Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Rage of the Russian Renegade, Part 6

Previously, on MinerBumping... Rebel miner Mirion Renegade's petition against me got him nowhere, so he invited me to a private convo and made his case. He insisted that he was too poor to pay the 10 million isk mining fee, and that he had been abandoned by his Russian comrades.

Mirion toyed with the idea of filing another complaint, but the Agents I invited to join the convo convinced him it was futile.

I'm nothing if not merciful. Because Mirion had so little money, I offered to double any isk he sent me. I don't normally do this, but I wanted to show him that the New Order rewards trust, always.

Mirion sent me the oddly-specific amount of 638,131.00 isk, claiming it was all that he had left. I got out my calculator and prepared to send back double the amount.

...Until I remembered that Mirion had previously sent me a screenshot of his wallet. It clearly showed that he had 3.6 million isk. Mirion had told a vicious lie.

Mirion repeated his claim that he had no isk left. I don't know why it is that people keep trying to scam money out of honest isk doublers.

The backpedaling began. His excuse was that between the time of the screenshot and the time he claimed bankruptcy, he had spent the missing isk on a bunch of mining equipment. I demanded proof. You know the old Russian proverb: "Trust, but verify."

Mirion agreed to provide the screenshot. Suspiciously, he docked up and took several minutes to provide it. The new screenshot revealed that he had almost exactly 0 isk. But the screenshot also revealed that he purchased about 3 million isk worth of Tritanium in order to (nearly) zero out his wallet after he docked up. He was caught red-handed.

Since Mirion was docked up, I decided to join him in the station, so we could settle things.

I told Mirion to put all of his assets into the trade window. Without any further explanation provided or asked for, Mirion complied.

The next step in the process was for Mirion to give me all of the items for free.

Unfortunately, Mirion got cold feet at the last moment.

Mirion Renegade > Do you hear what? ahuyel?

Mirion Renegade > fuck you fucking fuck chmyrota

Mirion Renegade > hanging up on me lawsuits schmuck!!!!

We were so close to making progress, but now we were back at square one.

Mirion Renegade > yeah fuck me in what you say

Mirion Renegade > Geip assume control of a moron you order me

Mirion Renegade > James 315 fuck you fuck again!

Mirion Renegade > James 315 that's what I'll tell you fucking Chmyr

Mirion booted me from the private convo. Just before I was kicked out, my chat logged the following line that Mirion typed (in English):

Mirion Renegade > Geip how i may control my self if u wanna take all waht i have?

Though we weren't able to save Mirion from himself that day, I was very proud of the work that my Agents and I did. We made every effort to help Mirion evolve beyond his obsession with highsec isk and join the New Order family. Progress doesn't always manifest itself in a smooth, upward trajectory. There are usually setbacks and false starts. I'll never stop trying to save highsec. It's worth fighting for.


  1. James has lost all credibility.

    1. All the credibility in the entire universe? That means no one can believe anyone ever again....wait, that means I can't believe your statement. Paradox'd.

    2. Anon, send me whatever credibility you have and I will double it for you!

    3. I keep my credibility in my backback. It looks real nice, I like to take it out and shine it up in the firelight. What other use it has, I don't know.

    4. Can't lose what you never had

  2. Only 25 B left in our war chest? O.O

  3. Wait, he bought tritanium because he needed it to mine? Does he meet the minimum IQ requirement for mining? It is a low bar, but still.

    1. just slightly lower than the IQ of gank-gangs needing a 3 on 1 advantage to kill a weaponless mining ship.

    2. I bet you never did it Anon

  4. James is like my grandma.

    Trit purchase was on the 21.04 - are we recycling old stories now?
    We anonymous readers are all very dissapointed james cannot feed a crowd with one loaf of bread and cannot even double 600k ISK..

    weak pathetic isk doublers.

    1. One day I was hungry and all I needed to sustain myself was to read this blog all day... So James doesn't even need a single loaf.

      As to the doubling, not only was Mr. Renegade being dishonest with James, he actually earned himself some more fines. I'm actually surprised that was not mentioned.

      Also, I am an anonymous reader, and I am very satisfied. So please don't think you speak for the majority of us here.

    2. Since when is one month and a half ago "old"?? You know someone has to get pictures, modify them, write and format? I know James 315 is great but he too has a life and other things to do. By the way, I bet you think that a song from last year is "old" too!

  5. Can we please stop with dealing with these Russians.... their ENGRISH really hurts my head trying to understand what they are saying.


    1. Где твое сердце? :(

  6. The Russians seem to need the most help though. Remember, James 315 cares for even the least among us.

  7. He lives in a WH but mines in empire, but can't afford 10M because he buys random amounts of tritanium instead of buying a mining permit.

    It's like buying food before paying your rent! sure you can eat, but that frozen food will defrost and go to waste when you're kicked out and made homeless.


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