Saturday, December 3, 2016

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #120

By now you should all know the drill. It's another edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

Miners are creatures of habit. Isonius Protoss Notorius' "thing" was to throw around references to autism. He went all-in on it.

It's too bad we can't read all the petitions that get filed against our Agents. I'm sure Isonius' petition portrayed himself as an innocent little angel.

Russian miner Ezra Klaim grew alarmed when his ship loss was followed by a request for 10 million isk. Luckily, our Agent was equipped with a Russian translation of the Code:

Oddly, reading the Code sometimes makes miners even more confused. I don't see why that should be the case--the Code is like an instruction manual for EVE.

Former Federal Investigator and current carebear Irishtom Murphy threatened our Agent with a hefty prison sentence. You'd think a lawman would know to mine by the book.

Irishtom clarified that regulating highsec's mining industry is a real-life crime. I don't know why Irishtom left his post as a federal investigator; seems like he must've been really good at it.

Once you've committed a crime, it's too late to hire an attorney? Somebody tell that to all the space lawyers out there.

McChantavich en Chalune was shocked to discover how much has changed in highsec over the last three years. Of course, the Code was around back then, but our ability to enforce the Code has greatly increased each year.

If you think things have changed a lot already, just imagine what another few years of the Code will bring to highsec. People won't even remember what pre-Code highsec was like.

Every time a miner changes his behavior in response to our Agents, it's another victory for the New Order--whether the miner realizes it or not.

The superior qualities of our Agents do not go unnoticed. Even the rebels and Anti-Gankers secretly respect them.

EVE University turns out some brilliant graduates. Once you've learned everything they have to teach, you're ready to join CODE.

Agent You Blew Up heard a sad tale from a destitute French miner.

...Which brings us to the bonus content.


That's right, a bonus section in a Highsec Miner Grab Bag! Even after one hundred twenty editions, the Grab Bag is still capable of surprises.

Agent Eldayve translated the Code into French, making the law of highsec even more accessible to the people of highsec. You can find a link to the French translation on the Code page.

Le comportement d’aspirant au botting est interdit.

Si un mineur commet une énorme infraction ou une série d’infractions, son nom sera écrit sur le papier à l’aide du Stylo Rouge.

What a beautiful language. What a beautiful Code!


  1. "I don't know why he left his post as a federal investigator; it seems he must have been really good at it." More comedy gold from The Saviour!

    And congratulations Knight Klinker!


  2. Wow antigankers are really letting down the playerbase

    1. Wow Wolf Soprano is holding onto something . . .



    2. A PFD maybe? With all your anon tears i'm sure he's inundated.

    3. He's gagging on Zopiclones ball sack.
      He enjoys the taste of them nuts.

    4. Loyal! Where you been?

  3. Another jump freighter by the throat at uedama

  4. Thanks you very much Eldayve for your hard work. There have been numerous occasions when a French translation would have been useful, and now it will be!

  5. Where IS Ming??? Has anyone seen him lately?

    1. People come and go you know, in Life and in EVE...

  6. We could never have grab bags this amazing without the ignorant and out of touch carebears in eve.

  7. I have been based and have been manufacturing my gank gear out of Daran 0.2 for the last 2 years. Nothing but scared plebs like yourself out in lowsec. Most are all bluff and carebear stares. You should try lowsec and nullsec for yourself anon 1243.

  8. I am in Null-Sec and I have been for 9 months. Not easy but when a mining barge even comes close to Null or low sec its fate is sealed.


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