Saturday, February 28, 2015

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #73

A tip for all you carebears out there who dream of one day sending an EVEmail directly to the Saviour of Highsec...

...Never ask a question that you don't want to hear the answer to.

Day by day, the New Order is radically transforming the landscape of highsec. Skeptics scoff when I say this, but consider the above chat, taken from the Anti-Ganking channel. The advice they give almost sounds like--dare I say it?--they're teaching their fellow carebears to obey the Code.

The New Order only ganks newbies, some say. Nope. The risk/reward imbalance has led to highsec mining by people who have played EVE since the beta!

Caution! If you're an EVE rock star and someone flatters you, they probably want something...

No matter. I always give the people what they want. I'm very accessible, like a real person.

Or if they don't want something, they're probably being sarcastic.

Rebel leader Held der Finsternis contacted the recipient of a recent gank. Yet more evidence that suicide ganking helps get people involved with the social aspects of EVE, thereby improving player retention.

On the other hand, a quitter is a quitter. If someone quits the game after being ganked, they were going to quit anyway. The New Order simply ganks so many people that we're bound to hit a few who were on their way out.

Sarah Sallienmall was very upset about being ganked, but only because she felt her ganker should "have a better reason" for it. Seriously? The Code opens with the line, "There's no denying it, mankind can only reach its full potential through the creation of a civilization." You want a better reason for suicide ganking than that? Sarah may be expecting too much from this game mechanic.

The advice I gave earlier about not asking questions if you don't want the answer--that applies to Agents, too.

Luckily, Agent Reginald Poppycock had things well in hand. Another potentially volatile situation defused by New Order class and sophistication.

One day, the local chat in every highsec system will look like this. What a brilliant future we all have to look forward to!


  1. the code always sucks, always!!

  2. And that day will be 10 minutes before the Eve Online servers go offline for good, and there is no ivy left but code buffoons...

    1. It should not be to much longer before they shut the server down.
      I remember back in the day logging into eve and seeing 45,000+ players logged in, nowadays, your lucky if you see 30,000 when you log in, and many times its far less then even that. I just opened up my log in for eve and it says 29,644 right now. How the times have changed.


    2. Is Eve dying again?

  3. Great article James! I'd like to take a moment to invite all rebels to visit and read every article and page while mining.

    1. I'm not trying to be antagonistic here, but have you noticed that your current article kinda points out that miners are often AFK, adverse to risk, and unwilling to do much to change their situation? I wouldn't be surprised if James 315 decides to use some of this material for the extra irony of proving his points with content sourced directly from his opposition. He's really good at that.

    2. @Held der Finisteris
      Awesome job on backing up your word and actually making a website- which makes you better than 99% of other miners out there! You even adopted the style of!

      Now we will see if you have the fortitude to do a daily blog like The Saviour of Highsec does!

      Once again, congratulations on your new blog and I look forward to reading it!

  4. No comment.

    Fuck that cracked me up!

    Also, typing in all these letterbox numbers is probably us doing the cia's work for them!

  5. Sarah Sallienmall is a know Veers alt. She is know to afk miner while the other Veers runs incursions completely afk.

    1. Good catch. I keep a list of all known Veers alts in a little red book which I keep on me at all times. I've never met a guy with so many alts, he singlehandedly runs half of the Eve online playerbase.

    2. He runs the AFK side of eve. He thinks Eve is about making isk yet he only knows how to make AFK isk. checkout his killaboard:

      he hasn't done anything in game since early october

    3. I didn't realize that incursions could be run AFK...could you explain how that is done? It would seem that Veers makes his ISK at keyboard, and not AFK.

      How does noting the empty killboard of an avowed PvE player demonstrate anything?

    4. It's pretty easy to AFK incursions. Veers does it by not logging on for months and fighting for the AFK miners and AFK freighter haulers on the forums.

  6. I love that formal complaint against my actions. He didn't even appear that angry in our private conversation.


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