Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Rival, Part 1

When you're an Agent of the New Order, everybody knows your name.

...or they learn it quickly.

Agent Australian Excellence went forth into highsec to enforce the Code. He educated the carebears about the Code, and as a result, the carebears also learned about Australian himself. Becoming a rock star is a side effect of enforcing the Code.

Our Agents encounter many different breeds of carebear. Just as species are categorized according to their physiological characteristics, carebears are identified by the kind of tears they produce.

Every so often, our Agents come across a new type of carebear. But it isn't always apparent at first.

Agent Australian made his way into the Poinen system, a popular haunt for PvE'ers of all types. He immediately received negative feedback from a fellow named Bucklee.

Bucklee questioned the legitimacy and mission of our fair Order. This is typical. Why, if carebears admitted our legitimacy, they'd soon be out 10 million isk.

At first, Bucklee attempted to downplay the influence of the New Order. He claimed not to have noticed our Agents for the three months he'd lived in highsec.

Bucklee's story quickly fell apart. He suggested he'd rather quit EVE than play on the same shard as our Agents--an awfully touchy reaction, if our Agents didn't matter.

Apparently three minutes of talking to our Agent wiped out the three months of peace and quiet Bucklee claimed he'd experienced. Bucklee accused the New Order of completely ruining the game. So much for our organization having no influence.

Bucklee's attitude about the game was heartbreaking. He thought EVE was designed to be "played" AFK. What an insult to the CCP devs who work so hard on this game.

Now Bucklee felt that the New Order was turning highsec--a paradise for effortless, risk-free AFK isk--into lowsec. Which, presumably, is a much worse place.

The versatility of the New Order mining permit is one of its great selling points; you don't need a separate permit for each kind of activity. Bucklee managed to spin that into a bad thing. Agent Australian was disappointed in Bucklee. But just when he felt he was starting to understand the carebear, things took a sudden and unexpected turn:

Bucklee was no ordinary carebear. His ambition was nothing less than total dominion over highsec. He intended to take highsec away from the New Order and seize control of it for himself.

To be continued...


  1. *Gasp*



  2. This game is made to play while you do something else ? Really.......
    Thats the reason i play a massive multiplayer online game for . LOL

    I gank miners whilst solving crossword puzzles.. whats an 8 letter word starting with c for a single cell organism that lives on rocks ?

  3. "Australian Excellence > A mining permit covers all aspects of highsec. You're flying in James 315's sov space."

    Fantastic illustration provided by Australian Excellence for all the bot-aspirants and non-permit holders! This statement gave me quite the horse laugh! I can't wait to see what devious machinations carebear Bucklee has in store, oh what excitement and anticipation! Will our heroes of the New Order of Highsec prevail against such an ominous challenge?

  4. his name is buck and hes here to.....shoot ships that cant shoot back while complaining about people shooting ships that cant shoot back.

  5. A troll? Is this WoW? Let me guess he is a hunter troll?

  6. wow antiganking is truly failing the playerbase. Non-stop 100% pure failure non-stop daily !!!!1

    1. Jeremy please, I thought we went over this already
      Keep playing scrabble with the kids
      You can do it!
      Make them proud
      You're done failing at Eve
      Getting banned over and over has set you free
      Run, be free like a squacking duck you've always dreamed of becoming
      And remember to tell the grandkids how you got banned over and over

    2. Is this grandkids thing a meme?

    3. Yes and wolf soprano (Jeremy) is the butt of the joke.

    4. I can't calm down. I just got back to the game after an 11 month break and so much has changed! Talk about future shock!

      Loyal has been banned? Twice?! And is still commenting here!!!
      Agents are leaving the New Order in masse?
      Uedama's Code fleet is now 99% bot aspirant?
      Goons barley able to hold on to Sov?
      Code's new mascot (and comment section commando) is a pig?

      Talk about future shock! I need to get back into the game before there is nothing left to shoot at.

      I am curious as to how yall rationalize the bot aspirant Kusion Klan. I guees with all your agents getting banned or leaving the ends justify the means? But wouldn't the hypocrisy of it cause the so called 'true believers' to quit?

      P.S. It's priceless that Loyal keeps posting here. It's like he's desperate you'll forget him.

    5. Leaving en mass, you say?

      Where do you get this stuff? Lmao

      -Galaxy Pig

    6. Your quibbling is dumb, my question remains unanswered thefore you are a turd.

      Sorry, I meant *active players* are leaving in masse. There has never been 500 agents logged into the MB channel ever. Even when the Goons where there during Burn Jita.

  7. Epic anonymous tears as usual

  8. But where oh where is Ming?

    1. I now live with my grandparents in their basement

  9. In their darkest hour, the question on every agents mind is >>>



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