Wednesday, March 27, 2013

This Is How It Starts

Sentences start with capital letters. Proper nouns start with capital letters. And so do much more dangerous things...

What my alt said is true. I have no ambition to become absolute ruler; I would only do it if I had no other choice. My humility is a huge barrier to tyranny.

Despite my benign intentions, some residents of highsec harbor paranoid concerns about me making myself a dictator. Julius Caesar had to deal with the very same kind of nonsense.

A fair number of people compare me to Hitler, but the analogy always breaks down when they're asked to provide an example of a similarity.

I consider myself Hitler's mirror opposite. Think of a Hitler fact, invert it, and you've probably got the beginnings of a good description of me.

On the other hand, the New Order is aptly named: We're something completely new. There's never been a movement quite like ours, so comparisons tend to fall flat. But who needs comparisons when you've got capital letters?


  1. James,

    New Order role-playing fluff aside.. how do you respond to be accused of being a cyber-bully?

    1. Is killing another player in a FPS being bully? Is winning a poker hand with a bluff being a bully? This leads to: is playing the game by the rules set by CCP being a cyber-bully? You answer.


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