Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Rival, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Australian Excellence was enjoying bringing the Code to the Poinen system in The Forge. In his optimism, he believed that any carebear willing to speak with him about the Code would eventually see reason. Then came Bucklee, a most perplexing miner. Bucklee insulted the Code but then claimed he intended to conquer highsec for himself.

Bucklee's startling claim went unnoticed by Agent Australian, who was too busy helping a hauler pilot experience the Code.

With his worn-out Miner Bingo quotes, Bucklee sounded like every other carebear. But if he really was serious about "controlling the lanes", this was no ordinary miner.

There it was. Bucklee couldn't resist unveiling his master plan. Australian Excellence wasn't particularly interested in listening to Bucklee's ideas about how to do the New Order right, but he was sure to hear them anyway.

Bucklee's explanation wasn't very clear at first. To be fair, though, Bond villains probably rehearse their monologues many times in advance. Bucklee was winging it.

Little by little, the pieces came together. Bucklee believed the New Order should conquer highsec by safeguarding solo players as they made their way to nullsec. Like I said, the pieces came together, even if they didn't necessarily fit.

Bucklee's strange plan was based around making money. Australian had other priorities; he was amazed at how isk-focused the carebears are.

For all you carebears out there, this is not a good example of how to deny being a botter.

The other shoe dropped. Bucklee was furious to discover the New Order had already seized control of The Forge. All of his hard work went down the drain. Australian didn't have the heart to tell Bucklee about Dotlan.

In spite of everything, Bucklee considered himself an expert on The Forge--but our Agent doubted.

Rather than trying to replicate work already done by Dotlan years ago, Bucklee could've been training up a Catalyst or learning how to bump. What a waste of potential.

The miner exploded in anger. He'd hoped to run The Forge, only to find out someone else was implementing his plan. Even worse, they were doing it completely wrong.

Bucklee had demanded to know why the New Order didn't control a bunch of key systems located in lowsec and nullsec. Australian told him. Still, Bucklee was convinced that the New Order's administration of highsec should revolve around safeguarding nullsec miners.

Bucklee's dream had been shattered. He was so frustrated he could barely stand it. But maybe he could salvage the situation by teaching our Agent how to govern highsec... the Bucklee way.

To be continued...


  1. Replies
    1. Every time you post a white knight somewhere smiles. :)

      Actually im sure we all do. lol!

    2. wat u fail at eve wolf? XD

    3. Jeremy! Calm down! Keep your head down and play scrabble with your kids! Do it for the children.

    4. All you anons are now members of the Pandemic Horde anti ganking militia.

      PHags, the lot of you.

      I see kipper has been training you. Maybe you will all learn to EVE properly one day.

      Don't forget your permits, your anon false bravado is useless in game.

    5. Phags?

      Code spelling has gotten worse over the years. Used to be you where spelling nazis. Now your just nazis.

      Yes Kipper is my Yoda.

  2. Man, if I had a nickle for every time I ever had to explain why the New Order of Highsec doesn't govern nullsec...


    1. man, if I knew what I nickle was, I probably still wouldn't agree.

  3. "We only control highsec."


    Funniest damn part of the whole if.

    1. Welcome to the Pandemic Horde anti ganking militia, anon 943.
      Your tears ensure your admittance.

      Welcome PHag! You were born for this role!

    2. Awwww...butt hurt much there Jimmy Shawshanker?! For the record, I'm a 6+ year solo player. Never been in a Corp or Alliance outside of NPC starter...and yet I travel at will, mine at will, explore at will, mission at will, etc. ask young Shawshanker? How do you thumb your nose at us and live?! Simple... I know how to play the damn game better than you.

  4. Replies
    1. Haze Jimmy 3 1/5 ... almost infamous!

  5. Yet here you all are anonymous and mouse like whining

    Who you kidding . We own you
    Get rekt

    1. Buck up a little Marmic Balldancer. You're an Uber Code Monkey. Find me and try to enforce The Commode Law. You can do it. If you just a little harder.

      Here boy! *whistle Who's the good boy?!

      I'll give yer ears a good scratchin'

  6. James315 is a miner

    Yer all a bunch of miners

    Suck my purple-headed obelisk, miners. U know u want it

  7. But where oh where is Ming?

  8. Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyurgaypwnd


    oh man look at these CODE tears


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