Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Anguish of m'Kor

Going with the flow is the easiest thing in the world. People often benefit from going along to get along. But honour must be awarded to the one who speaks up when he sees something wrong, and who takes a stand against it, even at great personal risk. The New Order's ranks are filled with men and women of such honour.

When people are first confronted by the truth of the New Order, they sometimes react badly. Over time, they generally realize that we're the good guys.

...And then there are people like m'Kor, who has played EVE for many years. They get stuck in the past, and they fail to appreciate the possibilities in this world for positive change.

I was exercising my responsibilities as Saviour of Highsec in an ice anomaly. So far, I have been pleased to see miners going AFK for shorter time periods than in the past. Still, even 10 seconds of AFK mining is 10 seconds too many. m'Kor, who chose not to mine ice that day, sat around in local and tried to stir up the masses against me.

Though I had not bumped him, m'Kor nevertheless exhibited all the symptoms of what my Agents call being "bumphurt".

Anyone who has followed the New Order knows that we have done much to educate EVE players about the mechanics of the game. Incredibly, even my protips went unappreciated that day.

Rebels spread all manner of propaganda aimed against my character. I'm used to this. I just wish their mudslinging wasn't so off-the-mark. For the record, I have never claimed omnipotence, only Invincibility. And that's not even really a "claim". My pure-green killboard since ascending to the position of Saviour of Highsec speaks for itself. Is my killboard arrogant, then?

While I do not claim omnipotence, as a practical matter, I'm omnipotent. I can stop people from mining whenever I want, and no one can stop me from stopping them.

Thousands of people have tried--in varying degrees--to stop me. All have failed. I appreciate the virtue of persistence, but after a certain point, there is such a thing as being thickheaded.

I'm amused by the people who declare victory when I miss a bump or glitch through their ship. It's not as though I can't bump them again a few seconds later. Invincibility, infinite ammo... No wonder people think the New Order is using exploits. All we're missing is paintball mode!

In the end, m'Kor fell victim to the temptation of petitioning me. It was a sad thing to see, especially given his many years in the game, his admission that I do not violate the EULA, and the fact that I didn't bump him. Some people file petitions as a form of protest, attempting to alter public opinion about the New Order. When they do this, I find it useful to shift attention toward more important matters. If someone complains about our scandalous ability to govern highsec, remind everyone in local that the real scandal is how much bot-aspirancy there is. Once the bot-aspirants are expelled, then and only then can we have a conversation about the New Order being overpowered.


  1. "messing with real people who mine"

    this is pure gold

  2. Well honestly this one was not good.

    You lost some of your coolness. I dont know if its just the selection of screenshots but in this one you dont sound as dominant as usual, more like the griefer the miners want to make you.

    Just my opinion though.

    1. I personally think James is just beating a dead horse.

      "Saviour of Highsec"?
      More like the clown if he keeps going like this.

    2. I think you missed the most immportant part here ... RPG. He is usually doing a great job RPGing his role as the Saviour of Highsec.

      Quite honestly I dont log into Eve often. But I appreciate the stories written by James and the Now Order (among othe tears).

      My opinion again ;)

    3. That's kinda my point though.
      His RP does not relate to his actions.

      He is not threatening at all. It's coming to the point where I'd almost say that James 315, is in fact a Carebear.

    4. I would like to have James or a NO guy to comment this.

    5. Carebear: plays solo or almost always solo and creates no content

      James 315: creates an order that changes the face of highsecs, collect a great number of meaningfull and funny interactions and writes about them in a very popular blogs. Creates a lot of content for readers and players. He is the first to attempt with success to establish sovereignity by force in high sec systems.

      Is it the same?

    6. Pretty much the same.
      His order haven't changed anything.
      People are mining, missioning, salvaging and doing their own stuff just like they did before the Order, only now we have someone writing about destroying ships while trying to make money from it.

      He hasn't changed anything but making more people being butthurt, as they can finally write personally to gankers, as their killmails and overzealous talk is readily available.

      For the record, I have been ganked past-present and will be ganked in the future.
      That's EVE in a nutshell. Everyone will experience it sometime.
      Only now, we have someone writing about it.

    7. People joining the game and playing together in a uniquely styled emergent gameplay phenomenon in the usually boring environment of high sec, a lot of laughs, a lot of tears, a lot of isks destroyed, a lot of adventures, players forced to interact and defend what they have, trivia games, role play, official posts about MinerBumping by CCP, automatic templates to answer carebears' whiny petitions...and much more.

      You give a trange meaning to the word "nothing".

      I call it... EVE! My definition of "EVE" is a lot more fun than yours!

    8. It's not different than what it was before the Order.
      You still had the fear of being ganked, just that no one was typing out why.

      Oh, and if people are being forced to actually do shit by the New order, why do I still see over several systems, thousands of people just AFK mining for Ice or regular asteroids?
      Why do I still see people just doing the regular Level 4 missions over and over and over and over again, as if they where a bot highwired for it with their fancy solo ships?

      The Order haven't changed a thing, other than people being more aware of the ganking happening, barely even that.
      "Wow, so the entire Caldari space is being ganked by the New order? How awesome!"
      Meanwhile in Amarr, Minmatar and Gallente space, people are moving on as if the New order did not exist at all.

    9. You're making the mistake to think that "change" means complete dominance over the whole high sec. That is irrealistic and naive. You should focus more on what this movement is doing to spice up gameplay in high sec with some emergent fun. Even only a step is change, and many people are having fun or getting angry at the new order. You're here reading and commenting. Must be something right?

    10. They are trying, but ultimately failing.
      If it had been more of a organized effort than it is right now, then yea, it may have been used for something more interesting, rather than the occasional gank.

      The order lacks a proper structure, which ultimately makes it weak.
      No one would notice if they disappeared tomorrow, and that's the problem.
      They need to have a larger presence than what they currently have.
      Because right now, with exception of when they decide to focus on a specific area of High sec, no one cares nor even notices that something called The New order is even present.

    11. The myriad of angry miners featured here care, and people having fun like agents and supporters care to. EVE is made by a lot of different player driven endeavors. I give a lot of importance to that, but to each their own.

    12. @Anonymous from June 16, 2013 at 10:48 PM:
      You are looking at things from the wrong perspective.
      You said that nothing changed for the AFK miner/missioner/carebear.
      For most of them, it really did not. For some of them it did.
      But look at it from the other side - what about all the agents? What about all the readers? What about all the carebears, that made an alt and had tons of fun, for the first time in their eve-career? It surely made a difference for them.

  3. I loved the petition with the pre-butthurt at knowing nothing was going to come of it built in.

  4. Carebears petitioning their own pussy mechanics like corp-recycling, check.


    1. Imagine if dec evasion was made impossible. Then the resistance would have every means of "recourse". *Shudders*

    2. If dec evasion were impossible, the New Order would go on a festival of wardecs.

      No CONCORD intervention!

  5. I like how he spelled "petition" in five different ways. I guess he figured it maximised his chances of being right at least once.

  6. This blog should be renamed James315's Descent into Madness

  7. I prefer "High Sec's ascent into emergent gameplay".

  8. Risk/reward in highsec does indeed suck. So much risk. So very little reward. Not a troll.

    1. Too much risk and so little reward, yeah...that's why high sec is packed with people who make a lot of money and never die, to the point of not believing that you can actually die in high sec. Also the same reason why low and null sec dwellers make their money in high sec. Right?


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