Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Miner Rage Industries, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... An elite task force of New Order Agents infiltrated a criminal mining enterprise called Knightrage Industries. The rebels' Orca pilot, Adam 187, was tackled by our heroes when he attempted to pass through a highsec trade route without a permit. However, a nearby gang of Anti-Gankers with logi ships kept the Orca repped up. Who would win this test of wills?
Adam 1872 > im gona log now
Adam 1872 > play some arma 3
Adam 1872 > ON MY SERVER
Adam 1872 > u have fun buy urself now
Adam 1872 > i bet u dumb fucks cant even code
Adam 1872 > a server
Adam 1872 > as u dont seem to understand
Adam 1872 > KNIGHTRAGE
Adam 1872 > is a multi gaming clan
Adam 1872 > we play loads of stuff
Adam 1872 > im off cya fags later
Adam's Orca pilot had already logged off. Now his alt finished berating our heroes in corp chat. He bragged about his ability to play games other than EVE while his Orca remained in jeopardy.
Rocky Mcmuncher > whats with the ceo awoxing?
Rocky Mcmuncher > i just got the mail
Rocky Mcmuncher > Kill: Sinjen Xadi (Astero)
Rocky Mcmuncher > wtf is that hey?
Rocky Mcmuncher > u guys awoxers or sumtin?
Rocky Mcmuncher > my big bro is in PL im gona go tell him
Rocky Mcmuncher > his next door bbs
The Orca was still tackled, but our Agents couldn't break through the Anti-Gankers' reps. Eventually, someone else from the corp logged in. He did his duty as a carebear: He made an idle threat about having powerful siblings in nullsec, and logged out.
Adam 1872 > u guys are really keen to get that orca hey
Adam 1872 > lol well it aint happening lmao
Adam 1872 > u failed
Adam 1872 > u should just give up
Later, Adam's alt logged back in to see if the battle was still ongoing. It was. He told our Agents to quit. But quitting isn't in the New Order's DNA.
Adam 1872 > when my mate logs on u gona all be dead its gona be hilarious
Adam 1872 > im just waiting and scince ur in his corp
Adam 1872 > u gone lmao
Adam 1872 > omg u guys still waiting
Adam 1872 > well u guys are fucked lol
Adam 1872 > i forwarded ur info to a good buddy of mine
Adam 1872 > and well u will c what happens in the big league lol
Adam had missed the earlier part of the conversation, so he didn't know that his corpmate had already attempted the "powerful friends in nullsec" gambit.

It was an extraordinary situation. Hours passed, and Adam's Orca was still pinned down. Hoping to break the Anti-Ganker repair tank, our Agents requested assistance from New Order suicide gankers. But they were unable to provide sufficient DPS.

When the gankers departed, leaving only the awoxers behind, the Anti-Gankers were thrilled. The celebrated what they believed to be a stunning victory over the New Order. While Adam's Orca was still tackled, the "Highsec Militia" blog's author wrote and posted a victory report about saving the Orca:

Mission Accomplished!

In this moment, the difference between the New Order and its enemies could not be any clearer. We're constantly being told that what we do doesn't matter, and that we should give up. They said it from day one, when the entire New Order consisted of a solitary bumping Stabber in an ice field. They misjudged the nature of our cause, and our people. No matter what, the New Order is enduring and expanding.

The New Order never gives up. The Code always wins.

After the rebels declared victory and went home, our Agents remained behind and finished the job. Adam's Orca was destroyed. Now would Adam see the truth about the Code?
Adam 1872 > 000000000000000000000000000000000000
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > u dropped something Adam 187's Frozen Corpse
Thomas Duncan > adam
Thomas Duncan > you were so chatty before
Adam 187 > i have nothing to say to u cunt
Adam 187 > fuck off
The miner's bravado vanished along with his Orca. In this vulnerable moment, the New Order awoxers had the chance to share the Code with him.
Adam 187 > when all my mates corp joins our corp
Adam 187 > ur space dust asshole
Adam 187 > so tell me what u gain from this?
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > I revealed you as a terrible CEO who is only out to scam newbies
Adam 187 > u think ur cool but u are a looser
Adam 187 > lossers like u need to prey on miner corps
Adam 187 > go play with goons or PL
Adam 187 > and be a real man lmao
Adam 187 > ur fucking pathetic
Unfortunately, Adam was stuck on the "powerful friends" Bingo Square. He invoked the names of the only two nullsec alliances he'd ever heard of, the Goons and Pandemic Legion. Even so, Adam had to admit that he wasn't going to get help from anyone else. Would he insist on threatening our Agents? And if so, how?
Thomas Duncan > wheres ur main? i thought i was gonna get messed up and stuff
Adam 187 > well hes miles away now hey dick head
Thomas Duncan > oh?
Adam 187 > im glad i got ur ip
Adam 187 > cause u were dumb enough to join my ts
The carebear dropped a bombshell on our heroes: While they had been posing as normal members of the corp and participating on its TeamSpeak server, Adam had logged their IP addresses.
Thomas Duncan > so what?
Adam 187 > ip its the gatway to ur adreess and ur pc
Adam 187 > ever heard of ip tracer
Adam 187 > tool
Thomas Duncan > my address?
Adam 187 > and just so happens that iam a crazzy ass cunt
Despite their post-elite PvP euphoria, our Agents knew that this was a delicate situation. Adam could put aside his nonsense and embrace the Code. Or he could make real-life threats against the people who blew up his spaceship. Which path would the carebear choose?

To be continued...


  1. Oh no! He got the Agent's IP Address!
    I bet that miner is going to really mess him up now!

    1. It is common knowledge that New Order agents operate at all times behind no fewer than seven proxies.

    2. Not to worry, our Agents are also Elite RL PvPers

    3. An IP address is one thing. I won't worry though until he gets the schedules.

    4. "Alana Charen-TengFebruary 11, 2015 at 11:09"
      Have them to sign a contract that they step away from the protection of the law of and I will gladly accept any challenge.

    5. We'll settle this at lunchtime. Meet me behind the cafeteria. Alone.

    6. "I'm sorry Alana Charen-Teng, but when we arrested PoopAnon for assaulting you over a video game, he presented us with a contract saying 'you stepped away from the protection of the law,' so our hands are tied. We can't arrest him."

      PoopAnon, you do recall that dueling was specifically outlawed in the 1800s? Mostly to keep miners like you from fighting invincible people?

  2. aannnnd there it is! The hint of a rl threat.

    Carebears, why do you resort to this behavior so often when your ships blow up? Why can't you accept that in a MMO game about blowing up spaceships, spaceships will actually be blown up?

    I need more popcorn, back in a jiffy.....

  3. Having a hard time finding content to post now that we forced loyalanon to quit, huh?

    1. Why won't you make a post about how you forced loylanon to quit and why he's still doing elite pvp as we speak?

    2. Carebears hear rumors
      Then bite on them with both teeth
      Once again, get 0wned

    3. Oh Ming, you know full well carebears have no teeth.

  4. very entertaining story! :)

  5. Sadly, i used to find the stories on here halfway amusing....lately thou, the stories are getting as boring as watching paint dry.
    Sad to see a formerly amusing fan fiction blog turning out this way :(
    James needs to step up his game, maybe an amusing story about how he solo kills a jovian ship, or flies against all the ccp at once and emerges victorious?...Come on james, you can do it! Your fan fiction stories can be better once again!

    1. Well, pageview counter goes up faster than ever before... What does that mean?

    2. Sadly, Anon@2:02, you have no blog of your own to compare to the greatness of the Saviour's blog, and secondly, James 315 could not post those stories, because they are not true. Everything that He has ever written on has been true; not one falsehood in the entire posting history. Prove me wrong.

  6. looks like the antigankers failed to stop code again

    1. And absolutely nobody was surprised.

  7. As always, CODE. players hunt for rage with all tools they have and whine like babies when they get it.
    How mature is that?

    1. about as mature as the time you actually commented crying about code on

    2. "AnonymousFebruary 12, 2015 at 7:12 AM"
      And you are trying to get where?

  8. I find it a bit discouraging that the pilot logs off to play other games and posts threats while other players are busting their ass to save his ship. How ungrateful.

  9. I'm an occasional miner, hauler, and high sec trader. And I love you guys. Eve without risk is dumb. You keep Eve alive. I haven't been ganked yet, and I'll never buy a permit, but the day I'm eventually ganked won't be a sad day.

  10. Let me ask you an honest question. Why won't you buy a permit?

    You acknowledge that we bring risk to this game.

    You acknowledge that we keep this game alive.

    You confess that you love us, for the humor that we bring to the game and our dedication.

    A permit would not just keep you safe as you do your highsec hauling, nor would it seriously impact your finances or help the New Order as an organization. B

    But it would serve to show as a tip of the hat to the efforts of James 315 and the New Order of Highsec. I'm curious. It seems like you actually want to take the plunge and become Code-Compliant. What's keeping you?

  11. The answer is easy: Never give money to idiots!

    And one can not recognise that you imbeciles do EvE any good. EvE is far far more than shooting miners in hisec.
    You do not have any humor, for more complex humor most codies are not smart enough.
    Code is on an all-time low, losing one CEO after another for bans or other reasons. Now its only leftovers. Nothing to fear, just a sad st?pid bunch!


    1. Anon@5:06, Ming wasn't speaking with you. He was speaking with Anon@2:52. Please don't butt into conversations which don't involve you, it's rude.

    2. @Anon5:06
      You are aware that the rumor of loyalanon leaving the game was a well-crafted ploy, meaning to give you carebears another false sense of hope so that we could dash them against the rocks in victory once again?
      If you look at his killboard, provided here, you can see clearly, that loyal isn't banned, and he hasn't left the game. Nor has left the CEO position of The Conference Elite. Had you taken the time to confirm this yourself, instead of habitually relying on rumors and refusing to put any effort into your gameplay, you would have understood this.

      You've been tricked again, I'm afraid.

      The Code ALWAYS wins!!!! ALWAYS!!!!

  12. Yea, your quite right that code has been tricked again. Ever since james set up his second fake buisness (this time called new order of high sec), he has had alot of people fooled, namely those that buy into the bs that is new order. Fortunately miners have higher iq's and know better then to trust james. After all, dosent the saying go "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me"?

    1. You say this as if James has "tricked" anyone. As far as I understand, he's one of the most legitimate, dependable, honest, straightforward, and true-to-his-word individuals that exists in EVE. Let's review a few of the many promises that James 315 has kept over the years that prove his trustworthiness:

      - Each and every shareholder that purchased shares that sent the New Order over a 1,000 mark has been thanked publicly with a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™.

      - Each miner that has ever purchased a permit for 10 million isk has recieved it, and every miner that Agents have caught violating the terms of his permit has had it revoked. To this day, no miner that has held a valid permit and was following the New Halaima Code of Conduct has been ganked by New Order Agents. Not a single one.

      - James 315 has updated this blog every single day for the last two and a half years, without fail, never ceasing in performing the job which we elected Him to do, and what He continues to do superlatively. He has not wavered in His commitment to carebear outreach and education of what happens to them if they do not follow the New Halaima Code of Conduct, and has gained the New Order thousands of followers with more every day.

      - James 315 is also an impeccable linguist and hasn't misspelled a single word on this blog, ever, unlike every single carebear that comments here.

      When it comes down to figuring out who is trustworthy and who is not, I believe that the only rational choice is the New Order. The only alternative is supporting the carebears, which you must admit, have no chance of victory, no hope for the future, and are condemned to losing no matter the odds.

    2. And with your reply you just proved how much you have been "tricked" by james.
      I feel sorry for you ming, really i do.


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