Thursday, February 19, 2015

Over Five Hundred Forty-Nine Billion in Shares Sold

Say, have you ever heard of someone named Frank Zweistein? You have now. Frank has taken the plunge and joined the ranks of our shareholders. With his purchase of 100 shares, Frank sent us over the 549 billion isk mark and earned himself a complimentary Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™.

In case you were wondering, that is how you make a good first impression in EVE.


More artwork for the New Order this week. Who's the artist this time? Why, it's our old friend, Ledrian Saisima:

Ledrian's thought-provoking piece is a lot deeper than it first appears. Give it some real thought when you have some free time, maybe later this week.

The New Order Gamis Affiliates is at it again!

In The Code Is Forever #12, you can watch genuine footage of New Order Agents bumping and killing bot-aspirants. As always, Kalorned also spiced up the video with some snippits from local chat, which is (as usual) filled with the tears of our helpless enemies.

Permanent links to all New Order artwork may be found on the Links page.


  1. Nice piece of work, Kalorned. I always look forward to your videos and enjoy them immensely.

    My team is currently undergoing further advanced spiritual training, linked to the more esoteric aspects of our beloved Code. When the training is finished, we'll return to blowing up miners. Ahem.

    Sincere good wishes to all my New Order Brothers and Sisters.
    Long Live the Saviour of Highsec!

  2. That is a shit piece of New Order artwork.

  3. Look Veers alt why don't you have the courage to use your main when posting here?

  4. Replies
    1. D400, permabanned from the game, but still commenting here. Pathetic.

    2. shut it fake veers

  5. Ive seen the treasury go from 72 billion to now just under 40 billion in about a month and a half. This is despite claims that more permits are being bought all the time, despite more claims of donations, and despite more claims of freighters full of loot being claimed. Bad management at the top or just plain lies on the income and expenses? Dear readers, ill leave it to you to decide which way the new order is going. I am estimating that by the end of april at the most, the new order treasury will be under 10 billlion easy. Makes one wonder what will happen when james lot of fools no longer get paid.

    1. If CODE was about the money it wouldn't work. It's closer to a not for profit. What you're saying is that CODE spent money on something. We don't know what that nebulous something was, but amassing tons of ISK just to get ISK to make more ISK is not what CODE is about.

      Most likely explanation in my opinion is that CODE found itself in possession of a lot of cash and found something fun to spend it on rather than hoard it on a balance sheet where it's not doing anyone any good.

    2. You think James has to pay us to enforce the Code.
      That's like thinking if nuns didn't get paid, Catholicism would just 'die out.'

    3. I think Anonymous McChickenshit (4:34) is on to something. It's not like permit fees go directly into the pocket of the agent selling it, and it's certainly not like the Savious pays out billions in SRP from the treasury. :facepalm:

  6. So while the treasury had been around 40b many months before all the time, you feel qualified to make statements like this, interesting.

    Rest assured, we have enough reserves, and even without a SRP I have sufficient ISK to keep ganking until (James 315's) kingdom come.

    But we will gladly take your bids on when roughly CODE will cease operations due to lack of ISK. What is the amount you want to bet on April there?

  7. I reckon CODE blessing be to James 315. Has in excess of 100 billion in funds!


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