.

    Reading about the changes to the CSM angers me, though I somehow disagree that you should withdraw from the race based on them. The first possibility that occurred to me, regarding the NDA business, was that while CCP can punish you for breaking the NDA, they can't prevent you from doing so. If you were on the CSM and CCP was blatantly using them as publicity props, as they almost always do, you'd have an option: take a dump in CCP's mouth. Leak everything they're doing, all their awful, awful plans for the game. Trigger a Jita riot so glorious that the CSM is forever dissolved in the aftermath.

    You'd get banned, of course. That's a severe drawback. Maybe it would be worth it, though, since... well, James 315 has already won EVE Online.

    Seriously. He's one of the best known players in the game. He's wealthy beyond anyone's dreams. He shook down a bank through propaganda, and then shook down the most powerful alliance in the game through more propaganda after fucking them sideways for weeks in a solo guerilla campaign. He took over highsec through leadership, organization, and skilled oratory. He inspired countless players to abandon carebearism and have actual fun, whether murdering miners or players that can shoot back. He's done everything there is to do, and made the galaxy a far better place than he found it.

    The final boss is dead. The ending credits have rolled. He's coasting on New Game+ content.

    But somehow, I don't want to see James 315 just keep playing EVE. I want to see him break the game over his knee. I want to see him raise hell in ways beyond anybody's imagination. I know he can do it.

    And EVE deserves it.

    1. Actually legal action can be taken against someone who breaches an NDA, that's why they exist.

    2. ^^^yep.

      It was really pointless for him to run for CSM anyway...he'd just be pissing into the wind and unable to publicly speak out without getting sued or at least permabanned. His vision of high sec has zero chance of happening and IMO would destroy high sec and cause mass cancellation, which he openly admits to not caring about, but that's easy for him to say because he's not the one that would be losing money.

      I enjoy this blog, but no way in hell I'd vote for him.

    3. "since... well, James 315 has already won EVE Online."

      Are you Goblin?

    4. "I want to see him break the game over his knee. I want to see him raise hell in ways beyond anybody's imagination. I know he can do it.

      And EVE deserves it."

      Then quit fucktard... the rest of us play this game because we actually like and enjoy it.

  10. Sad to see. We all know that CSM is sort of a joke anyway, though. Better that James 315 retains his voice than sacrifice it to be a part of some silly clique.

    1. I agree. And the New Order can keep promoting change in EVE from within the game.

  11. Meh. Voting Psychotic Monk in your absence and I encourage others to do the same.

    His attacks on incursion bears were almost as successful as your attacks on miners.

  12. It is nowhere near as complicated as all that James. Once you found out that a goon block vote getting you into CSM wasn't going to get you that free trip to Iceland after all, you quit.

  13. Countless miners will see this as a victory, you know that, right?

    1. Countless miners will view this as the inevitable outcome of a troll candidate who takes nothing seriously. James 315 is competent in the field of turning investor funds into explosions and tears in hisec. His lack of confidence in himself to the point where he believes that being a non-summit candidate would render him voiceless on the CSM is something James should work on addressing before the next CSM elections.

    2. "His lack of confidence in himself to the point where he believes that being a non-summit candidate would render him voiceless on the CSM is something James should work on addressing before the next CSM elections."


  14. It is a pity you couldn't have done the research about responsibilities and obligations as a CSM candidate before announcing you plans to stand for CSM.

    1. Wasn't the announcement about CCP picking the Iceland trip team made after James announced his candidacy?

  15. "I didn't want that influence anyway"

    I posed a problem to James that he'd have to pick between the serious, articulate voice for risk/reward balance and the cartoonish blogger. Unfortunately for everyone involved, you've picked the caricature.

    Psychotic Monk now carries my hopes for highsec. HE at least had the stones to get into a room with heavyweights like Trebor and stick to his convictions.

    1. What influence?

      This time around, CSM8 will consist of the top two vote-getters, and the five candidates CCP likes the most.

    2. I voted for you Alek
      and now I will be voting for Psychotic Monk.

      I understand why James retracted his candidacy.. why get NDA sidelined by CCP when there are other candidates that can carry the flag? There is no way CCP would choose James as one of the five, they have their safehighsec agenda to protect.

      What I don't understand is why James didn't name his preferred replacement in this post.


      I'm supprised James didn't name his preferred replacement in this post :/

    3. @ Trask

      Yep, and everyone else who gets elected in the Skype channel the entire rest of the year and communicating at the summit via video conferencing. Truly, they will be disenfranchised and voiceless.

      As a reminder, I believe neither Hans Jagerblitzen nor Alekseyev Karrde attended any of the summit meetings in person (as they came 9th and 13th in the voting respectively). Would you say that they were effectively non-members of CSM7?

    4. And how many of the CSM7 are running again?


      There is a reason the only one running for a second term is a carebear fanatic.

    6. There are hundreds of possible reasons why 1 CSM7 member is running for CSM8 and no others. Everyone is different and I'm sure they all have their own personal reasons. Agent Trask, if you have a point to make, make it and stop with the childish postulating. Also answer Hivemind's question please. Either that or state that you got it wrong. You sound upset.

    7. I don't really see a connection between a potentially high burnout from the CSM job and the idea that the CSM itself has no influence any more. If you're suggesting that the reason so few are running again is because they don't see it as having any influence then I'd have to disagree pending evidence to support your suggestion. CSM7 had similar concerns previously and they were very vocal about them, whereas none of them are saying anything of the sort now - if it was the case I'd expect them to be using their refusal to run again as a platform to highlight their concerns, which hasn't happened.

      In contrast, Trebor has actually suggested the lack of returning members is actually because the CSM now has a much higher workload - I know he's hardly anyone's favourite person around here, but I can't see how that post would support a carebear bias. On the other hand Trebor has served on several past CSMs (CSM8 won't be Trebor's 2nd term, it will be his 4th if he makes it) and is of course a current member, which the Mittani quite explosively is not (except in New Order territory, where he presumably had a very successful second term as chairman?) so I'd be inclined to accept his account over Mittens' on that. It's also worth noting that some members such as Hans Jagerblitzen never intended to stay beyond one term anyway, so their lack of interest in running shouldn't come as any surprise.

  16. I am truly saddened to read this post, I had thought of actually voting for James to try to get him to CSM, and if you knew my opinions on politics it would shock you. At least my opinions are justified by the end. Plus I can respect James' conviction to stay with keeping his voice, one writer to another.

    ---Alistair Drake

    Friendly Neighborhood Scoundrel

  17. I think this is a mistake, James.

    The value of your blog as a megaphone for your platform has been proven, but you've already made much of your position clear by now. There's only so much content you can create, eventually your audience will tire of hearing essentially the same message. Your blog is already well-known among everyone who's likely to read it, and eventually you're just preaching to the choir. A CSM position, even a non-Icelandic one, will provide a new place to your voice to be heard where it might have been ignored before. Even a tiny bit of influence in CCP would be more valuable than the hundredth post expounding on the fallacies of yet another raging miner. This blog *will* run its course. Maybe it already has, maybe it'll be two years from now, but it's inevitable. Your EVE career has moved from one unique and outrageous project to another, sticking with the same tactics for too long will eventually lead to stagnation no matter how popular and successful this project is right now. Imagine if you had stuck with pyramid schemes forever: you'd be sitting in Jita spamming local now instead of rising to be the Savior of Highsec.

  18. Oh don't start bitching about how much :effort: you put into his campaign, like you were putting up flyers and ringing doorbells and shit. What, you posted on some forums? Made a poster? Something tells me you were going to spend that time dicking-off on the internet anyway.

    Let's not forget, this is space-politics people. Most of us were just in this for the inundation of carebear tears that would have ensued when he won.

    Anyway, got more code-violators to smash. o/

    -Galaxy Pig

  19. @Poetic Stanziel
    You could have been a complete dick about this or you could have supported James 315 and the ideals of the New Order no matter what he decided.

    I see you took the complete dick option. Thank you for playing and goodbye.

    As for the CSM election I am withdrawing any interest I had in it and won't be submitting votes for any candidate on behalf of my seven accounts. No other candidate except for James 315 represents my ideals for EVE.

    Let's be honest. The CSM in its current form is a toothless tiger that mainly acts as yet another metagaming platform for CCP to feel good about themselves and pretend they are engaging with regular EVE players. The CSM is pointless and so severely locked down by CCP NDA's it has become an utter joke.

    Anyway enough of this CSM nonsense. Back to supporting the Code.

  20. Apparently I can go back to ignoring this site again. Because other than your real talk and CSM related ideas this is just the blog of a very well organized griefer.

  21. CSM or not, I'll still support James 315, and fly under the New Order banner.

    It's all about changing Highsec for the betterment of EVE. If the CSM is not a worthwile way to effect that change, there's no need to waste time on it.

  22. I'm an Agent but am now a little disinfrachised by this decision. I used to support James 100% but I really like this is a waste of all the potential that he has been building over the last half a year. Maybe I'll still fly with him...but for the first time, I don't know.

  23. If any of you lot had the slightest shred of intelligence, you'd have realized he announced he wasn't running quite a while ago.

  24. Well, first i must thank you again for the inspiration and the laughs both in game and on this blog... but really, James, you could have spared us the deceitful advertising for your candidacy.


  25. So when Retard Teg, Trebor and the other shit heaps who have no idea what EVE is about win seats and start crying for the removal of PVP, there'll be one less CSM member with a sane view to slap them down. Bad times.

    1. You... do realise that Ripard Teg lives in Syndicate in NPC nullsec? One of the major sources of small gang PvP? And gets an average of 2-3 PvP kills per day?

      I mean, if you'd said "removal of PvP from hisec" or "removal of non-consensual PvP"... you'd still be wrong, but at least it would be a kind of wrong that made sense. As it is, you might want to actually spend 30 seconds learning who these people are before you say something else that makes you look like an idiot.

  26. "They say I'm ignorant of the possibility that CCP might simply dismiss me and move on to something else. The criticism amuses me, because their portrayal of me is exactly the opposite of how I approach things."

    It's true. You realized you'd never get what you wanted, and ran away crying instead. Ha! The New Order died today.

  27. I support Jame's decision, against the grain.

  28. There's no point in James retiring to preserve his voice if his voice has no credibility any more because of the retirement.

    It's like someone challenged him to put up or shut up - he chose not to put up.

    I can't help but feel that the ego James displayed which I thought was just a funny facade behind which the serious purpose lurked, is actually all there ever was.
    "I'm quitting because I don't know if they will be nice to me." is the sort of thing a small child needs to be shepherded through.
    This is more care bear than the miners who whine.
    Credibility is gone now, you can still pop things but the victims will laugh at the NO where once they cried.

  29. You James you really let me down today.Yes i'm a high-sec miner. I've mad billions of ISK mining High-sec.So your my enmey. I started a 3th account and used this website to train me new character as a ganker to ganker your mining permit holders and catch your knights and agents.I even talked my friends into doing the same thing.Once our training is done we'll start. But you just gave up like a bitch.But with this post i've lost my respect for you.

    sad day indeed
    Black Skull 929
    We're here to enslave not save

  30. It's a good job other CSM candidates like Trebor and Ripard don't run off and cry like little babies because they THINK someone might not be nice to them or that they might not succeed. I always knew that most other CSM candidates were more up to the task than James 315. Anyone but a fool could see that.

  31. Don't think James 315 not running for CSM means New Order will suddenly stop our activities. What New Order achieves in Highsec and the CSM are two entirely different things. New Order will continue compliance operations and it is business as usual.

    Ensure you have a mining permit or prepare to face the consequences of being non-compliant.

    1. Sure, but what you can achieve in hisec is ganking a tiny fraction of miners and getting tears from a small % of the gank victims. Not quite the same as James' big promises to "nerf hisec into the ground", is it?

  32. I do not normally follow CSM drama personally; it seems more of a student union at times than a representative body. It certainly isn't a river of information, that's for sure.

    But let's be frank. This get-rid-for-free clause is the nail in the coffin. The CSM cannot be representative of players if these representatives are or could be disqualified by their opinions (note: opinions, not actions). The same goes for the most incorrigible carebear: ganker and bear must have an equal chance, expressed through the ballot, for representation.

    If CSM8 is built up to be some kind of parliament then it's a sham, a fake, and a fraud. An emasculated parliament is a parliament not worth having.

    We've been here before. As someone once said:

    You are no longer a Parliament, I say you are no Parliament. You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately ... Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, GO!

    Dr Tyler

    1. A lovely speech, but one built on imaginary foundations - the "get-rid-for-free clause" that you speak of doesn't exist. The CSM consists of 14 members, of whom 7 get to travel to iceland at CCP's expense to attend the summits in person. The change is that previously those 7 were always the ones with the highest vote counts, regardless of whether or not their areas of expertise were relevant or ifthey had actually been making input into the CSM process. CCP are changing that so that the top 2 vote-getters will be guaranteed seats but the other 5 will be picked by CCP, again based on willingness to actually contribute and relevant experience for the topics that will come up.

      CCP's rationale for the change - and feel free to :tinfoil: as much as you like about these - is that the workload put in by CSM members is not proportionate to the amount of votes they receive (Kelduum Revaan, for example, had relatively little input but had the 6th highest vote count, whereas Hans Jagerblitzen was by all accounts one of the hardest workers but came in 9th in votes) and CSM members are increasingly being chosen by the players based on a particular scope of experience, which will not always be relevant to the topics under discussion. CCP want to change it so that they can ensure the money they spend to fly people to Iceland gets the best returns in the form of active and

      Whether or not you buy into that, there is far more to having input as a CSM member than whether or not you get to attend Iceland in person for the summits - the entire CSM is in daily communication with CCP via the CSM skype channels which is where the majority of their input comes from. For the summits, those who do not get to be there in person are able - and in fact are expected if possible - to provide input via video conferencing software. Nothing stops a non-Iceland CSM member from having as much input as one who is there physically.

      It is literally impossible for CCP to use the change in who goes to iceland to control or to silence CSM members and the CSM process as a whole, because the change itself has no method of barring any member who doesn't go to Iceland from still voicing their opinions. CCP can still choose to ignore a CSM member or even the entire CSM, but that has always been an option for them and this change doesn't make it any easier for them to do it with any subtlety.

    2. *active and well-informed CSM members being there.

    3. Yes, the clause does exist. It's the clause whereby CCP can select their preferred CSM candidates for the Iceland trip, which you quote. From RL experience face-to-face negotiations always trump over-the-wire remote communications. That is the value in "being on site": understandings between parties are clearer and easier this way.

      I agree entirely in your comparison of Hans vs Kelduum , but not your conclusion. I don't buy your quality of input vs quantity of vote argument. If that was truly and only the intention why not then leave that question to the CSM alone? If CCP were unwilling to take that burden, how in heck did the CSM not come up with their own solution?

      When selecting a representative body the means by which that body is picked must be beyond reproach and be seen to be beyond reproach. Otherwise faith in the institution will fail, especially in as paranoid an environment as we have. This selection change, at best, raises more questions than answers and let's not forget that this change was not exactly widely known. More fool us I suppose, but no amount of explanation will change that impression.

      The central arguments remain. The CSM cannot freely publish information. The selection process has been changed in such a way that CCP, God love them, have the upper hand. Highsec must be nerfed (apologies: I must get that one in).

      Elections are deeply flawed. We always lose in the end. I accept your belief that these changes could result for the betterment of most over time. But, respectfully, my money is simply on the other side.

    4. You seem to be conflating CCP selecting their preferred CSM candidates for the Iceland trip with completely excluding every other candidate. You've acknowledged yourself that virtual conferencing is an option for those who do not get to attend in person, so how can you simultaneously claim that CCP will be "getting rid" of the members who aren't physically present?

      Also, I'm not sure what you're getting at when you say that remote communications are worse than face-to-face. I understand what you mean, but I'm not sure how it would be relevant to CCP and the CSM in this context - it sounds like what you're accusing CCP of is trying to force opinions they don't like to communicate through an inferior medium... why? Because they're genuinely concerned that face-to-face these people's charisma might make their own devs change their minds? From a PR perspective I fail to see how doing this would achieve anything - the dissenting voices will still be there and will still be listed in the minutes when they get released to the players, and as all the players as a group have is textual minutes they will not see any difference between the face-to-face and face-to-webcam interactions.

      As I see it, there are effectively 2 perspectives here; you can assume that CCP have an internal agenda that they want to push regardless of what the players - whether as voters or as CSM members - want and that they will use whatever means they have to skew discussion in that direction, whatever direction it may be, or you can assume that CCP are genuinely interested in player feedback and using the CSM as a sounding board and want to improve them in this regard. The problem I have with the first perspective it that it seems to ignore that CCP have no need to answer to the CSM - there's no reason for them to put on elaborate smoke and mirrors to hide them cherry-picking a certain voice for the CSM when they could just as easily cut the CSM out of the decision making process or offer them lip service and then ignore anything they say in favour pushing their own agenda. They could put the entire CSM process under NDA, stop publically releasing the minutes or just not discuss anything that they don't want to bring up with the CSM. Given that they have all these powers available it seems hard to believe that the only extent they would go to if they did want to skew the discussions would be to slightly manipulate who actually attends the summits in person, while still allowing everyone else to attend via video conference and have their presumed dissent recorded and published in the minutes.

      Incidentally, I can think of a few benign reasons why CCP would want to keep the selection of summit attendees in their own hands rather than the CSM themselves - the most obvious is to prevent cronyism among the CSM members where a group (presumably supported by the two guaranteed summit attendees) all agree to vote for each other to guarantee they get to go to Iceland regardless of their actual input or the relevance of their experience with what's going to be discussed. Putting the Iceland tickets in the CSM's hands also invites argument and hostility among CSM members as they feel angry that other members didn't vote for them to go to Iceland etc.

    5. Very well said Hivemind.

    6. Complete exclusion? No, that would backfire on CCP: stonewalling would just get out too quickly. I imagine that gently ignoring him would be the adopted tactic - if that was the aim.

      Nevertheless, you can't deny that James had an excellent chance of making the top 5. To reiterate that would mean face time, and face time is always prime time. Since James cited the "Top 5" clause as his reason for withdrawal, you'll have to forgive me when I support him. If someone is likely to get a table position, able to travel to Iceland as required, yet not be invited to, then it raises questions about why have a popularly-elected CSM at all?

      Agreed with the split in perspectives. You hit it correctly with "assume". The fact is we are all at the mercy of speculation here; your taking a bullish position, me a quite bearish one. Given past history and the candidate list, I'll stay a bull for the time being, and I don't think I'll be alone.

      Why not bring it all under the NDA? That truly would be a nuclear option. No good whatever would come of that, and I think you know it Hivemind.

      And in addition to your benign ideas, I'll add this: by picking the top 5 CCP could be keeping J315 alive in Iceland. Strange things happen over a video game, and you can't have a revolution without making enemies. However, this still smells like rearranging a focus group. Keeping CSM discipline is one thing, selecting an inner circle to consult with is quite another.

      Time will tell. I would like to be proven completely and humiliatingly wrong, and if so feel free to crow "Dr Tyler is a pure tinfoil loon" on this site. I doubt that you will be able to though.

    7. Oh, I admit some of my suggestions are extreme, but there's still the option of paying lip service to the CSM by keeping them away from the areas that CCP have an agenda for - keep them focused on summit topics that aren't relevant to the agenda such as ship balancing and big-picture things like the general theme for the next expansion. Alternately there's the option of talking with them seriously about things, then coming back later and saying "We've looked into the changes you suggested but unfortunately it's not feasible to implement them from a cost/return perspective". If I were to don a tinfoil hat myself I could point to the modular POS debacle as an example of them doing just that. These are far less blatant than the extremes of stonewalling or NDA'ing everything, though I think that they could probably construct an argument for not publishing the minutes that wouldn't result in the players going thermonuclear - more frequent but deliberately vague references to the summits and CSM discussions with dev blogs etc.

      As for James himself, the only way he would have made top 5 is with the backing of a Null bloc, though that would have been far from unlikely to happen had he run. I honestly don't think there are enough people who want to see the changes he is proposing to get a large enough turnout otherwise, not to mention that odds are good that Null blocs will have all the top 5-7 seats locked down. You've brought up the importance of face time for James again, but I'm still failing to see how that face time would matter with regards to the hypothetical agenda CCP are pushing. The people that James would be having face time with would be CCP employees, who would presumably already be in on that hypothetical agenda, and other CSM members who definitely have their own agendas. I really cannot see what he or anyone else arguing against the hypothetical agenda could do in person with that audience, while the message that reaches the playerbase as a whole will be purely a textual recap in the minutes, losing any benefit from James' physical presence.

      On the CSM in general, the whole CSM is popularly elected, so whoever goes to Iceland it will be someone chosen by the community, even if not the one chosen by the absolute greatest popularity; again there's a difference between "not going to Iceland" and "being excluded from the CSM process". I do agree that the possibility exists for CCP to use the trip to iceland to influence the CSM, but I still think given the amount of power that CCP has in the equation, if they truly wished to force the game down a path they have more potent tools at their disposal than simply picking 5 of the 7 CSM members to be physically present in Iceland at each summit.

      That said, maybe I will be wrong in the end - we're going to have to wait and see how the CSM summits are populated and what comes out in the minutes. Even then it's likely to come down to a matter of opinion for each player. I do still think that James' own claim - that the possibility that he will not be invited to Iceland for the summit is such a gamechanger that it no longer justifies being bound by the NDA - is either shortsighted or disingenuous, as it overlooks the input he could still have at the summits via teleconference and throughout the year via Skype.

    8. The funny thing about Hivemind is that he actually writes like a hivemind. Each paragraph is a cohesive unit, usually true. But it's as if the paragraphs are each written by a different member of a hivemind. You read one, and it doesn't fit into a larger whole. It's not responsive to the person he's responding to either, it's just a little self-contained unit. If you read his opening or closing paragraphs he's claiming that the 'top 5' clause isn't a big change, and so withdrawing because of the change is a big mistake. But if you look at the body paragraphs, they mainly argue that running for the CSM is, and always has been, a waste of time. He spends the majority of his time talking about how CCP employees have their own agendas, and they have incredibly powerful tools for ignoring the CSM; then finally concludes that withdrawing from running for the CSM is either shortsighted or disingenuous. It's as if the individual of the hivemind in charge of the topic paragraphs forgot to read the rest of the contributions from the hivemind.

      Hilarious, all in all. Thanks for the laughs, Hivemind and all your constituent members.

  33. James 315 makes his move, remains invincible.


    1. I didn't realise invincibility had such a high price in credibility.

    2. His invincibility is incredible, it's true.

    3. James 315 throws in towel... before the fight even starts.
      (It's a Dock Game)


      Oh and Jimmeboy has a loss record you tard...

  34. Huh. Goblin was right. As soon as James 315 encountered a quantifiable competition in which he could lose.... he quit.

    You could build an aircraft carrier with the irony here.

  35. I was surprised to read all of these and not see a single mention of the fact that if James had run, he would have had to use his real name. I doubt anything would come of that, but I do wonder if that played a part in it. He's made quite a few people angry. Granted, his whole point is that they never do anything regardless, but when your real name is out there, it all of a sudden becomes... well, real. Maybe he has a wife and kids that he doesn't want potentially dragged into anything? Maybe he has a job that would not be conducive to having his name attached not only to a video game, but to this blog. Or, you know, it could be that his name is Alexander Gianturco ;).

    All told, I don't necessarily buy that his post is the whole story. But it is entirely his prerogative to not run. Lets be honest - what does the CSM actually change? The Jita Riots were theoretically not even caused by the CSM but by whoever leaked the email. Subsequent anger was fueled in part by the CSM, but if a similar scenario arose, does anyone seriously think James wouldn't be able to raise hell and have his voice heard?

  36. Why does everyone including James assume his in game position would make him less likely to be chosen by CCP to attend Iceland? I think this assumption is HUGELY flawed. Whilst some call the New Order methodology "greifer" because of its non consensual nature Eve is built around non consensual interaction. It's the very core of Eve along with sandbox. I don't like other players undercutting me on the market but it's a FREE market. What James stood for was genuine re-appraisal of the risk/reward balance of high sec compared to low sec and I think it's one of the most ironic things about this self inflicted fiasco is that CCP may have had James very high on their "want" list precisely because of what he stood for.
    CCP didn't build a WoW clone, they built Eve and it was no effing accident that the two aren't the same. Any assumptions that James wouldn't have been selected by CCP deserves some serious debate prodding before it gains any acceptance. Only a witless lemming ( sorry James ) would accept it at face value. It' s just a shame James himself couldn't have analysed that assumption a bit more logically before losing his bottle and throwing the towel in before the fight even began.

  37. A free and unfettered James 315 is better for EvEryone.

    Continuing mission,
    John E Normus

    1. Amen brother John!


    2. When James started the New Order, he wasn't running for CSM. This changes nothing unless we let it.


    3. @Talia

      You're right Talia. James has been doing this for longer than he has been running for CSM, and he's going to continue regardless of this event. For he could no doubt make a bigger impact within the game without the fetters of the NDA.


      Friendly Neighborhood Scoundrel

  38. "Retard" is a very useful insult. It helps to detect real morons: the ones who use it.

  39. This is not a criticism, merely an analysis!

    Points to ponder...
    1.James 315 is probably the most well-known scammer in the Eve universe. 2.The Code is probably the most well-known blueprint for trolling in the Eve universe.
    3.The New Order is probably the most well-known example of an experiment in psychological manipulation/social influence in the Eve universe.

    James is a hugely successful individual in-game, and clearly blessed with a sharp intellect and a distinctly Machiavellian streak. Much like Vile Rat and other Goons, I would not be surprised to discover that James is a state department emplyee or similar. Perhaps even one of those that Vile Rat is believed to have "recruited" (for want of a better word) into government work.

    James never intended to sit on the CSM, but he set out to determine whether - despite being a scammer, a troll and a griefer - he could achieve a CSM seat. The answer, clearly, was that he could. Let's not pretend otherwise, he would have been a member of CSM8 had he stood for election.

    The entire scheme has been one huge, and succesful, exercise in manipulation. His "playbook" has been "In Sheep's Clothing: Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People" (1996) by George K Simon. (See Check how many examples from that link you recognise:

    *Rationalization: An excuse made by the manipulator for inappropriate behavior. Rationalization is closely related to spin.
    *Minimization: This is a type of denial coupled with rationalization. The manipulator asserts that his or her behavior is not as harmful or irresponsible as someone else was suggesting
    *Diversion: Manipulator not giving a straight answer to a straight question and instead being diversionary
    *Guilt tripping: A special kind of intimidation tactic. A manipulator suggests to the conscientious victim that he or she does not care enough, is too selfish or has it easy. This usually results in the victim feeling bad, keeping them in a self-doubting, anxious and submissive position.
    *Shaming: Manipulator uses sarcasm and put-downs to increase fear and self-doubt in the victim.
    *Vilifying the victim: More than any other, this tactic is a powerful means of putting the victim on the defensive while simultaneously masking the aggressive intent of the manipulator.
    *Playing the servant role: Cloaking a self-serving agenda in guise of a service to a more noble cause, for example saying he is acting in a certain way for "obedience" and "service" to God or a similar authority figure.
    *Seduction: Manipulator uses charm, praise, flattery or overtly supporting others in order to get them to lower their defenses and give their trust and loyalty to him or her.


    Now, fair play to James. He has succeeded in everything he set out to achieve. And made billions of isk in the process. I don't begrudge him any of it. It has been a constant source of entertainment and I have laughed along with everyone else and sucked up those salty carebear tears.

    The fact that he never offered any concrete solutions to the perceived problems in hisec should have been a warning but quite a few still drank the Kool Aid! In some ways, seeing how they bought the scam hook-line-and-sinker was *almost* as amusing as watching the impotent raging of the carebears.

    I now wait with baited breath for the inevitable Currin Trading style "reveal."

    1. @anom
      This is not criticism, merely an opinion.

      Your analysis is full of unsubstantiated opinion and very low on fact. It is, rather trite.

      Having said that, I find myself agreeing with you in your conclusion, but in opinion only. It is my opinion James is lhfao at all the New Order sheep and they are in fall a big fall soon.

    2. Err... how could we fall?

      I get free catalysts. I get free ammo. I get free modules. I get free intel and free warp ins. And free Teamspeak too, sometimes with sweet tears.

      All I have to do is blast non-compliant miners. No money need be paid in on my part, just some time and effort.

      Blowing up bots and AFK degenerates is absolutely necessary. It is, in all modesty, G_d's work. Doing so for free, however, is just a bonus.


    3. "
      The fact that he never offered any concrete solutions to the perceived problems in hisec should have been a warning but quite a few still drank the Kool Aid!"

      He did offer concrete solutions. This simple fact renders your entire criticism moot--even though you are unaware that it is criticm and not opinion.

      I now wait with baited breath for the inevitable Currin Trading style "reveal." "

      Why would we care that you're waiting with breath that smells like fish-bait? that's disgusting, stop eating fish bait, it smells horrendous and causes you to write lies and distortions. You may have been attempting to use the idiom "with bated breath", which means to almost stop breathing and lose one's speech. To use this idiom at the end of such a long post is comically oxymoronic. You play the fool quite well--that's not a criticism or an analysis, but a compliment.

    4. Oh look. It's Audrik Villalona being rude and abusive again. He's like a broken record.

  40. I had every intention of voting for James. Not because I thought he would make a positive and substantial contribution to the CSM, but because I knew he wouldn't. His stated agenda - at least as it applied to nerfing high sec - had no chance of gaining traction.

    If he had been elected, he would have immediately had to choose to be either the roleplayer that gets ignored at meetings, or a CSM member that addresses matters that are actually under discussion. The first choice would have satisfied his acolytes, and the second would have forced him to make a useful contribution.

    James likely knew that was the case before he even announced his candidacy. And when it became clear that he had enough support to get elected, he bailed.

    It's been fun to watch. Now, every time some James cultist decries some high sec miner or missioner as being "risk averse," the rest of us can just smile and point at your Dear Leader.

    1. "Now, every time some James cultist decries some high sec miner or missioner as being "risk averse," the rest of us can just smile and point at your Dear Leader."

      Yeah sure...his decision to withdraw from CSM is TOTALLY the same as being horrified by the idea of losing an internet spaceship.

  41. Out of all things James 315 decided to go Ripard Teg?

    But at least you will be blogging when Ripard's under NDA. That still leaves the question who to vote for (if any). Gues it's going to have to be Mynnna.

  42. I find myself now burdened with a heavy heart. Before, when the rabble were rabbling, I could silence them with a simple, though effective, "315 4 CSM 8."

    I'm afraid that in order to lift this burden from my shoulders, I'm going to have to dedicate myself to work, and ensure that the New Halaima Code of Conduct is brought to all non-compliant miners in the form of the cleansing fires of antimatter, and the peaceful contemplation of floating in space after being podded.

    The New Order continues forward, as strong as ever, as righteous as ever.

  43. speaking of predictions, it was all a scam, just as it had been said it would be. all of the efforts of gankers invested into yet another ponzi scheme run by James. no jita park, no balls, no future...

    1. Scheme? Efforts? Who gave a single ISK for the CSM? Shares money are for supporting the New Order operations.

  44. Afraid of not getting a freebie to Iceland? Nonsense! Surely, CCP would have made the pilgrimage to your Holy Temple for the Summits.

  45. according to his interview on Zebra Cross, James said he didn't care about a trip to Iceland, but now it is his crutch not to run.

    I guess we can still trust everything else this guy has to say about himself and his motives?

    1. You angry anonymous posters have been beating on the "james315 is inflexible and won't be able to work with others on the CSM because he has a closed mind" drum for months now.

      Now that he once again shows that he has an open mind, and is able to change his position based on new data, you guys take up the "Can't trust anyone who shows he has an open mind, because his new position is different than his old one" chant.

      Ironically, this is itself a change of position, which makes you all hypocrites, and thence less trustworthy. So yes, we can still trust James315, but you guys aren't to be trusted. Well actually, angry anonymous posters were never to be trusted, so I guess nothing of value has been lost.

    2. Audrik, what new data is that? Are you talking shit yet again I wonder? Why of course you are, you're Audrik Villalona!

    3. "Then, when the dust settled, it turned out that CCP would make the decision on its own. The two top vote-getters would be guaranteed seats at the table, but the remaining five would be selected by CCP in its sole discretion, with the CSM getting no vote in the matter. "

      Try reading the article next time, instead of just randomly insulting people ignorantly.

    4. Why is this a problem Audrik?

      Is James now scared that he won't now get a free trip to Reyk?
      Does this somehow mean all that he has espoused is no longer valid?

      Whatever his pretend exucse is, there's no denying James would've been a terrible CSM member who runs away when faced with just the tiniest bit of adversity. Funny how he was the one calling the existing CMS members out as CCP puppets yet James is even worse and runs away before even doing anything.

      James is a massive hypocrite.

      P.S. Audrik, I can't see a random insult. If you mean the "talking shit" thing, it's because you talk shit a hell of a lot. Fact does not equal insult.

  46. "Why is this a problem Audrik? "

    I never called it a problem, I called it "new data". Learn to read, k?

    "Fact does not equal insult."

    So you think it's ok to call people of certain races the N-word, because fact =/= insult? That must work well for you IRL.

  47. Real Life has kept me away from this crap but James tears is worth the wait.

    I wonder if James was "banned" from the process due to his past and other issues that we can only speculate about. As a scammer, liar and cheat one wonders if he could be trusted by CCP, CSM or any player.

    I guess he had to make some cock and bull excuse to quit and James is rather good at making stuff up, writing bullshit and did I mention he is a liar?

    I don't think he will be missed from the CSM, he was too narrow minded, not able to see the big picture, unable to consider other points of view and then there was the ego. I have been fearing for James real life stability. He is normally well spoken and articulate not that I agreed with anything he said. However last weekend he seemed to lose it in local. I hope he is OK in real life.



  48. Yea, James315 is pretty much one big epic fail. yep. Total epic fail.


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