Sunday, February 8, 2015

Kills of the Week

We're so lucky to be alive during this period of history: Highsec's future is arriving more quickly than anyone could have imagined! Code enforcement is a truly modern phenomenon. Let's observe some examples that occurred during the week of February 1st @ 00:00 EVEtime through February 7th @ 23:59 EVEtime.

Tupac ice had an unimpressive tank and some unimpressive cargo. Yet he was very eagerly destroyed by Agents 412nv Yaken, Ilithyia Borgia, loyalanon, Krominal, Jean Pagette, Keraina Talie-Kuo, Tegko, holdmybeer, Walter Kramer, RonPaul Rox, Keitari, Adam Zatekii, MeeLuv Hum, Bishop Conrad, Jason Kusion, Atlas Barvos, Teglo, Mat Boirelle, Tegqo, Buhbye Rollard, Jimmy Papotte, Twizzlespark Celes, ilikebooks andmaybecats, Lexy Dove, and Lisa Tears.

Their zeal went beyond merely ganking an anti-tanked, non-permitted freighter. Why?

Because loyalanon's alt, Wolf Soprano, set up the freighter pilot and earned a 5.5 billion isk payday. It was not wise for Tupac to accept a courier contract running through Uedama. It was as if he felt highsec was 100% safe and that there was no Code to follow. The New Order rules highsec now. Tupac paid a steep price for forgetting that fact. Mo' bot-aspirancy, mo' problems.

Tri State's 11.5 billion isk freighter loss is all the more impressive when you consider that it took only four gankers to pull off: Agents Emotion Sasen, Jason Kusion, Lament von Gankenheim, and Kim Powers. Yes, Tri State was another victim of the hyperdunk technique. And he should've known better!
Siegfried Cohenberg > 1b now
Siegfried Cohenberg > or we're ganking you
Tri State > how about 500?
Siegfried Cohenberg > sure
Tri State > ok, Ill transfer it
Tri State > there you go
Tri State > 500mil
Siegfried Cohenberg > ok can you do the other 500m
Tri State > nope, sure cant
Tri State > just ran out
As he was being bumped, Tri State lied about how much money he had. This didn't win him any friends among the hyperdunk crew.
Siegfried Cohenberg > eject from the freighter
Tri State > whats that going to do to my ship?
Siegfried Cohenberg > you'll leave the ship
Tri State > and then what?
Siegfried Cohenberg > then i take the charon
Tri State > you'll take my ship???
Tri State > why?
Siegfried Cohenberg > i'm a much better push pilot than you
Since Tri State wouldn't pay what he had in his wallet, our heroes attempted to negotiate an alternative deal. Tri State greedily hung onto his ship.
Siegfried Cohenberg > you know im not going to stop bumping you
Siegfried Cohenberg > until you blow up
Siegfried Cohenberg > or you give me enough isk
Tri State > so, at this point, do you just call your code buddies to come do the dirty work for you or what?
Siegfried Cohenberg > something like that
Tri State > there you go
Tri State > 1 bil
Siegfried Cohenberg > i appreciate it
Tri State > so, what is it going to tak efor you to let me go?
Siegfried Cohenberg > a lot of isk
Siegfried Cohenberg > you're going down
Siegfried Cohenberg > if you eject
Siegfried Cohenberg > there will be no evidence
Tri State > of what? a chicken shit gank?
Eventually, the freighter pilot confessed his lie about not having more money. Sadly, he never came totally clean. He was obliterated.

Speaking of obliterated, Nong Hoi NguoiDep packed up everything she owned--over 6 billion isk worth--into her anti-tanked, cloaky, powergrid-fit abomination of an Orca. She wanted to move her property in style, I suppose. Unfortunately, she never checked in with the highsec authorities. Her last stop was Sivala, where she was promptly ganked by Agents Krominal, Keraina Talie-Kuo, Sasha Cohenberg, Gohman Patrouette, Jean Pagette, Bishop Conrad, Lisa Tears, Jason Kusion, Atlas Barvos, Buhbye Rollard, Keitari, Mat Boirelle, Gallie Crendraven, loyalanon, Jimmy Papotte, MeeLuv Hum, Walter Kramer, Chicacam24, Master Founder, Twizzlespark Celes, Adam Zatekii, Samsa, and Tegdo.

Bon voyage.

You know how carebears complain that our Agents "shoot ships that can't shoot back"? Well, it's hard to shoot back when you don't fit any guns on your combat ship. Kom He Cnum learned this the hard way--or at least, he did after he eventually returned to his keyboard. Agent Tisiphone Dira caught him autopiloting through Hek and brought the criminal to justice.

Bobby Dollar was flying a Thrasher, a ship commonly used for ganking. But Bobby abused the ship by stuffing over 1 billion isk of cargo into it and going on autopilot. Agent Tisiphone Dira popped the Thrasher and was amazed by some of the things she found inside.

Included in the cargo was a bunch of alliance tournament memorabilia. Sadly, there was nothing there to commemorate CODEdot's victory at the most recent AT.

The Venture-Killing competition continues! mpglaser Kion didn't get the memo, though. He thought it was a fine time to mine with a PLEX-equipped mining frigate. Agent Mindhunt4 popped the Venture and retrieved the PLEX. He didn't even need to win the contest to earn it!


  1. Sometimes, I wonder what's going in the parallel universe that is the bot-aspirant's mind.

    1. Yeah same. I am bad at Eve but not like this. Unreal.

  2. The Code ALWAYS Wins!!!!! ALWAYS!!!!!

  3. Enjoy your "retirement" wolfie....we won't miss your endless rage and failed anti-incursion never were real competition anyway...WoW is definitely more your speed.

    1. Thanks Veers. Its been fun

      take care o/

    2. What!!??? Wait... you saying WS got banned?

    3. So now, eventually, Wolf wins at Eve :D

    4. maybe he'll actually spend time with his kids for a change

    5. Maybe teach them to bully other kids who don't play like them.

    6. It's kind of amazing how quickly that "loyalanon's been banned" rumor's been making the rounds in the antiganking crowd. So much wishful thinking...and so much hate!

      Loyal, you'll be missed. Enjoy your break from EvE, and spending time with your family!

    7. loyal (and you are loyal), I owe you an enormous debt of gratitude. Because of your efforts in persuading the rebels of the justness of our cause, the work of the New Order has been made just that bit easier. My contributions rely on a sure foundation of James' wisdom and kindness and the labours of people like you.

      Taking time out from EVE to be with family and friends is no big thing really. The New Order is the kind of family who are happy to see you go off and do what you will - and happy to see you float back in again. Give me a o/ next time you're around, won't you?

    8. Who is this loyal/wolf guy? never heard of him so he must not be all that important. Course he must be part of code. since he isint all that important.

    9. amazing thing about this is that one of loyals children needs a kidney transplant or will die, loyal is donating one of his kidneys to his children. Id think twice before you start making fun of someones real life veers

  4. Rest in piss, loyal. Maybe you want to go force your playstyle onto your family of carebears.

    1. he must have really upset you right?

    2. Nah, I haven't played Eve in years. I'm just here for the drama.

    3. Alana, I am an avid reader of Minerbumping, and I am inspired by the fact that you and the New Order defend the gameplay you love.

      But I have always preferred Eve's vast untapped lore to the player-driven content. Why would I waste money here, when there are safer, greener, less "emergent" pastures elsewhere where my playstyle isn't dependent on others?

      I'm not here because I'm mad. I'm here because I love seeing other players mad, who are too dense to see that Eve is not for them.

    4. "Rest in piss, loyal."

      ^ I was referring to this Anon. But if that is you, then my statement still stands.

    5. The *real* tears are going to start flowing when Loyal comes back from his retirement. I'm already looking forward to it.

  5. Love the Freighter ganks, especially the one with the collateral. So much win.


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