Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Breach of Contract, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Lawrence Lawton was stunned when gank recipient Rayn Audeles claimed to have already purchased a 200 million isk mining permit from Dreddit corporation. As Lawrence went forward with his investigation, he uncovered disturbing information about Rayn's attitude and lack of tank modules. The purportedly Code-compliant miner grew increasingly hostile.

Agent Lawrence wasn't interested in Rayn's threats. He wanted to get the miner focused on the Code. Everyone knows that Code-focused miners perform better in highsec.

Alas, Rayn could not be swayed. He was intent on becoming a full-blown space lawyer.

Rayn had a two-track system for getting justice for his Mackinaw. One part of his plan was to spread anti-Code propaganda in local to dissuade other miners from getting a permit. The rest of his time would be spent suing the New Order for fraud because Lawrence didn't honor the Dreddit mining permits.

As the space lawyer brainstormed, he developed part three of his plan. Before long, the New Order's gankers would spend so much time dealing with red tape that they'd scarcely have the opportunity to shoot spaceships.

Lawrence tried to direct the miner's attention to his own breach of contract--a total failure to obey the Code. But Rayn was too busy writing his own villain origin story.

It was with a heavy heart that our Agent revoked Rayn's alleged mining permit. The miner barely noticed.

The space lawyer was already preparing to appeal the matter directly to CCP. Just wait until CCP found out about this whole "Code" business!

Earlier, Rayn had denied being a space lawyer. He certainly sounded like one, though.

Lawrence sighed. There was a very real chance that Rayn wouldn't be sending him 10 million isk at the end of this conversation.

For an Agent of the New Order, the Red Pen list is considered the nuclear option. But Lawrence had no choice.

Shockingly, the miner remained unapologetic even after being added to the Red Pen list.

Rayn Audeles had become nihilistic. According to Rayn, losing ships doesn't matter if the game is free to play. So much for that lawsuit, I guess. Agents, remember that one. If a carebear gets too upset after you destroy his ship, try calming him down by reminding him that the game is free.


  1. Rayn is likely from America, where I believe impersonating a lawyer to threaten someone borders on illegal harassment.

    His real-life threats are also in violation of the 'Conduct' section of CCP's EULA.

    He has earned his place on the Red Pen list - the lowest form of EVE player - and must now be culled like a rabid dog.

    1. Be careful, this is a crippled space lawyer we're talking about here...

    2. I imagined the character played by Samuel L. Jackson as the villain to Bruce Willis' hero in the movie Unbreakable. Though he wasn't a lawyer, really.

    3. Being the resident yank here (and I use that term loosely since I live in Alaska and we're treated like a 3rd world nation by our own country), I would like to say that not all Americans at this stupid. (Yeah, yeah, a lot of them voted for Trump, don't get me started on that... LOL).

      This guy is a special kind of stupid: First he claims to be 'cripple' and therefore has a lot of time to do research as he implies that he doesn't work. Then he claims to be a lawyer, contradicting his earlier statement. The REAL insult here is that if he were a lawyer, and if he bothered to do ANY kind of research, he would see that CCP is based in Iceland and therefore looking up whatever "state" is going to do him no good at all.

      I shake my head in shame that I get lumped in with such stupidity just because I live in this country... :(

  2. wow antigankers failed to stop another gank. do they even try anymore?

  3. Claims to have nothing but free time because he's a cripple, but then claims to be a lawyer IRL. Absolutely priceless.

    I hope agents are now petitioning these vile carebears for IRL threats and harassment

  4. Code is dead, and boring apparently...worst story ever.

  5. Im still very much alive and enforcing as usual. Miners still exploding and giving up goodies.


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