Monday, February 16, 2015

XxAwoxxX X, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Maqari Kinraysuwa launched an investigation of Caldari Mining and Logistics Academy, a highsec mining corp. With the aid of fellow Agent Lord Mandelor, he awoxed the corp and destroyed their two Orcas. XxMinerxX X, one of the corp's Orca pilots and the founder of the alliance to which the corp belonged, was outraged. He threatened to declare war.

Maqari's awox alt, Blute Shoes, reminded the carebear that a ransom had been offered. Rather than pay it, the miners antagonized the New Order. It was a fatal mistake, but not one that XxMinerxX was willing to admit.

Those of you who play in nullsec may be familiar with mandatory fleet ops, or at least the idea of PvP participation requirements. Highsec industrial corps have something similar. And by similar, I mean the opposite: Carebear corps demand that all of their members dock up and avoid engaging in PvP.

With corp chat compromised by the awoxers, XxMinerxX went to fleet chat to organize his counter-offensive against the New Order.

Meanwhile, XxMinerxX secretly opened negotiations with New Order Agents. Once again, he trotted out the "I would've paid but now I won't" nonsense. That line wants to be a Miner Bingo quote so badly.

Immediately after vowing never to pay, XxMinerxX offered to pay, as long as the first two billion isk in dues were free. The first two billion? He probably had no idea that mining permits only cost 10 million isk.

Since the carebear was getting nowhere on the "create a war strategy against the New Order" front, he began arguing with more Agents. It was a step in the right direction; he was trying to work within the system.

However, the miner's volatile attitude ensured that whenever he started to make progress, another mood swing would come along and derail the peace process.

Once every alternative was exhausted, war broke out.

Our Agents informed the carebear that he had no chance of defeating us, but he remained defiant. XxMinerxX was absolutely committed to leading Caldari Mining and Logistics Academy to victory.

As time wore on, the New Order's invincibility became harder to deny.

The "Academy" was unable to inflict any damage against the New Order. The war became a one-sided affair.

More than half of the corp's members immediately withdrew their membership. In addition, the alliance that the Academy belonged to was dissolved.

As for XxMinerxX X himself, he found war leadership to be more difficult than expected. He abandoned his beloved corp in favor of solitary isk-grinding in highsec.

The New Order always reveals the truth in an EVE player's heart. Some miners surround themselves with fellow carebears, imagining that if they are in a large corp, they're not like bots. In the end, though, their bot-aspirancy shines through.



    The Code ALWAYS Wins!!!! ALWAYS!!!!

    1. Have you read the economy reports yet?
      Or you are to lazy to even come up with something new to say?
      A lazy parrot that's what you are ;)

    2. Heh, i like that lazy parrot thing about ming, but honestly that would be giving him far to much credit for even parrots are smarter then ming.


  2. I can't even give that corp an "A" for effort. Pathetic. Lot's of lip, not enough balls.

  3. Bot-aspirants flee
    When confronted with combat
    Thus shall you know them

  4. Kind of like what code did in th AT...thus you will know code...and, despite your lies a forfeit is a defeat...

  5. Only a carebear
    Could call victory "defeat"
    And call the truth, "lies"

    1. No show is no win maria.
      To be fair thou, code was probaly busy bot bumping miners somewhere.


    2. You ought to follow the news more, M. Code wasn't a no-show, Code preemptively won the Tournament by destroying the other teams' ships. It'd have been a stunning feat for anyone else, but it's just one more previously-thought-impossible victory made possible by the power of the Code.

    3. And only a delusional codie sails up the river of denial that far Maria...

    4. Yea, code did show up, then when code saw their competition had loaded guns, they all logged out their characters and where disqualified. That isint a win, thats a loss.




    6. Maybe CODE. did not win the alliance tournament. But the New Order did get what it wanted with its entry: To have "CODE." indelibly immortalized and crystallized in everyone's mind. They they say all press is good press, and boy, we sure did get a lot of it. Wouldn't you agree?

      I mean you're still talking about it.

    7. Don't forget the ISK gained from that freighter kill... the one full of tournament ships. How many Catalyst's did that purchase for CODE's operations?

      People are still talking about CODE & the tournament... but do you ever hear mention of the teams that took part? Nope.

      1) CODE still discussed in reference to the tournament. Check
      2) Massive funding for CODE operations due beautiful gank on that teams freighter. Check
      3) People still butt sore about the whole deal, months after the fact. Check

      Seems like a win to me.

    8. "Ming TsoFebruary 17, 2015 at 4:23 AM"
      You really need to check what you are typing.
      You double repeat words more often than my parrot, but he is far more intelligent than most of CODE. players ;-)
      Some posts ago you said that carebears can't spell, that means you are a carebear yourself...
      So go suicide gank yourself now so you follow your so called CODE.

    9. I'm not particularly thrilled with CODE. I like to mine, and I'm not particularly big on shooting other players. CCP does allow their behavior, though. EVE is meant to be a dangerous place. High Sec is relatively safer because of CONCORD, but obviously not safe. I identify as a 'carebear'. I have no teeth, and I suck at shooting things even in PvE where I bring people to help me. CODE is a threat to me as much as anyone. I have no intention to join them, nor to pay them.

      I think this site carries a lot of spin in their favor, which makes a lot of sense given just where we are, but none the less it exposes a significant problem with at least some mining corporations, and with some people in general. If you don't want to talk to CODE, then don't. Four letter words don't make us look very smart. Threats are against the ToS, which is definitely not smart to violate.

      You want to survive in an EVE that has CODE in it? Well, then, that means taking precautions, limiting your losses by insuring your ships or using cheaper modules, and of course, by being at the keyboard. They're going to get you sooner or later. If not them, then someone. So make your ganker work for it. If you really like mining, then some loss of efficiency to tank your craft isn't a huge loss.

      I've looked at the 'carebear' community in general, and I tell you, it's a scary place to me. I hear people toss the word sociopath around a lot to refer to CODE, but they seem quite social to me. Put another way, they work with each other. On the other hand, when I tried looking into those who oppose CODE, they're mostly in it for themselves. I would not ask for any kind of help and expect to get it. Some folks are angry enough with CODE agents to engage them, but revenge and camaraderie are different things, and I don't think I'm going to get camaraderie from Anti-Ganking, which leaves me an island, and that's kinda bad for an MMO. That corporations dissolve rather than face any consequences looks bad, too. I can wait out an awoxer's 24 hours though and keep my corp. I like my corp, and I value the few people in it, and that's why when CODE came down on me, we just decided to buckle down and deal. Carebears don't win because we don't really care at all. We won't win if that doesn't change.

    10. A Gallant perspective, miner.

      You indeed illustrate a number of fair points that are aspects of the anti-ganking community that hinder them from forming a resistance to the New Order, and we look forward to you someday becoming Code-compliant.

      One of the ways that gallant miners can escape the life you've mentioned is to seek their fame and riches outside of James 315 space- this is one of the goals of The Code.

      Granted, your mining barge may not last long. But when you trade it in for a stack of 5m isk t1 frigates and destroyers, Lowsec, especially Faction Warfare Lowsec, can be especially profitable in terms of LP. Not only that, but you'll get to duel other people in low-risk fights that are on terms that are a little more fair than they are in James 315 space. And the rush you'll get from real combat is one of the best features of this game, which every CODE. Agent hopes you will someday experience and enjoy. You may die a lot, but you'll make some very good friends in the process.

      And later, if you feel the need to come back and introduce more people to these wonderful things you will find, please feel free to come back and help CODE. pry these carebears away from their mining, to experience what you did. We'll be here, fighting the good fight for the Code and the New Order.

    11. @Anon4:23
      If you wish to refute James 315's and my claim that "carebears can't spell," please look at every carebear post in this thread. With the exception of like two at the time of this writing, every single post contains at least one spelling error. Including Veers, who normally doesn't.

      There are zero spelling errors from Agents of the New Order.

    12. Wow, wall after wall of useless text from "Double the" Ming over and over.
      Ming, in more then half your posts you say "The the" multiple times. Need help with sentence syntax? I respect you for 'trying' to spin the new order in a positive light, but honestly, there are more lies tumbling out of your filthy mouth then there is from james.
      Heres to the alliance that withdrew from the alliance tourny, and tried to spin the failure as a victory!
      Code.= Chicken Out, Deny Everything.


    13. Nope, said it the way i ment it. :)


    14. I keep trying to understand what it is that M is hoping to get out of his little adventures in our comments sections. He harasses those of our Agents which he believes are female irl, tries to belittle the intelligence of people both more articulate and more intelligent than he is, and parrots outdated antiganking memes as if they were fresh or relevant. Does he believe that he is in some way fighting against the Code by entertaining us with his whining? Is he just hoping to anger people by pretending to be dumber even than the average miner?

      Whatever his motivations, Ming, you may be best served by ignoring him from here on out. Like the Veers type of carebear, our dear M is too relentlessly on-message (in his own low-brow, sexually-harassing way) for it to make any difference what one says to him or how. Communication is impossible when one of the parties is not actually sentient. And M, I'm afraid, has not yet shown himself to qualify as anything like sentient.

    15. Quotes from maria:
      "He harasses those of our Agents which he believes are female irl"
      For all you know i am female also, no one has proven i am male or female.
      "tries to belittle the intelligence of people both more articulate and more intelligent than he is"
      I dont try, i do, but when im arguing with idiots its easy.
      "Ming, you may be best served by ignoring him from here on out."
      Maria says this while getting angered by what i say, go figure.
      "Communication is impossible when one of the parties is not actually sentient."
      Not true maria, i communicate with you all the time in and out of game, and your not quite up to par on being sentient.

      P.S. I love how you all 'think' you know who i am :)

  6. Wow, i think thats the first time alana didnt accept that sort of offer......was kaely waiting in the wings as back up?


  7. I don't understand how sane, mature and intelligent person can enjoy negative emotions of other players. Not even mentioning that so called carebears are absolutely no match for asymmetric warfare forces. It's like taking a child to a boxing ring and constanly bragging that kid can't evade your hits.

    1. You pretty much answered it. The New Order mainly consists of teenagers, having social acceptance problems. Generaly they are shuned in EVE community and many PvP corp may refuse to accept application solely on close [ex-]connection with CODE. They just try to make proud face a-la "we don't care".

    2. "Veers Belvar" at 9:01 AM is an obvious fake, notice the bad grammar and lack of original ideas. Keep it up CODE-loosers.

    3. @ Anon 8:50

      This isn't about "enjoying" the negative emotions of other players. This is about freeing players from the chains of bot-aspirancy by introducing them to the consequences of their poor decisions.

      Remember, it's not CODE. who is "forcing" these "children" to get into the ring with us.

      It's these "children," who are forcing CODE. to get into the ring with them. When children flout the Code, it is no different than a child picking up a gun and pointing it at a police officer. The officer has no choice but to shoot the child.

      We take no pleasure in causing other people pain. But we cannot tolerate non-compliance. To do so would undermine everything that James 315 has worked so long and hard to establish.

    4. you almost had me convinced until you say" This isn't about "enjoying" the negative emotions of other players. "
      "We take no pleasure in causing other people pain"
      you lost me right there ......just too many lies in one statement i'm afraid .

    5. How is it a lie? The New Order's sole purpose is to ensure compliance with the New Halaima Code of Conduct as written by Supreme Protector James 315. If everyone became Code-Compliant tomorrow, and no tears were shed in the process, I think that would be a more favorable outcome than that in which tears were shed in order to become Code-Compliant.

      All we require is a permit that costs 10 million isk, and for miners to not be AFK as they mine. Where in those requirements does it say that "tears need be shed?"


    6. Getting really tired of your shit, fake Veers at 9:33AM.

      If it was a real Veers post, you can be assured it would have been proof read by my team of ivy league educated space lawyers and also included a reference to how elite I am for shooting red boxes in high-sec. Beyond that, it's not nearly passive aggressive enough, and it lacks the high-functional levels of autism that I bring all my posts.

      Fuck this anyway, heading back to "Crime And Punishment" on the forums to fail "troll" harder, as of last count only 95% of the game has me blocked. I'm working as hard as I can towards another 7 or 14 day suspension, or as my Ivy League educated lawyers have told me to explain it: "On Vacation."

      Idiots. All of you. Just idiots.

    7. "Ming TsoFebruary 17, 2015 at 3:52 PM"
      There are posts from CODE members that tells a different story.
      Even you made statements that you enjoy rage and that you are a griefer.
      And you are still to lazy to read the reports.
      You can't lie your way to a win this time...
      Read the economy reports and tell me why CCP:s profit goes down.

    8. @Anon3:52
      Link these so-called "economy reports," if they exist, and I will read them. As long as you click the link at the top of the screen and read the entirety of The Code. You aren't going to get a fairer deal out of a New Order Agent.

  8. getting real tired of your shit fake veers I'm the real Veers I believe bumping should flag you as suspect and that barges being ganked should be able to warp away regardless of being scrammed.

  9. People! Please....arguing with members of CODE. is like beating yourself in the head.
    They will drag you down to their level of stupidity and beat you with their practice of being stupid. The simplest way to win against CODE is to ignore them and avoid them. Then they will go sulk like the teenagers they are and find something else to do. I hear WoW is looking for more teenagers to play, CODE might migrate there given time 'if' people avoid them and ignore them.

    1. Why don't you just go play WoW instead of trying to get CODE. to move there?
      Oh, right. You're a carebear. You can't do anything yourself, it's always got to be someone else that's taking action to benefit you.

    2. "AnonymousFebruary 17, 2015 at 7:11 PM"
      What's wrong with WOW?
      Is it bad just because players can choose the way to play 100%?
      CODE. would not survive for long in WOW anyway sp it's good that they don't play that game ;)

      And carebears don't do anything?
      CODE. preys on every player in EVE just because they are born lazy and can't mine their ore so they steal it instead...

  10. he shouldv'e thought twice about boasting when mandelor and the new order were in town


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