Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Breach of Contract, Part 1

If ganking miners were as easy as the rebels and skeptics say it is, then everyone would do it. No, ganking miners is elite PvP. And you can imagine how a ganker feels when he's told, after performing an outrageously well-executed gank, that the miner must be reimbursed.

Rayn Audeles contacted Agent Lawrence Lawton and demanded to be repaid in full for the gank of his yield-fit Mackinaw. Lawrence and the Poddington family were still celebrating the gank an hour later when Rayn returned to his keyboard and sent a chilling EVEmail:
Subject: I had a permit, Dreddit collected over 200 million in the name of these permits
From: Rayn Audeles
Sent: 2016.11.28 02:38
To: Lawrence Lawton,

I had a permit, and was never told what to put where they told me they kept a list, I've paid well over 200 million for those.. you made a kill of someone holding a valid permit, and your code indicates that I am to be reimbursed for that.
Rayn's claim was based on alleged permits sold by Dreddit, the primary corporation of the TEST alliance. A quick check of Rayn's killboard reveals that he'd previously suffered the loss of a 5 billion isk pod, ganked by members of TEST. It appeared in a Kills of the Week post.
Rayn Audeles > Dreddit sold me one charging over 200 million
Rayn Audeles > for both myself and my alt
Rayn Audeles > they said nothing about putting it in the bio either
Rayn Audeles > they said they kept a list
Lawrence Lawton > I'm not familiar with Dreddit. What kind of permit did they sell you?
There was evidence that Rayn had indeed been ganked by Agents in the past. The matter was serious enough to warrant a private convo.
Rayn Audeles > and they pod killed me too
Rayn Audeles > costing over 8 billion isk
Lawrence Lawton > Wow
Rayn Audeles > made up some bunk pod insurance too
Rayn Audeles > but if you actually follow that code i'm supposed to be reimbursed for this
Lawrence was sincere in his effort to gather evidence about Rayn's so-called Dreddit permits. Rayn was holding himself out as a Code-compliant miner, but Lawrence couldn't help noticing he was being a bit pushy.
Lawrence Lawton > Also forward me a copy of whatever else they may have sent you as far as permit and proof of payment.
Rayn Audeles > http://www.minerbumping.com/p/the-code.html
Rayn Audeles > but they never gave me "proof of anything"
Lawrence Lawton > That's OK. So it is the Code.
Lawrence Lawton > Excellent. I'm a senior Agent in the New Order. I should be able to get this sorted out.
Rayn Audeles > bluntly, if this turns into a scam like the Dreddit idiots were doing, i'll make it my personal hobby to sit in Irnin and make sure nobody falls for this ever again
Despite Agent Lawrence's cooperation and generously undivided attention, Rayn had a hostile attitude. He muttered threats--which, to put it mildly, is not the typical behavior of a Gallant miner.
Lawrence Lawton > Could you please tell me why your client closed as soon as your mackinaw popped?
Rayn Audeles > because i didn't manage to warp in time, and i was trying to get the other one out of the area, handling two clients is hard
Rayn Audeles > bear in mind, setting up representations of a contract and not honoring those even in an environment like this is fraud
Rayn Audeles > i can get those pages taken down by the provider legally
As Lawrence continued to collect information about Rayn's case, the miner began to show his true colors.
Lawrence Lawton > Hold on, there's no need to go all space lawyer yet. Let's examine the facts.
Rayn Audeles > as furthering material misrepresentation and fraud
Lawrence Lawton > Why did you client disconnect the instant your mack was popped? I noticed your name disappear from local and your pod warped off.
Rayn Audeles > it's not space lawyer at all, i'd have to find out the jurisdiction of where the pages are based
Rayn Audeles > you made a contract and didn 't honor it
The miner wasn't interested in helping Lawrence fill out his reimbursement claim. He was a space lawyer.
Rayn Audeles > how do you think your leader will feel when he gets a cease and desist from his host?
Lawrence Lawton > That's awfully suspicious. I'm going to go right out an ask you. Are you running automation software?
Rayn Audeles > no I'm not, and i'm rather offended that you are acting that way
Rayn Audeles > and I don't care whether you find it suspicious or not, I find it suspicous someone is charging millions in the name of your order
Rayn Audeles > and you let it happen
No wonder the miner had been behaving so strangely. He'd been spending all his energy putting on a front, trying to suppress the symptoms of his bot-aspirancy. It left him with no energy to spend on being polite.

Now that things had escalated, Agent Lawrence started screenshotting the conversation. He wanted to make sure everything was done by the book. When dealing with a space lawyer, the case has to be airtight.

Rayn's story was changing. It was a confusing, muddled mess.

Lawrence asked a perfectly reasonable question about the lack of tank on the supposedly Code-compliant miner's Mackinaw. Rayn got defensive, angrily deflecting the question.

To be continued...


  1. The bees aren’t logging and sweet Jita sighs
    Merchants are free to fly in high sec's stunning skies.

    Wolf, Yaken, D400, Zazz, DJ, and Erotica,
    Jerry Rin, Rick, Bob, Black Skull, Xan, and Gorila Vengaza,

    Loyalanon's cult, blown away like solar sand,
    Her monkeys missing and forgotten, and some hammer-banned.

    Echoes of 'AG fails' are no more to be heard.
    'permit' has another meaning now: it's just a normal word.

    They screamed 'Without us AG, for content you'll thirst!'
    Ganker calm down, you failed to realize, we were all free miners first.

    Jimmy sits all alone in his station, and will never undock.
    The last ones in his nazi alliance: his clones and a sock.

    His mighty fleets, all ominous and flashy red,
    Are forever no more… for CODE IS DEAD.

    1. That wall of text is just like the hisec militia blog. No one will read it.
      Praise James \o/

    2. tl;dr

      Code is dead.

    3. ... and Jimmy <3 socks

    4. Hm. I read it.

      None the wiser, though.

    5. Awww is CODE. dead again? Man, I just got over the last time we died!


    6. that's a lot of passive aggressive tears

    7. It's dead? *checks zKill* I don't think that word means what you think it means......

  2. I just finished the new player experience. Aura told me to use autopilot, she´s clearly violating the code here. Even worse at the end of the tutorial she sold me a license (sorry, no proof too ;) ) for 1m isk otherwise she wouldn´t let me go to the career agents. I´m confused, can I petition to James???

    Rocc Kets

    1. You should send a petition to your local GM. Be advised you may not like the response.....

  3. "Your honour, he destroyed my pretend spaceship in a video game about destroying pretend spaceships, and then he made me pay make-believe money so that I could be an asteroid miner in a fictional solar system 21,000 years in the future :-( "

    I can't think of a better Agent than Lawrence for dealing with this particular case, and will be clicking the refresh button tomorrow night for Part 2!

  4. wow antigankers are failing so hard right now!!!!1

    1. Do you even play anymore?
      Or are you just crying on these boards?

    2. Wolfie is dead! lol!

    3. I love how ag thinks Loyal is not playing again.

    4. I love the fact that Wolfie is so addicted to tears and trolling that he can't quit playing.

      CCP won.

      Wolfie lost his mind.

      Try not to get rebanned. Perhaps the third or fourth time is the charm.

      You should ask politely for your ISK back from Zopiclone while you're at it. Failing day in, day out, every day, always.

    5. BAHAHAHAHAHA "ASK Zopiclone for his ISK back"


    6. CODE is dead with out J* Kusion. Wolf enjoy your next bans

  5. Wooooooo wooooooooosssh i am the ghost of ag. I am sorry minor for failing.

    1. is that you Kalynn? why you kill your minor?

  6. They Don't. That's why they spout it in a internet spaceship game...and fail there as well.

  7. *phew!* It's ok, guys. We can relax. I just checked zkillboard and it turns out it was a false alarm. Code is not dead. Almost gave me a heart attack.
    \o/ Praise James

    1. Nov was the only month this year they didn't get a trillion or more in kills, and they're on pace to hit a trillion in December, but yeah CODE is dead lol

  8. The botters think they are being cute when they check the box to have their client disconnect upon attack on whatever macro-mining software they are illegally using. The thing is, it just immediately identifies them as botting, and even if their pod e-warps to safety, you have 15 minutes to scan it down and pop it. That may fool some casual ganker, but is a huge red flag for an Agent of the New Order who will call in reinforcements immediately to scan it down and enforce justice upon the cheater.

  9. Wwwwwooooooooo wwwwhhhhooooossshhh its casper again the anti ganking ghost...i ganked my minor and concorded myself wwwooosssshhh im still failing real hard as i type

  10. Meh seems this story could have ended with "Dreddit permits aren't CODE permits". Of course, that wouldn't have been as good of a story.

    1. After I dealt with him, I checked his claim. He probably bought permits after his massive losses in Kooreng on November 15th https://zkillboard.com/system/30004152/ (two Michi's pods). Agent Krominal from Dreddit did top damage but others on the kill were in CODE. That would have become clear during the interrogation if he hadn't been so defensive.


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