Saturday, February 7, 2015

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #72

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An angry miner gave Agent Reginald Poppycock "about one hour" to choose from among three terrible options. But the reason the New Order always wins is that our Agents know how to think outside the box. Reginald chose the secret fourth option: forwarding the EVEmail to me and continuing to enforce the Code as he saw fit.

Agent CODE Agent AC's February Venture-Killing Contest is going well.

On the other end of the spectrum, the trade route camping gank fleets are also doing fine work. Frigate or freighter, the bot-aspirant will complain about losing anything.

Is freighter-ganking PvP? This remains the subject of a heated debate.

...Yet our Agents won the debate long ago. Of course it's "PvP" when players fight other players. However, each time a carebear is stirred from his or her AFK slumber, the debate begins anew.

Every time an AFK player gets ganked, they cite "momentary distraction". The truth is that the rampant bot-aspirancy in highsec cultivates a culture of near-permanent AFK status. Once an AFK EVE player--even if he's gone for only a moment--is rewarded with the fruits of semi-automated PvE, it can become very tempting to remain AFK. For this reason, even a few seconds of AFK PvE in highsec poses an existential threat to the game.

Pham Havar was greatly disturbed when his "private channel" was intruded upon by a New Order Agent doing a spot-check.

Nevertheless, there are no boundaries to the authority of the New Order in highsec. Agents are free to conduct any in-game investigation they feel is necessary to ensure 100% Code compliance. Considering the gallant conduct of our Agents, it's a wonder they need to "infiltrate" any place at all. They should be guests of honour everywhere. Their presence should be sought out!

Lasius Norialis offered our Agent an unusual sob story. It seems the carebear's own corporation had taken all of his stuff from the corp hangar. Adding to the irony, the corp did it because Lasius was AFK for two years. Once he returned to EVE, he immediately began violating the Code, leading to the loss of his Gila at the hands of our Agent. Who knew karma was a corp thief?

Poor Mu'ad Diib. He's been playing EVE for nearly seven years, and he still doesn't get it. Nor does he understand how a person goes about winning an argument. Hint: it's not by spamming the word "sociopath" over and over.

...Or by spamming the word "cult". Is anyone else amazed by how many carebears think the Code requires Agents to give them a verbal warning before ganking them? I think it's time someone added this to the list of common misquotations.

Another popular misconception is that buying a mining permit absolves a carebear of all his other responsibilities under the Code. Exarael actually bought a permit before telling our Agent that he hoped he caught cancer IRL and burned in a fire. The permit was swiftly revoked. Looking on the bright side, this should encourage our Agents. When dealing with a stubborn miner, remember that even someone who wants you dead will buy a permit from you.


  1. Easy decision to not give CCP my money when they allow griefers to fly below their radar.
    I bet 100% that all Code. members are equally awful against other people in real life too. So easy decision to never ever give CCP my money. Thanks for having a public forum that explains what kind of idiots that plays EVE on booth sides.

    1. How much did you bet? You owe me that much money now.

    2. Anon 8:39
      Don't judge people in real life on how they play a MMO game. The MMO game eve allows for a player to try various routes in the game. Which some players may not enjoy ( but have respect for the different styles, its just a game)
      In RL, many of the so called grievers probably, are loving husbands/ wives. with children and have very responsible jobs.
      And yes you may ask why I think this, its simple because in RL I work in the NHS. Which to miner bumping readers, is based in the UK and is the national health service.
      So anon in RL I am not awful to RL people. I actually care for them. And I am sure many other supports of the code, are just like me. Honest hard working family orientated people in RL

    3. Oh yeah Anon 8:39. In rl, I drive around looking for afk drivers to plow my car into..and when they won't pay me, I pod them back to their home station. :/ It's a typical, judgmental generalization of anyone who does something someone else doesn't like. It's not okay for me to play a game how i want...but it's okay for you to pass judgement on me because of my play style? So..let me get this that logic, since I MUST be a sociopath...that makes you what...a weak, helpless prey animal? I don't think so. Stop and think for a minute before you throw judgements..If we were to play chess, would it make me a sociopath because I defeated your king? Ridiculous. Like Manic M said, you have no idea who's on the other side of the screen..nor what they do or how they do yourself a favor and stop assuming you know everything..because you only prove you know nothing. :)

    4. "AnonymousFebruary 7, 2015 at 11:01 PM"
      Give me proof that you are better than your character in EVE and I will pay you.
      And I will judge you in the same manner as you seems to judge other players ;)

    5. "Manic MFebruary 8, 2015 at 12:25 AM"
      Why shouldn't I do that?
      There are studies that show that it is true for most players.
      If they like to gank players in a game they tend to take that attitude with them to the real life too.
      I'm talking about booth sides in EVE, not only the weird Code. side but the receivers of Code's actions.

    6. "Kaely KakesFebruary 8, 2015 at 5:43 AM"
      According to what I can read you do'n allow others to play the game as they like.
      Play like Code. or be harassed forever and EVER...
      It's ok for you to play any game as you want as long as you allows me to play it how I want, simple as that.
      You will never defeat me in chess so bad choice for explaining something ;)

      Exactly, you never know who is on the receiving part, but you do everything to push rage from that person. Is that showing a healthy playing style for you?
      A healthy playing style would be to quit hunting for rage when you detect that the person is going to be really mad or something.
      But you seems to never miss a chance to create anger in the receiving part and that is a bad player style.
      Manic M claims to work with health but provoke anger in players, how does that sounds?

      Everyone don't want to play EVE for PvP so let them play as they like and everything will be fine. Gank them if you feel the need to but don't push them until you get all that crap from them.
      Start too show that players like you are better than that.

      What I have seen so far CCP is not the company that should get my money ;)
      Even you players that try to say you are nice players do try to make me angry and that's really funny ;)

    7. Why I said that 100% is equally awfull as in game was just to get real answers and I got them ;)
      But I still don't understand how someone can work with health and still love to provoke anger in other players.
      I have worked with people that would kill for less provocation than a game so I know what could be on the receiving part in any game I play and I know it doesn't take a rocket scientist to find the other players even in an MMO like EVE.

      Maybe there will be a time when EVE is a place there I could say I want to be but for now it's not. So until then you will not be able to gank me ;)

    8. "DJ EntropyFebruary 8, 2015 at 7:30 PM"
      I should know you are to lazy to read but read the above again and see if you understand what I said.
      I know banned EVE players can read too ;)

    9. So all these miners who spew rage, profanity, sexual harassment, homophobia, death threats, and various other signs of maladaptive personalities must also be horrible people irl too?

      At the very least we are dealing with people who MUST lash out disproportionately to real life inconveniences if they react this badly to losing some pixels in a video game.

      Hope none of them have access to firearms irl.

    10. "AnonymousFebruary 8, 2015 at 8:05 PM"
      Maybe they are or they have just bad temper that you love to provoke.
      If you seek anger you will find it but you should never whine over that.

      I have access to all kinds of firearms and I don't like players like you and the other Code. players so how does that matter at all?

      I would kill you if you posed a threat to my life and you can do that by pushing me to far like you do in game with players but you would have to do that IRL.

      If you don't push me or threatening my family you are safer than in HS in EVE.

    11. "DJ EntropyFebruary 8, 2015 at 9:51 PM"
      Where do you see the death threats in what I wrote above?
      I told that person as long as he/she don't threat my life it's completely safe.
      But I know you can't read so that's OK ;-)
      You may be a person who don't fight back when your life is threatened but I may be wrong.
      I clearly stated that the threat to my life had to be IRL, in games you can try to hurt me if you like. Don't care so much over my game characters.

      Not really sure how you can feel a threat from me just because I have guns and will defend myself. Defending your life is healthy.
      If CODE. made you brain melt you should seek help for that.

  2. You know what's the funniest about Lasius Norialis? Before he left the game in 2012, his losses were ganky catas lost to concord.

    So he was fully aware of ganking. Yet he was out in space in a blinged Gila with little tank.

  3. Anon 8:39 PM - Can I have you stuffz?

  4. Let this Miner Grab Bag forever serve as testimony against these goofuses.

  5. I smell several Veers alts amongst these carebears. That guy is the most prolific alt creator in Eve, maybe Veers has a bot to create them

  6. lol...conspiracy theories...the new code meta....

    1. conspiratophobes, such as yourself, have three explanations for why certain other people —question, fact, or theory—which calls the official narrative into question. Here are the three explanations:

      1. They are vain; to them, social responsibility is less important than a sense of personal reward or the approval of others.

      2. They’re either lazy or they’re moral cowards.

      3. They miss the comfort and security of their mothers’ wombs.

      You can read more on your condition here:

    2. Did you just cite the blog of some guy who thinks Kanye West is a secret devil-worshipping freemason like it was a medical journal or something?


  7. I made front page! SQUEE! -Hooper

    1. You know... I just clued in to your name. Brilliant! :)

  8. Loyalanon finally left the game! RIP in piss, you peace of horsedung!

    1. Was in miniluv jabber channel:

      (08.02.2015 16:25:07) redacted: Hello everyone,

      This is a mail regarding my departure from Eve.

      Its been a good 2 years with the New Order of High Sec/Code Alliance and I have come to make alot of good friends/enemies in this game.

      I would like to thank everyone for there support and in the help in us achieving some great things while being a part of the New Order.

      For me though it is time for me to concentrate on real life and my family hence why I am leaving Eve.

      I would like to say a big shout out to John E Normus and Capt Starfox for always being around when we were going through spaceship dramas and the countless hours/days we spent pvping miners.

      To The Conference Elite pilots thankyou for making TCE one of the greatest corps in all of eve and I am sure you will still carry the banner for months to come.

      I am incredibly proud of what we have all achieved in Eve, and for helping me shove carebear tears up CCP's asses whenever they tried to nerf our playstyle.

      It has been an amazing journey through friendships, carebear tears, ts rage, milestones etc but for me real life comes first.

      I can be reached on if anyone wants to catch up at anytime, Also please feel free to mail me if any of you come to New Zealand.

      To our Saviour James 315, keep rocking on, I will forever be grateful in your belief in me, and in your help that you have given me throughout the last year and a half, it has truly been a pleasure.

      To someone in goons can you please pass this message onto all of Mini-luv.

      Thankyou all o/


      PS - I will occassionally jump on however I wont be on everyday/week etc.

      End quote

      I can't tell you how happy I am if this fucking shitlord is really gone from the game.

    2. I heard Wolf Soprano was banned so leaving for familly is just BS :P

    3. he is a seriously emotionally disturbed individual who never belonged in the game in the first place. Good riddance.

    4. Veers, the difference (not the only one, of course) between loyalanon and you is that loyalanon is known for his actions, and you are known because of loyalanon. You'll always be secondary to bright individuals in the game. You're embodiment of mediocrity. Try to amount to something once in your in-game life.

  9. Well, if only we had such a nice message from every carebear that had to leave the game due to "RL issues."

  10. Ahhh. I just enjoyed a nice, long bath in the tears of worthless care bears.
    I have a new game in mind- going to gank one care bear for every Miner Bingo square that gets filled by another care bear crying in local/Evemail. It's time care bears not only pay for their own sins, but the sins of their fellow care bears.
    It's not enough that care bears help themselves by being CODE compliant, it's high time they are held accountable for the care bear community at large. Police your own, miners- so that CODE won't have to. Until then, realize that you may have just lost YOUR ship because of the poor behavior of some other care bear.
    You're welcome

    1. "SollyLamaFebruary 9, 2015 at 2:30 PM"
      Should I Heil you or what?


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