Friday, February 13, 2015

Miner Rage Industries, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agents of the New Order investigated Knightrage Industries, which was caught promoting illegal mining activity. The corp was promptly awoxed. Its Orca pilot, Adam 187, believed he would be saved by Anti-Gankers, but resistance proved to be futile. In retaliation for the lost Orca, Adam threatened to use the IP addresses he claimed to have collected from the Agents while they were on TeamSpeak.
Adam 187 > ip its the gatway to ur adreess and ur pc
Adam 187 > ever heard of ip tracer
Adam 187 > tool
Thomas Duncan > my address?
Adam 187 > and just so happens that iam a crazzy ass cunt
It is an unfortunate reality that highsec miners routinely make real-life threats against anyone who stops them from mining. It's a permabannable offense to make real-life threats, so in these situations our Agents will request clarification from the miner. This gives the miner a chance to "walk back" their reckless comments.
Thomas Duncan > lol why would u want that?
Adam 187 > cause ur a dick head
Adam 187 > and i dont like dick heads
Adam 187 > lol
Thomas Duncan > so ur gonna find me now in real life?
Adam 187 > i bash cunts like u in RW all the time
However, not every miner takes the lifeline.
Adam 187 > think ur so tough etc key board warrior
Adam 187 > fucken key bord warrior who probably cant even get laid
Adam 187 > lol
Adam 187 > and u probably dont have a job im guessing
Adam 187 > what a looser
Adam 187 > anyways im out for the day
Adam 187 > gota life u know lol
Although Adam had just made real-life threats against our Agents, he then accused them of being "keyboard warriors" who thought they were tough. The miner, perhaps realizing he was out of options, decided to quit for the evening.
Adam 187 > might go take my custome turbo vr v6 coomadore for a run
Adam 187 > or my R6
Adam 187 > wooot wooot
Adam 187 > real life baby
Adam 187 > real life
Adam 187 > its just a game after all
Thomas Duncan > yeah
Our heroes breathed a sigh of relief. The miner appeared to be calming down. Adam even reminded himself that EVE is just a game. There's nothing wrong with spaceships getting blown up in a game.
Adam 187 > but do realise when voo doo work hacks ur shit
Adam 187 > and over cloacks ur cpu with the fan turned off
Adam 187 > u will know
Adam 187 > lmao
Thomas Duncan > what will i know?
Adam 187 > u will know
But before Adam could fire up his "coomadore" for a run, he couldn't help but return to his old habit of threatening his fellow EVE players. Using their IP addresses, he would hack the awoxers' computers and turn off their fans. A neat trick--Adam has probably melted his fair share of Gibsons that way.
Thomas Duncan > so why do you want to find me in real life?
Adam 1872 > mate what u talking about
Adam 1872 > fucck off
Adam 1872 > im busy doin shit
Adam 1872 > not even reading ur crap anymore
Thomas Duncan > this corp is finished
Adam 1872 > yes it is
Without an Orca to form the backbone of Knightrage's mining fleets, Adam had to admit that his corporation was finished. It was a decisive victory for the New Order.
Thomas Duncan > just quit now and give it to me
Adam 1872 > no i aint giving u shit dick head
Adam 1872 > its going to an alt i dont even use lmao
Adam 1872 > so go die under a bus pal
Even so, Adam greedily kept ownership of the corp to himself, rather than allowing New Order Agents to put it to proper use.
Thomas Duncan > Kill: Adam 187 (Orca) Kill: Adam 187 (Capsule)
Adam 1872 > mate ive lost 3 bill tengus
Adam 1872 > before
Adam 1872 > u are barking up the wrong tree lmao
Adam 1872 > and i pAYED CASH!
Adam 1872 > SO EAT A DICK
Thomas took the opportunity to reminisce with his fellow awoxers in corp chat about the Orca kill. It was a rare faux pas for the Agent, as Adam was still in the channel. He hadn't yet taken taken his coomadore for a run, and was in fact eavesdropping on the chat. The reminder about his Orca loss set him off. Again.
Adam 1872 > FUCK TARD
Adam 1872 > AHAHAHAHA
Adam 1872 > IAM A CHEF
Adam 1872 > I GET FREE FOOD
Adam 1872 > LMFAO
Adam 1872 > WANA TRY AGAIN?
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > you are a bad cook
Adam 1872 > yeah thats why we one best family resturaunt in australia
In the end, Adam declined to purchase a mining permit that day. Grieving the loss of his beloved (but unlicensed) Orca, Adam took solace in what he did still have in his life: Hacking abilities, a coomadore, money, and one of the finest restaurants in all Australia. And yet, our Agents could see that Adam still felt empty. He would have found so much more comfort in the Code.


  1. Seriously this guy makes me embarrassed to be Australian
    That english was making my eyes bleed

    1. he's just a new player. we need to coddle this guy for several more years cuz you heard him he's got cash and will keep eve running.

    2. Sounds like he is a cashed up bogan

    3. Sounds like he is a typical holden coomadore driver.

  2. Being a guitar player, I thought he was melting Gibson guitars....I got sad for a sec :(

  3. There were parts of this post that physically hurt me to read.

  4. I'm kinda of scared that so many people like Adam 1872 play games online that are easy to set off like this. How the hell do they handle real things with real consequences like losing a job or a family member?

    1. They do what all the losers in eve do, join code and then grief other players!

    2. AnonymousFebruary 13, 2015 at 4:17 AM

      Its more sad that you can't accept that code brings role play and content to the eve game. If ccp didn't want the mechanics of the game to allow code to play their style of play, they would change the mechanics.

  5. LOOK AT MY CAPS LOCK, I'M LAUGHING BECAUSE I'M SO UNPHASED BY ANYTHING YOU'VE DONE, HA HA HA HA HA HA. I don't know who this guy thinks he's fooling by being a regular captain capslock.

    1. What do you mean? He's a chef. He gets free food.

      (Which is to say, he's a line cook, because miners can't tell the truth about anything.)

    2. And by "free", he means that he swipes some at night when he's cleaning up for closing. But he's a miner, he's already used to stealing our Savior's ore, stealing from his employer is probably no big deal for him.

    3. With an attitude like that, its a good yhinv they don't let him work FOH.

  6. more sneering and mocking i see. come on code i thought you guys were better than that ?
    your letting things slip a little i expect it from the bears but not from you .
    rise above the mire my friends!!

    1. [citation needed]

    2. @ ming tso

      mockery Variation


      Scornfully contemptuous ridicule; derision.

      What do you mean? He's a chef. He gets free food.

      (Which is to say, he's a line cook, because miners can't tell the truth about anything.)
      mockery i believe

      @ alana charen-teng

      sneer Variation


      A scornful tone or statement.

      To assume a scornful or derisive facial expression.

      To speak in a scornful or derisive manner.

      To utter with a sneer or in a sneering manner.
      sneering i believe

  7. Having just googled the Holden Commodore I must say I'm a little confused. Since his grand boast looks to me just like an Aussie version of the Vauxhall Vectra. Am I missing something? Don't you have proper supercars he could have picked from in Australia?

    1. Nope, all part of the GM family. You are probably correct that that particular commodore model is simply a rebadged Vauxhall.

      Though I believe there are Australasian born & bred Holden & Falcon (Ford) models produced with performance V8's. At least there used to be.

  8. getting upset in real life over a video game sounds alot like what the anti-ganking community encourages


  10. Excellent end to this event, I can't believe people still get so upset about this but it always make the story that much better! Thank you!

  11. A PvE player who pays the game with cash is an abomination. The only reward of PvE is ISK which he can't spend since he does only PvE. So he could easily buy PLEX. If he wasn't an AFK miner with 10M/hour income.

    1. But it's a sandbox. He's allowed to play that way if he wants to.

    2. Okay, sure. As long as you agree that he's not free from consequence if "playing the way he wants to" means he will be violating The Code.

      Nobody should assume that their rights to "play the way they want to" override the duties of New Order Agents to enforce The Code. The Code comes first.

    3. "Ming TsoFebruary 14, 2015 at 2:03 AM"
      You sir are a retard.
      If a player can't play as they want, CODE. should not play as they want either. Easy as that.
      Show me one evidence that CCP have put your authority to bully other players and I might accept that.
      And your argument that all other than CODE. is bad players is old stuff now, when are you going to evolve in your way of thinking?
      CCP is losing subscribers as hell so CODE. doesn't keep players playing the game that's for sure ;)
      If you so eagerly want to save the games playability you should really change your approach before you end the game for good.

      Enforcing the CODE comes last when CCP looks at their economy thats a fact.

    4. "DJ EntropyFebruary 14, 2015 at 11:00 AM"
      Either they lose money because they throw it away or their income is becoming low. Their Income is subscribers and you can check that yourself with their economy reports.
      Other games lose subscribers too but your way of trying to force players to subscribe is not a good way.
      Playing the game and subscribe is two different things, even Blizzard understands that ;)

      And you are wrong, playing the game as I want is playing the game as I want not by your fake rules. You are trying to explain that the only way is to play as you want and that nothing else is the correct way to play the game.

      If you banned EVE players are to lazy to read their economy reports then it's your own fault. Do your own research instead of doing it the Code. way and steal everything just because you are to lazy to do the work yourself..

      So enforcing Code comes last when they look at their economy.
      Playing the game as I want is not playing by the fake rules of some players thinking they are better than other players.

    5. Okay, Anon@5:36, time to teach you some lessons.

      Lesson 1: CODE. has the sovereign, CCP-sanctioned ability to do whatever we want, in James 315 Space, otherwise known as "Highsec." The reason why this is so is because every Agent of the New Order has but one desire, and that is to follow the Code and force every other player to follow the Code as well. All other players who operate under The Code are welcome to live here as well. The Code is the Official Law of Highsec, and James 315 is Highsec's democratically-elected Supreme Protector and Saviour. That is the universally recognized authority we operate under.

      Lesson 2: Again, under CCP-sanctioned authority, you are not allowed to do anything outside of what the Code allows for without facing retribution from New Order Agents. You will buy a permit, and you will follow the Code. And you will be respectful to New Order Agents. Or, simply put, we will hunt you down and exercise our lawful rights to take enforcement action against you, over, and over, and over until you comply, or until you move outside James 315 Space. (Highsec.) At the will of the Enforcing Agent, such interactions may be recorded and displayed here and wherever else we feel like posting them, to serve as warnings to other Would-be Code-violators.

      Lesson 3: New Order Agents are empowered by James 315 to see the Truth in All Things. And one of the things that comes across as most obvious is that you have zero concern for CCP and its financial well being, no matter how much you claim the opposite. Carebears will pretend to care about any cause, whether it's "new players," "balance," "CCP's profits," or whatever just so long as they get what THEY want in the end. And the the most popular argument that miners and carebears make against the New Order is that "The New Order costs CCP money."

      The reason that this argument is false is because the carebear lacks any semblance of vision or empathy. They fail to understand that "carebears" are not the only type of player in EVE, because all they see is themselves. And as a result, EVE might be the only game actually profiting from organizations like The New Order, that have succeeded in driving away so much of this filth as to make the Carebear a hunted minority.

      The reason this is, is because there are more people out there on the internet that would rather hunt and kill people like you (because of the dumb things you say) than there are people like you. And for every carebear we drive out of this game, Eve gains two more subscribers who high-five us and thank us for "getting rid of whiny, good-for-nothing Carebears" and ask us what they can do to help us fight our cause. They read the things you post and become disgusted with you, and what they can do to help hurt and demoralize the Carebear, who cares for nothing except their own style of play.

      Countless other games have failed because they cater to the carebear, including your "World of Warcraft," (which seems to be faltering recently,) while EVE Online is going strong after ten years. And this is because EVE Online is the only game which allows the player to thrive in the freedom of self-expression (subject to the Code in James 315 space) instead of wallowing in the chains that the carebear would inevitably introduce if they were given a smidgen of power.

      The New Order's goal is to ensure that the carebear stays disenfranchised, and hunted, with the eventual goal of wiping them completely out. When no player ever mines or PVEs in James 315 Space, and indeed, actively harasses, shuns, and destroys every carebear who would dare to do so, then we will have realized James 315's vision.

      Remember, carebears only stay carebears as long as they attempt to conduct PVE in James 315 space without a permit and following the Code. PVE conducted outside of James 315 space doesn't violate the Code, and it is preferred that you relocate your PVE activities there.

    6. "Ming TsoFebruary 14, 2015 at 10:11 PM"
      Give me one proof that CCP have sanctioned your so called CODE group to dictate rules for other players.
      Give me on reason how not allowing PvE is to allow players to play the game as it was created?

      You really need to read CCP:s economy reports for the last two years and see if you really got players to subscribe or leave the game. It may be other reasons but you try to tell everyone that you CODE players bring content and make players play EVE when the economy reports tells a different story.

      CCP is bleeding money that's a fact.

    7. Got to love how ming is so blinded by loyalty to james he cant see that everything he is spouting is actully about him and code. Change what he said so every time he said carebear he ment code, and every time he said code to mean carebear and he would actully mean sense.

    8. And once again, you're arguing that CCP is dying because of us. I'm telling you CCP is LIVING because of us. Two years ago was Incarna. That was CCP's lowest point. Four months ago was Phoebe, the game's highest point. Seems the numbers disagree with ~you~, miner.

      And CCP sanctioned The New Order of Highsec as Highsec's legitimate governing body when they officially sanctioned our tactics, such as miner bumping, suicide ganking, selling of permits, preaching of The Word of James 315, hyperdunking, I mean, the list goes on.

      Also, not allowing PVE in Highsec is logical. Bots, both the human and mechanical kind are an abomination. They do nothing, contribute nothing, and serve no purpose except ruining the game for everyone else. Look at Archeage. Ruined by bots. Human bot-aspirant players are the worst of all, because they do nothing but assert that PVP is "electronic rape," which it's not.

      Now, I have done as you asked. I have proven to you that CODE. operates under methods that are specifically sanctioned by CCP themselves. And I have proven that EVE, as a game, has only improved under New Order rule. I have proven that allowing any kind of PVE behaviour leads to bot-aspirancy and abuse. I have answered all of your arguments, successfully.

      Do you have any further arguments against the Glorious Legitimacy of The New Order Of Highsec that I may strike down?

    9. Actully ming, all you have proven is you rage like a child every time someone disagree's with you and calls new order what they are, criminals.
      Rage on thou, it is entertaining to see you froth at the mouth, and what i can only imagine as you pounding on your keyboard while crying that people are so unfair to you.
      Rage on ming, rage on!


    10. "Ming TsoFebruary 15, 2015 at 1:22 AM"
      Miner? Don't I have to play the game to be a miner?
      And I'm not sure you got the right report, did you get it Code style it's probably fake.
      Call the authority and get the correct economy reports.

      And why did you assume that I talked about WOW?
      Blizzard have a few games more than CCP have.

      If PvE is so bad, why do you rob the wrecks for ore?
      You can't get ore if you don't do PvE ;-)
      Is it just because you are to lazy to mine your ore yourself?
      CODE seems like a bunch of lazy players that parasite on other players.

      BTW you only struck down yourself proving that you never opened the reports.

    11. "CODE seems like a bunch of lazy players that parasite on other players. "
      The above is the perfect example of what code is.

    12. I leave all three of you anonymous posters with this:

      New Order Agents,
      Victorious in battle,
      And in the debate.

      The Code, always wins, gentlemen. Always.

    13. "Ming TsoFebruary 15, 2015 at 5:31 AM"
      As I said "BTW you only struck down yourself proving that you never opened the reports."
      You proved that now ;)

  12. Any minute now Ripard will be calling for this miner's ban due to RL threats.

  13. A wise man once said "There are no perfect men, only perfect fools, and the people who follow them".
    This applies directly to james and the new order, james is the perfect fool, and the new order are the people who follow him.
    You could also say "A Fool leading a crowd of fools"



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