Thursday, December 29, 2016

Return of the Mad King, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Self-styled philanthropist Rogue Halo offered to give away 65 billion isk to members of the Market Discussions subforum on EVE-O. The project was received warmly, but it came to an abrupt end when Rogue revealed himself to be none other than the notorious Fin Udan.

The warning signs had been there from the beginning. A few days earlier, Rogue had whined about CCP allowing the legendary New Order IPO thread to remain in the forum. Although posters dismissed his complaints, they didn't yet realize with whom they were dealing.

Back when Fin Udan set fire to the forums, he'd made many enemies. Apparently he didn't let go of his grudges when he changed names.

Later, after Rogue announced his true identity in the 65 billion isk giveaway thread, he decided to have a little fun.

Those who remembered Fin were appalled to see him return. Fin was greeted by his nemesis, Bumblefck--the same man who had dubbed him "Fun Fin".

Fin/Rogue was done with the giveaway thread. He had bigger fish to fry, anyway.

Meanwhile, back in the New Order IPO thread, Bumblefck pressed Fin to admit he wasn't just an impostor. Bumblefck recognized Fin's style, but he wanted confirmation. Considering what Fin had done in the past, it was almost impossible to believe CCP would allow him to come back to the forums.

Fin was having the time of his life. When he noticed how much his reappearance bothered his old enemy, Fin decided to twist the knife. He immediately registered a new character:

The "Fun Fin" nickname had always bothered Fin in the past. Now he would take ownership of it. He intended to get his revenge on Bumblefck, but there was another, even more important, score he wanted to settle. Fin planned to bring down his greatest enemy: The man whose forum thread had driven Fin to self-destruction all those months ago.

Fin pulled a quote from a recent MinerBumping post, Why They Hate the Code, Part 2. The quoted material was from the section about the "Gullible Gull".

Hoping to derail the New Order stock program and discourage potential investors, Fin camped out in the IPO thread and waved the quote like a bloody shirt. Fin was certain that he'd found a weapon with which he could finally put a stop to MinerBumping and the New Order. However, the IPO thread was too small a platform. Time to think bigger.

Fin left Market Discussions and went to what he knew to be the highest-traffic subforum on the board: EVE General Discussion. He created a thread titled "CCP Associates". It was sure to get plenty of attention.

Unfortunately for Fin, the public was unimpressed. Given the obvious context of the quote, they accused him of poor reading comprehension. Critics also wondered why Fin believed CCP was "closely associated" with MinerBumping. It's a good question, but recall that Fin had previously accused the ISD and CCP of being closely linked to (or perhaps bribed by) the New Order; it was the only explanation he could think of for why they allowed the IPO thread to remain open against his wishes.

Fin was undeterred by the poor reception of his latest anti-Code attack campaign. He knew that this was his last chance to bring down the New Order and get the IPO thread locked. He was totally committed to his objective.

And the Fin was just getting started.

To be continued...


  1. Embarrassing really. The guy should just shut up, but like another category of Code-hater he totally lacks the ability (or perhaps just the inclination) to actually evaluate or reflect on what he's reading/saying.

    Words trigger him, and as James points out, his reactions totally ignore contextual indications which might usefully direct him to - meaning.

    So in this case, the word 'Nazi' for example, in the text of a blog-post, linked with Fun Fin's undoubtedly baleful glare at the famous MinerBumping blue banner of authenticity, provokes the cringe-worthy outpouring we see, above.

    It is a trait among certain people, and I'm not sure it's altogether unrelated to laziness.

    Perhaps he's become so accustomed to the conventions of SMS and WhatsApp that he's lost the ability to hold anything more challenging than an emoji in that addled head of his.

    1. @Anon7:03

      No, you shut up.


    2. Rob Thompson, in love with the sound of his own voice.

    3. all these highsecx PHag tears.

      CODE always wins! Always!

    4. are you, Anon 8:19, apparently!

    5. There it is, the ever elusive Type 2 Code Supporter. Not Rob, he is a type 4. No, it's Anonymous 10:48. This is the BitterVet™. He comes across as very angry, and he is. He hates you, he hates this game, but at the root of it all, he hates himself for spending so much time in it at a cost of his real life.

  2. Another embarrassment for antiganking

    1. ag too stupid to be embarrassed

    2. Almost as embarrassing as that one guy who got banned twice.

  3. I tried to get Fun Fin to calm down during his latest forum fit, but he just gave me an expletive in return.

    I fear he is beyond redemption.

  4. But where oh where is Ming?

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