Monday, December 12, 2016

The Bloodbath

Bubba Fieth met an unexpected fate when autopiloting through highsec. He shouldn't have been so surprised; the Code told him this would happen.

Bubba was flying a typical ship that can't shoot back: a heavily armed Ishtar. But his armor and weaponry were no match for the New Order. A pair of Tornadoes piloted by Agents Ralliana and Luna Nightblood blapped the Ishtar and collected the loot. For some reason, the Ishtar was hauling a bunch of stuff.

Random onlookers gathered to witness the scene. Everyone enjoys it when CODE. creates content.

But now it was Agent Ralliana's turn to meet an unexpected fate.

In the course of four years, CODE. has destroyed more than 181,000 ships. Some of those ships belonged to repeat customers, but it's fair to say that CODE. has ganked a lot of people. Now, finally, our Agents messed with the wrong guy.

Bubba issued a chilling threat: If his terms weren't met, he would turn the Nomaa system into a bloodbath.

His price was the immediate surrender of all the loot dropped from the Ishtar kill.

Like a trained hostage negotiator, Ralliana urged Bubba to slow down. She would need time to meet his demands.

But the angry Code violator knew stalling tactics when he saw them. He wasn't having any of it.

Ralliana offered a compromise that she felt both parties could live with. She agreed to sell Bubba a mining permit for 10 million isk.

When the return of his loot seemed doubtful, Bubba finally showed some flexibility. He was willing to give Ralliana 24 hours to return his stuff.

Bubba's generous 24-hour grace period came with a warning, though. If his demands were not met, Ralliana would be completely destroyed. She would no longer be able to play EVE.

Despite the support of powerful friends in nullsec, things didn't go quite as Bubba hoped. Instead of being annihilated from the face of EVE, Ralliana continued enforcing the Code to her heart's content--actually inflicting more damage to Code violators that month than she ever had before. Ralliana never returned Bubba's stuff, but she did make a promise: She would personally see to it that the loot was put to good use. So, in a way, Bubba's hauling trip was a success after all. Our Agents love helping people.


  1. But where oh where is Ming?

  2. Yay! Excellent Ishtar kill. No surprise that his threats amounted to nothing.

  3. Nullsec to the rescue again ? Lets see another nullsec entity fail in highsec. TEST you are doing so good at Dantan. I love it.

    1. Yeah like the Ministry of Luv. Epic Null-sec in High-sec fail there. Stay out of High Sec Goons! You might make enemies and spark an epic war that leads to the collapse of precious imperium. lol! You made diplo so easy, everyone wanted to shoot you guys!!! :D

  4. You're spot on, and quite rightly mate.

  5. wow antigankers failed hard. damn they are failing left right centre AND non-stop daily!!!!!1

    1. Jeremy Stop

      Just play scrabble with your kids


  6. Not at all. The Code exists for the betterment of Highsec. Its core consists of smart piloting practices that anybody would be foolish not to follow. Tank your ship and be at your keyboard. If capsuleers don't learn this stuff in Highsec then they won't fare well elsewhere.

    A permit is not a bribe or protection money. It is a symbolic gesture of support; a promise to follow The Code and thereby further the cause of making Highsec a better place. That is why a permit is revoked when a capsuleer is found in violation of The Code.

  7. Do what I do...every time one of these CODE fluffers messages you in local or EVE mail, just ignore them. It's an open sandbox game and they quite simply are not part of my playtime. So, any rules or codes or tripe they put out there are non-existent. Treat them like an annoying NPC. Just something to laugh at and get back to playing EVE your way.

  8. I will play scrabble with you daddy

  9. I think the main thing this story told us is that in the end, everyone was happy and that's the main thing.

  10. Oh shit guys just got a call from the doctor I have autism. What do help.

  11. Dealing with CODE and their followers is very simple in fact:

    - never ever give them a GF
    - when you see them in low sec or null, do not engage them in PvP, look first at their description
    - never talk to them in local, never ever respond to them. Do not insult them, do not talk to them, keep radio silence to them at all times.
    - never accept any chat invitation from them.
    - never accept any duel from them
    - never buy any item from them, that includes contracts, ISK exchange etc.
    - never do any trading with them.
    - if they kill you weather in normal PvP or gank, no matter what keep on moving and continue your play as if they do not exist.
    - never watch their youtube videos
    - stop visiting short, treat them like simple NPC's frigates and do not shoot at them, never ever.

    They are not part of EVE community, they do not exist, and that includes all agents, and all players who bought a permit and display it into their description.

    This is what I try to do to each time I logon onto EVE.

  12. Anon 1127, funny you posted this on the very site you said not to visit. Is it because you tried to post it on the hisec militia blog but no one read it?


    You promised us some X-FEANOR!

    Not that this wasn't entertaining, but c'mon man!

  14. hEY aNON 1127 iS iT wORKING? tHE wHOLE tLDR pART yOU wROTE tHERE?

  15. Bubba actually have us another entire days worth of lulz. I cracked up when he said "you have no idea"

  16. But where oh where is Ming?

  17. C'mon now Larry...ignoring the childish antics of a CODE weenie adds game content. Mommy ignored you Larry, so sad, but you can't hate the pixel world cuz you got shorted juice boxes and Cheetos as a young girl.


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