Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Rival, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Australian Excellence inadvertently uncovered a secret plot to take highsec from the New Order. The plotter-in-chief was Bucklee, a miner with strong opinions about how highsec should be governed.

Bucklee was disgusted by the way CODE. operated. He was convinced that the correct way to control highsec was to protect nullsec miners. Obviously our Agents weren't spending enough time doing that.

The miner had intended to seize control of highsec himself. Bucklee was greatly disappointed to see the New Order had gotten there first, only to completely botch the execution of his idea.

Now it was impossible for Bucklee--or anyone else--to implement his brilliant plan.

Agent Australian's attention was divided, as he was still ganking Code violators while Bucklee ranted in local.

Ever since the first days of the Code, highsec miners have attempted to distract our Agents by telling them to go to lowsec and nullsec. But the New Order understands that highsec's problems must be solved first. If anyone needs to relocate, it's the highsec carebears.

Agent Liek DarZ delivered a public announcement as he passed through the system. (And the miners say nobody warns them about the Code!) Bucklee ignored the words of wisdom; nothing could interrupt his lecture about how the New Order should operate.

Australian Excellence found the miner's beliefs confusing. Did Bucklee think Australian was an Agent of the New Order of Lowsec Entrances Connecting Jita to Nullsec?

Bucklee wasn't buying it. He was certain he knew exactly what the New Order was trying to do, because he was trying to do it.

Our Agent tried to reason with Bucklee. MinerBumping documents hundreds of accounts of Agents enforcing the Code outside The Forge. Indeed, birthplace of the Code--Halaima--is in another region. And CODE.'s killboard displays tens of thousands of non-Forge kills.

But Bucklee proved nearly impossible to teach. The miner thought he already knew everything, so there was no reason for him to listen to anyone else.

Agent Australian cautioned the miner not to persist in this path. Bucklee didn't fear anything--not even the dreaded Red Pen list--because he had a trump card up his sleeve: The map of The Forge he'd spent 8 hours working on.

In his arrogance, Bucklee believed himself to be the smartest person in the system. But his delusion didn't make him happy--quite the opposite. He was frustrated by the failure of others to do things as he thought they should be done. And Australian Excellence's refusal to enforce the Code by protecting lowsec trade routes was getting on Bucklee's last nerve. He was almost ready to snap.

...So he snapped. Australian and the rest of our Agents had ruined the game for him.

Bucklee's war was over. He abandoned his carefully crafted plan to rule highsec. If only he'd thought of it a few years earlier. There still might've been time to prove it would work.


  1. Lol I wonder how much detail he put into that map...


  2. OMG!!! This is great! XD XD XD
    tl;dr code agents are jerks even to each other.

    PLus they worry that AG thinks that Code agents are "thin skinned". I almost fell out of my chair! Fact is they are more than just thin skinned. They are:


    Agents: biomass your jerk toon and try being nice. It's far more fun, and you can make friends! Plus the HSM might take you in 3 months. You can participate in Anti-Ganking: EVE Online's Expert Level PVP™. As a bonus you'll get to enjoy the comradery and friendship of good people who won't bully you or get you banned :.(

    Oh and you can shoot asshole code agents, make them have a bad day, collect their tears, etc. Priceless :D

    1. Maybe that's what happened to Ming!

    2. It's fun how much content the Code has brought you and how most of your in-game and out-of-game actions revolve around the New Order. All jokes and RP aside - is EVE not more interesting and enthraling with James providing content for all to enjoy? Think about that.

      No game is worth playing without and opponent. And rarely is a game enjoyable without a friend to enjoy it with. The Agents of the New Order are friends for some and villians to others. But you can't deny somewhere deep inside you are thankful for the bounty of content the Code brings you. Fly safe miner!

    3. didn't an antiganking moderator murder his child and then kill himself? but I guess code are the toxic ones XD XD

    4. Haha that sick fuck is always Jeremy. He just cant get enough of wanting to be remembered. Hes trying so hard!
      Just stick to playing scrabble with the children soprano.

    5. It's like Anon Agent 7:35 had a valid point, and then Wolf took that point and shited all over it.

      I'm afraid Anon 6:39 is right.

    6. Maybe Wolf should go back to NOL for training.

    7. Wolf soprano should demoted to NOL for losing 40 billion ISK to fucking Zopiclone.

      How fucking bad do you have to be to do that and then get banned on top of it as a nice fat cherry on top.

      Worst player ever. It's a story for the grand kids for sure!

      Praise Zopiclone!

    8. Best part of that chat log:

      "Calm down agent"


    9. Just remember PHags,
      CODE kills miners, ag PHags kill minors!

      Thanks for your tears, plebs.

    10. ...the hypnotoad...

  3. Looks like Kusion is breaking the autopilots tonight. Like 100 bil in one night... not bad. Keep up the hard work.

    1. Zopiclone why dont you finish another conversation with your alts in minerbumping or something #broadcast4reps

  4. Lol just seen the discourse video on the highsec milita, poor AG when that's the finest their group has to offer!

    1. Just as you say, Snigie; trifles. Yet, the production of 'Discourse' itself was slick and well-written - up until En Chasteau/x opened his mouth, of course. I can't bring myself to read the blog itself, but I assume it reflects En Chasteau/x rather than 'Discourse'.

      Unless more of us dig into our skills and commitment reservoirs to help the cause, we do run the risk of being seen as rather a one-trick pony.

      James already sees this, and varies his blog content accordingly.

      No matter how much I correct people who think the only New Order activity centres around trade-hubs and pipes, the impression remains that we have little impact elsewhere - which we know is not the case.

      The rise of the CODE. Alliance has been a tremendous lift to the cause. Its work (not all of it public btw) ensures that the existence of the Code is always a factor in the mind of the Highsec citizen.

      The Highsec Militia is no threat to us. We must, however, remain on our guard in making sure that it's our message which is uppermost in the Highsec consciousness.

    2. Can i haz ag discoure link plz

    3. Google 'Highsec Militia'....if you've the stomach for the results.

  5. But where oh where is Ming?

  6. I just come here for the highsec PHag salt in the comments.

    10/10 will laugh at these PHags again tomorrow! xD

  7. Not only do we get good miner tear articles, we also get huge amount of miner salt in the comments.

    Thank you!


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