Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Permit Fraud

As regular readers of MinerBumping know, one of the practices most consistently condemned in these pages is the use of "mining battleships". Even as far back as June 2013, the precedent was already long-established:
"I thought we had made it clear in previous editions of Kills of the Week that we don't appreciate these things mining. If you buy a battleship, you need to use it for combat. End of story."
Despite my efforts to convince them otherwise, some highsec carebears continued to abuse their battleships.

In a Kills of the Week post just a few weeks ago, DEVISTATOR102 Blackburn was called on the carpet for flying an anti-tanked mining Rokh.

Here's where things got interesting: DEVISTATOR102 was the owner of an authentic New Order mining permit. Upon being ganked, he sent a complaint to the Agent who sold him his permit. The EVEmail's subject line read, "permit fraud". How would this matter be handled?

Fortune smiled upon DEVISTATOR102, for the Agent in question was none other than Gaylord Fappington of the highsec Fappingtons. Gaylord is a highly credentialed Agent with an outstanding reputation for fairness. You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who speaks ill of Gaylord. DEVISTATOR102 was in good hands.

Gaylord lived up to his reputation. He quickly got in touch with the proper authorities and sized up the situation. Although there were some questions about whether the miner's permit had been misread, it soon became clear that DEVISTATOR102 had a lot of other--and more important--issues to work out.

I have often said that the Code always reveals the true nature of an EVE player. On the one hand, DEVISTATOR102 didn't want to get ganked, and he wasn't bot-aspirant enough to deny that paying 10 million isk for a permit was economically rational. On the other hand, he had zero respect for the New Order, the Code, or even the Saviour of Highsec himself.

Another important point revealed by DEVISTATOR102's case: The necessity of policing miners who own permits. The New Order has radically changed the landscape of highsec. Thousands of miners own permits. But the permit is not a bribe or a "get out of Code free" card. They, too, must obey all provisions of the Code. Therefore, our Agents can't neglect Code enforcement even when it comes to those who own permits. Indeed, as the permit-owning population grows, the regulation of licensed miners will become increasingly important.

Compliance specialists like Gaylord are as professional as it gets. Those who have experience dealing with real-world governments know that highsec's New Order puts them all to shame.

Even so, not all who benefit from New Order rule fully appreciate what they've got.

Another lesson: Never ask an Agent a question that you don't want the answer to:

DEVISTATOR102 was losing it. It became clear that he really wasn't interested in obeying the Code or honouring highsec's protectors. He just wanted a bunch of free money.

Gaylord gave the wayward miner one more opportunity to make things right. DEVISTATOR102 had been shockingly rude and disobedient. He'd sounded more like a rebel miner than a Code-compliant one. Still, our heroic Agent went out of his way to assist him.

It all came down to money. DEVISTATOR102 didn't see any value in emergent gameplay generally or the history-making accomplishments of the New Order specifically. His priorities can only be described, politely, as out of whack. Granted, DEVISTATOR102 was light years beyond the miners who can't see the value in a 10 million isk mining permit. But at the end of the day, a Goofus with a permit is still a Goofus. That's permit fraud.


  1. Permit, Compliance
    Both are necessary now
    To mine in highsec

  2. Realizing now that I have no idea how to spell Rokh.

    No matter, My only hope is that others can learn by the spittle-fueled mistakes of DEVISTATOR102 Blackburn

  3. "Never mine in a battleship."
    It's not specifically spelled out in The Code, but then again, does it really need to be?

    1. In a word, yes.

      Put the words "Eve mining battleship" in a Google search. Nothing on the blurbs or the blue links on the first page or two says ANYTHING about this being a bad idea.

      Agents should have a static link of approved builds, verboten builds and modules, and why these builds and modules are not approved. This should be given out with the permit. It should be at the top of this very page for reference by pilots serious about remaining compliant.

      Pilots who show potential will read and abide by it and may even branch in to other fields if given the carrot of knowledge as a reward for their compliance.

      This will leave the vapid mouth-breathers who can't even make a coherent sentence behind. Of course, when all you have left to gank is the idiots, more popcorn and tears per hour is the result.

    2. See the thing is that CODE. is built upon lies, so its easy for agents to alter the rules they say they enforce simply to get that one more gank in. No where in the code does it say which ships are and are not allowed to mine with. No where does it say what is an ok amount of ore to mine, or how long is ok to mine. By not answering these questions it allows the agents to say that anyone at anytime has broken the rules, rules that are vague and lack information to them. Perhaps some miners would follow the rules you claim to enforce if and only if there was a list of ships approved by code, with the fittings and rigs clearly shown, and limits to how long it is ok to mine and how much is allowed hourly or maybe daily. Course, if that where to be clearly posted, then you would have to come up with more excuses rather then reasons to gank miners. Until such a day would happen upon new eden, then CODE. will never have respect from the majority of miners and players in EvE.

    3. Why don't you just "not mine."

    4. "Ming TsoFebruary 18, 2015 at 4:03 AM"
      Without mining none of your fake agents could gank anymore.
      Have you read the economy reports yet?
      Or you lied like the Code member you are?

    5. again with these economy reports seriously where are these reports you hold so dear?

    6. I don't care what is in the code ming, I do what I want...and I do it without your worthless permit too

    7. If miners get ganked,
      Why don't you announce a strike?
      Because you're greedy

      Also, I refuse to read your so-called "economic reports" until you read the entirety of The Code.
      New Order Agents meeting the carebears half-way here.

    8. "merrizonFebruary 18, 2015 at 11:15 AM"
      Don't be lazy, call them and ask for them like I did.
      You might ask Ming Tso if it's true that he/she/it have read them.
      Don't do it CODE. style because you never get anything that way ;)

    9. Miners claim to read
      "Economy Reports" to
      Prove "EVE is dying"

    10. "Ming TsoFebruary 18, 2015 at 1:22 PM"
      You claim that your style of playing the game get more players to play the game.
      I read the economy reports that tells a totally different story and if you don't know yourself when you are lying it's really bad ;)
      Why should I read fake documents when the economy reports are real and mirrors the companys economy health?
      Your CODE. documents are fiction and doesn't show anything how CCP:s economy health progress at all.

      Read the reports and stop lying that you did when you clearly didn't. You showed us that all CODE. players are born and raised liars.

    11. "Ming TsoFebruary 18, 2015 at 3:03 PM"
      You sir are mentally disturbed or unable to read ;)
      I have told you so many times I don't play EVE.

    12. @Anon3:10
      Invisible reports
      Are just made up anyway
      No one can read them

      "I've Never Played EVE!"
      Cried the miner indignantly.
      Like a duck, it walks.

    13. No, Ming, you clearly don't understand. When we report our Agents' kills on minerbumping, linking to API-verified killboards run by neutral third parties, clearly we're lying and making things up. When a random anonymous miner refers to imaginary "economy report" that nobody else can read or know about, he's clearly telling the truth and should be taken at his word. See how it works? To the miner, up is down, black is white, lies are truth, and the Code is lies.

      Awesome haikus, btw. Particularly the first one.

    14. Awww, you Code nerds are so cute.
      Every economy reports is easy to get a copy of and are for sure not imaginary documents.
      Now you are two that shows that CODE players just tell lies.
      Took me less than 10 minutes to get the reports.
      Why are you CODE players so lazy?

    15. "Ming TsoFebruary 18, 2015 at 4:22 PM"
      You need to try harder to make me a little upset over a Code player that can't even get a simple economy report and read it.

      And telling lies that it have read them too ;-)
      Sorry, had to downgrade you to it instead of a person ;-)

    16. I'm sure these vague economy reports that you give no real details on are fascinating but since you haven't given a single reason why you are correct based on said imaginary reports I'm going to have to call bullshit :D


    17. There's also the simple fact that we, as players, are not responsible for working to maintain CCP's economic health. That's a weird carebear-meme that you don't see in any other MMO. And even if this *were* bizarro-world, and our greatest moral imperative was to ensure CCP made money, an "economic report" showing that CCP is currently losing money wouldn't do anything to demonstrate that CCP was losing money because of the New Order (instead of, say, stupidities like Dust514). It's idiocy piled on idiocy, but WinkyAnon expects us to scramble around proving him wrong. Which unsupported assertion he expects us to prove wrong (either that super-sekret "economy reports" exist and he has access to them, that CCP is losing money, or that CCP is losing money because of the New Order), has thus far remained unclear. Either way, it's not worth arguing with someone so muddled in his thinking that he's not even aware of what he's saying.

    18. Maria,
      The original argument with WinkyAnon started when I claimed that EVE, at the Phoebe release, was doing better than it was during the Incarna release. Which anyone can see is blatantly true.

      The obvious reason for this, was, of course, because of the New Order of Highsec. We provided a narrative for Code-Compliance, and in doing our part to make sure that the non-compliant miner has no place in the EVE Community, we have, in fact, become the default "guardians" of said community. It is understood that guarding the entire EVE Community from "Carebear Creep" is an absolutely daunting task, given what Carebears have turned other games into, but the New Order has done well, effectively replacing CONCORD as Supreme Protectors of Highsec.

      That our acts are so wildly popular among all EVE players, goes to show the power of the New Order as a "game-changer" in the MMO sphere and is one of the reasons that the EVE Community as a whole is so unique and universally loved.

      As the "economy reports" show, The New Order has only been a boon for EVE, since its income and playerbase have only grown since Incarna.

      This miner can't seem to get his "economy chart" turned right-side up, is all.

    19. "Ming TsoFebruary 19, 2015 at 1:40 PM"
      Still you are lazy, a lazy thief that's your true color.
      If you tell a lie and think that went unnoticed you are wrong.
      I think you are jealous of miners since they have to much fun for you to handle, why else would you say that everyone is a miner?

      And you are wrong about the player base and you can see that their financials isn't going so well as you might think. You would know that if you could read, I will check if you can get it read for you if you are so bad at reading.

      Didn't realize that CODE. players brain melted that fast but I will check if someone can make an audio file for you to listen to before your hearing is damaged too.

      You don't win an argument by hiding behind another CODE. player like Maria Malukker that also tells lies as soon as possible.

    20. "Maria MalukkerFebruary 19, 2015 at 1:12 PM"
      You claim you make players play the game and that players come to EVE.
      That means that CCP should earn money more than they do today, right?
      But if you read the documents you will quickly see that you lie as the CODE player you are.

      I just proved that you tell lies and you can't stop telling lies even when I pinpoint how I can tell you are lying.
      Don't say you get more players to EVE and this will end the story, simple as that but you can never stop lying since you play as a CODE player.

      Really hope you don't lie that much in real life, if you do you need to seek help before it will get you in situations that you can't handle.

    21. No, I won the argument like four days ago.

      Everything since has just been you whining on and on about your loss with such classics like:

      "you have not read th economy reports go get yourself a copy"

      "have you read the economy reports yet"

      "Your are a lier"

      "I'm not a miner I don't even play EVE"

      "The Code always looses"

      And many more, on "NOW that's what I call Whining! Vol. 172!"

      Praise The Code and The Saviour of Highsec, James 315!!!!

    22. Anon@2:03

      We do encourage people to actually play Eve, and affect retention rates. But we are not the only thing affecting Eve subscription rates. It is entirely possible for us to help boost retention rates, but for something else to harm them even more than we boost them. Simply seeing a decrease in player retention doesn't mean that it wouldn't be a much greater decrease if it weren't for us.

      And then you say:

      "I think you are jealous of miners since they have to much fun for you to handle,"

      Oh....oh dear. Ok, I'm out. There is literally nothing more than can be said, after you drop a bomb like that in conversation. Enjoy all the "fun" you're having, miner. Just be sure to be Code-compliant while having said fun.

    23. "Ming TsoFebruary 19, 2015 at 2:14 PM"
      It's still a fact that you did lie and you are to childish to admit that.
      Code players seems to have a hard time to admit when someone point out their lies.

      You don't win anything the way you throw lies around you.

    24. "Maria MalukkerFebruary 19, 2015 at 2:14 PM"
      Try again and see if I get a bit angry if you call me a miner.
      If you don't understand that I don't play EVE you have lower intelligence than I first thought.
      It's rude to get angry at people with such low intelligence so you can give up your futile attacks.

    25. I'm not trying to anger you, miner. But I also won't pretend to believe you when you claim that you're "totally not a miner", because you "totally don't play EvE". If it walks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's a highsec miner. And you, my friend, show all the symptoms of bot-aspirancy commonly associated with highsec mining. Deny it all you want, it simply won't be convincing when you write the way you do and say the things you do.

    26. "It's rude to get angry at people with such low intelligence so you can give up your futile attacks. "

      Miner, Calm down. You're getting so upset that you're throwing wild swings - and hitting yourself.

      We don't want you to be upset, or to hurt yourself. We want your joyful acceptance and compliance with The Code.

      I think I can solve this debate, once and for all. Let's just all agree that James 315 is the rightful Saviour of Highsec and that The New Halaima Code of Conduct is the established Law of Highsec, by which all Highsec residents must abide by. Can we at least meet in the middle and agree on that? I think it stands as a pretty reasonable point of agreement, and we can end the debate right here if we can just get you to sign off on this.

    27. "Maria MalukkerFebruary 19, 2015 at 6:03 PM"
      Try again...
      I'm a 1st Sergeant so I'm everything than a carebear.
      Don't like violence or war like you crazy people do, don't like to anger people like you do.
      Do it right this time if you're not to lazy.

    28. Miners claim to be very many things, including members of the military. You seem not to understand that you have zero credibility, miner@6:19. You *might* be a 1st S*e*rgeant, albeit one who doesn't know how to spell his own rank. And you might not be. Since your real-life occupation is not only unverifiable, but also irrelevant to your social status in a video game, it really doesn't matter what you claim to be. In EvE, you're still a miner. And you should be ok with that! After all, it is the miner viewpoint that you espouse and promote, in your own confused, poorly-spelled way. Take pride in what you are, miner@6:19, and stop trying to reject your identity. It's not like it's working anyway.

    29. Oh huh, could've sworn you'd misspelled that. My bad. Doesn't make it a believable claim, though.

    30. "Maria MalukkerFebruary 19, 2015 at 7:15 PM"
      You are doing it wrong again and it's still a fact that you are a liar.
      Try again and see if I care that you do everything you can to make me even a little bit angry.
      You only act like the ugly Code player you are, trying to get rage from everyone that point out your lies.

      Keep trying...

    31. You seem to believe I want to anger you, miner@7:49. Nothing could be further from the truth. The only thing I care about from you is your compliance with the Code while mining in highsec. As long as you do that (buy a permit, tank your ship, be respectful to agents and responsive in local), I don't care how you feel. I should probably point out though, for your own safety, that repeatedly calling the Agents of James 315, Savior of Highsec, "liars" and "ugly" is most definitely not respectful, and is in fact a Red Pen violation. So that is behavior you're going to want to stop, if you wish to bring yourself into Compliance with the Code. And believe me, that is something you most definitely want.

    32. "Maria MalukkerFebruary 19, 2015 at 8:45 PM"
      As the lazy lying Code player you are you try to flee from the fact that you lied and always did.
      You lied and are to childish to admit that.
      As all other Code players you can't read that I don't play EVE at all. Sad to see that playing EVE makes you so stupid and ignorant of real world's fact.
      Keep on trying, I'm not one that get upset about your childish nagging.

  4. Permit Fraud? It doesn't say anything about what ships are restricted to in the code rulebook. Gaylord should be more careful because that there is taking the Code into their own hands. Rule manipulation is something that WILL NOT be tolerated anywhere, anyhow, anytime, or any reason. Good day, sir.

    The Enforcer.

    1. Even without the fact that mining with a battleship is just dumb, the fit that was used was anti-tanked and even unrigged. Two things that on their own warrant the revoking of a permit.
      Miner calm down!

    2. I am not a miner, I am the Enforcer. Nuff said.

  5. when you think about it the "code" is actually genius .....
    1. get the biggest alliance in the game to sponsor you.( goons .... you gotta love em ! )
    2. make up a bunch of pseudo-religious clap trap.
    3. use lots of fine sounding words like "emergent game play "and "player generated content"
    4 think up a method of forcing isk out of others (mining permit !!!! absolute genius )
    5.use isk raised to do whatever you like .
    6.do whatever you like, to whoever you like, whenever you like, and then spend lots of time telling them they can't stop you and how bad they all are for not thinking of it first !!
    its genius ! absolute genius ....they get to blow shit up everyday and their victims pay for it too .........damn !! i wish i had thought of it !

    1. You do know that initially the permits were free but CCP forced James to ask a fee for them so that his bumping had a monetary gain attached, so the fee for the permit is CCP's genius idea

    2. time for that small lie to die.


      Mittans was joking mining permits about way long before Jimmy ever "invented" it. It's an old goon gag. Don't let the truth get in the way of good spin, right?

    3. 10 million dollars a permit doesn't buy a whole lot. CODE is essentially a pirate faction that works in high security space. If you were to break down their income, I would guess that permits would come in third after donations and salvage, and it seems that salvage is unmonitored, so CODE doesn't get that unless someone donates it to the cause. CODE isn't about money. It's about enforcing a style of play. Their style. Permits are how they get the word out. People see them in the in game bio's, and they learn about the CODE, which outlines the style of play they enforce.

      CODE works because its members are willing to sacrifice personal wealth to get their point across, while their opponents value personal wealth above all else and are willing to sacrifice nothing at all.

      There is this entire site, which we all obviously know of, frequently espouses that carebears just don't get what CODE is about. It always boils down to money in the carebear mind, they say. I can't say I've seen much to prove them wrong in that assessment, as much as I'd like to claim otherwise. All this free intelligence, CONCORD assistance, and still we can not mount an effective resistance? CODE isn't the problem. The problem is with ourselves if we can't handle this situation which is heavily stacked in our favor.

      CCP won't save us, nor should they. We can save ourselves. We just have to care about each other and actually *play* the game.

    4. A Gallant miner
      Understanding of the Code
      Starting to get it

    5. @ anon 4.43 am

      CCP won't save us, nor should they. We can save ourselves. We just have to care about each other and actually *play* the game.

      well said sir

  6. ...Because 7. Collecting 10 million isk permit fees is a fantastic way to get rich! MUAHAHAHAHHH I'VE GOT SEVENTY MILLION ISK

    1. I got 50 million isk from collecting fees, does that make me rich?

  7. I said this weeks ago, this guy is a Veers alt. who else would mine in a BS? I say this alt should be perma red penned

    1. Ha! So much for "Permit tank best tank."

  8. Good, I will use this article to show every fellow miner I meet that permit is a scam.

  9. Gaylord and red pen?
    Sounds like a movie for adults ;)

  10. Goofus: Now I have my driving licence I don't have to worry about those pesky traffic laws.

  11. Time to pay the piper Code..........

  12. DEVISTATOR102 Blackburn: good to see that my ganked ROKH is the gift that keeps on giving, this is the second time i am in the spot light. i hope you all leaned something, and thanks code for doing the hard work part of teaching for me.

    1. DEVISTATOR102 Blackburn: the thing that is to be learned her is code manipulating aholes, you are missing some parts of the conversation there. and they said things that are bs and unrelated to what i said. DO NOT GET A PERMIT, it is a target on your head

  13. Stenson's death penalty was recently over-turned. Another, Dwayne Woods execution has been stayed. There's much more....
    qui tam lawyer

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