Monday, December 26, 2016

Why They Hate the Code, Part 6

Previously, on MinerBumping... Never flinching, our readers continued their study of those who hate the Code.

XIII. The Exotic Specimen

"You can run where I'm highest when I pick up strawberry."

The Code is about order and balance. It puts everything into its proper place in highsec--that's one of the reasons our organization is called the New Order. Disgruntled carebears rebel against their place in this order, apparently believing that their mindless, low-risk, AFK PvE activities should earn them a position of great honour. That's bad enough, but what happens when someone comes along who doesn't fit into the order at all?

There are some who are too unusual, too far outside the norm, to easily find their place in highsec. Their presence tends to disrupt the proper functioning of the system. Our Agents are forced to adapt, to make extraordinary improvisations with no advance warning. It's not easy, and frankly, our Agents don't get nearly enough credit for the work they do in this regard.

In creating a balanced society for highsec, those who exist on the extremes pose a unique challenge. As always, our Agents rise to the occasion. They do everything they can to help accommodate the anomalies they encounter. Nevertheless, the Exotic Specimen does not accept their help. He rebels.

Instinctively rejecting all efforts to be "put into a box", the Exotic Specimen roams highsec unrestrained by convention, like a bull in a china shop. Content creators watch him closely, as the rare quality of his tears makes them highly prized. The Exotic Specimen tends to disappear after a time; highsec is not a place where he can make a permanent home for himself. He would need the Code for that, and the Code is simply too alien for him to grasp.

XIV. The Taskmaster

"Don't worry about that wardec. They'll get bored of killing us eventually."

Of all the villains of highsec, the Taskmaster does the most damage to the new player experience. He creates a highsec PvE corporation and sucks all the fun out of EVE for anyone unlucky enough to join it. His instruments of torture are the mandatory mining op, the ore buyback program, and the "dock up until they go away" war plan. He raises his corp's tax rate to astronomical levels, saying it is a temporary measure--in the same sense that our solar system is temporary.

In short, he makes everyone around him miserable. Experienced players usually know to avoid the Taskmaster, leaving the newest and most vulnerable players as his victims. His goal is to take their isk, but he also takes their innocence, and something of their souls. The Taskmaster's victims often stay in his corp far longer than you'd expect. There are two reasons for this: Loyalty, and the fact that a new player doesn't know how much better EVE can be.

The Taskmaster claims to teach his corp members how to play the game, though he knows little of it himself. He often exaggerates and boasts about his qualifications, persuading newbies that he's the best CEO they'll ever have the privilege of serving. What the Taskmaster actually teaches them is how to hate EVE Online. If you want to know why the game doesn't have better player retention, ask the Taskmaster to describe a typical day in his corp.

Perversely, the Taskmaster urges CCP to help him "protect" new players. He wants his corp to be exempt from wardecs, and to make suicide ganking and awoxing impossible. It's not for the sake of his corp members' welfare, though: He knows that when his corp is destroyed, the liberated newbies will go elsewhere, depriving him of his source of isk. Then he'll have to start up another corp and find new victims. Only the New Order stands in his way, and that's why he hates us so.

XV. The Passionate Young Rebel

"For the glory of the Proveldtariat!"

Over the past four years, we've seen countless rebel movements and would-be rebel leaders. Their righteous anger burns bright and then fades away. They are all spectacular failures. It's to be expected that they would all fail, for the CODE always wins, always! But the spectacular nature of the Passionate Young Rebel's failure makes it worthy of study.

Consider the paradox: The Passionate Young Rebel's fury is at its hottest in the beginning, and later he cools off into a quiet resentment. It seems strange that he would hate us more before he is humiliated in battle, before we shatter his dreams. You'd think it would be just the opposite.

If the Passionate Young Rebel's anger were fueled entirely by witnessing the New Order enforce the Code, he should get angrier every year. He should be outraged by each new gank, bump, awox, wardec, etc. His outrage should turn to panic as he watches our organization grow, crushing all who resist us. The Passionate Young Rebel's emotional trajectory defies these expectations. Therefore, he must not be primarily motivated by opposition to the Code, as he claims to be.

No, the Passionate Young Rebel wants to be the hero of his own story. Unfortunately, his view of the world is completely twisted; he sees everything in reverse. He hates the New Order opportunistically--he sees in us a convenient villain he can fight against. He sees in the carebear a damsel he can rescue. Sadly, the damsel cannot answer him, for she is AFK.

In the end, the Passionate Young Rebel becomes disillusioned. He knows that his endless series of failures mean he cannot be a hero. Therefore, there's little reason to go on hating the villain. His passion is gone, replaced by bitterness. Unlike the passion, his bitterness never quite goes away.

To be continued...


  1. Talk about leaving me laughing out loud ('LoL' just doesn't cut it here).

    Your remark about opportunism ("..he sees in us a convenient villain he can fight against."), gets right to the crux of the matter by exposing the essential paucity of the rebel's motivation.

    He wants desperately to be the 'hero of his own story', but hasn't the wherewithal to come up with a wizard wheeze ('wheeze',British, informal: clever or amusing scheme - Wiki) to equal - let alone better - the Mining Permit and the New Halaima Code of Conduct.

    It's no small thing to be able to found a movement, build an organisation and affect the lives of so many people in a video game. Until our detractors can come up with something more solid than a bit of ECM in Uedama and lewdness in the comments section, they'll remain exactly what they've always been; failures.

    1. A bit of ECM can save freighters and cause the Kusion Klan to rage log. And judging by yesterday's comment section I'd say the Knights of the New Order have mastered lewdness in the comment section. Maybe you can explain that away as well?

    2. Those were ganker tears. They are very bitter: they form deep in the hearts of bitter vets who, through griefing, are extracting the last little bit of fun they will ever get in this game.

      They can't stand the fact that we have more fun opposing them and when we win... OMG! Then the tears issue forth. :)

    3. Anon 2:07, when folks post here anonymously, inviting a response from me (in-game ID Sasha Nemtsov), I must say I'm usually inclined to pass - unless the invitation is irresistible, which, alas, this is not.

      But it's Christmastide, and I'm feeling generous.

      First, learn to distinguish between 'lewdness' and straightforward swearing; they're not always synonymous.

      The 'Anon/s' to whom you refer cannot be positively ID'd as coming from the New Order of Highsec - any more than you can be positively ID'd at all. Without reliable sourcing of quotes one is bound, regrettably, to give them somewhat less weight.

      A bit of ECM may indeed save the odd freighter, and I've only your (anonymous) word to support the claim that Master-Manipulator Kusion was caused to 'rage log'. And if he did; what of it?

      My point was that the efforts of the AG rabble appear to be somewhat narrowly focused, given the breadth of activity not only of the CODE. Alliance members, but also of those like myself, whose affiliation is to the New Order of Highsec, the umbrella organisation.

      I've never understood why anyone would post anonymously in a comments thread; from whatever side of the fence.

      If you're not willing to be associated with your remarks (even as a genuine in-game character), then I'll probably grant them all the attention I deem them to deserve.

      Now fuck off!

      (phrasal verb, used correctly here in the sense of 'go away', becuase not associated with the verb fuck (v. to f- actively penetrate in the act of coitus).

      My, that's generosity! Only the Code can generate that level of assistance to an enquiring rebel.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. WOW! A mighty wall of text to thinly veil your sad bitter ganker tears. That is generosity! I must have hit bone there.

      Thank you for the laugh! XD XD XD

      Also, I post anonymously because you guys are too stupid to disable the option, or more likely, you're just so incredibly desperate for some anonymous miner tears that you can't bring yourselves to turn it off. Very sad indeed.

  2. Do much hate put there, luckily we have the CODE to guide us to show all miners the purest love.

  3. The passionate young rebel does not need to become disillusioned. There is victory to be had and a group of fellow rebels ready to help. No hats, no capes needed, but each member is a hero doing their part to make High Sec safer.

    Join the High Sec Militia Today!

    1. ...except that the carebears don't want Highsec to be safer; they want it to be safe - 100% safe.

      Thus, fail.

    2. You're 100% wrong. It must be sad looking at everything in Eve with bitter-vet ganker goggles.

  4. I remember having my views twisted and trying to be a rebel...

    ...yeah glad i realized who the real bad guys are quickly. >.>

  5. "XIII. The Exotic Specimen

    "You can run where I'm highest when I pick up strawberry.""


    Good ole strawberries!

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