Saturday, December 31, 2016

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #122

Today I present to you the one hundred twenty-second edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag. To all the carebears of highsec, one might say: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

...But carebears are rarely merry or happy. Even so, in the interest of full disclosure, I must say that after writing the preceding EVEmail, Arca Statum took a day to calm down and sent an apology to Agent Pod-Goo Repoman.

Just kidding. Only Gallant miners ever apologize, and Arca is no Gallant. That was a test, dear reader. We'll see a Gallant later on in this post.

Djoi Win didn't appreciate getting the chance to provide our Agent with feedback after being ganked. It's said that people are less happy if they have too many choices--but feedback opportunities? Surely those can only be a good thing.

Djoi condemned the Agents of the New Order and still had enough hate left over for all the Dutch.

Sadly, Djoi would need to wait for another world war (or at least a European conflict of significant scope) to get revenge for his ship and pod.

Back in April 2015, Lana Hita was ganked while autopiloting. It took her a year and a half to send a reply. Let's hope it was worth waiting for:

Assuming Lana's memory is correct, she was busy "doing Uni Coursework" at the time of the gank. Listen, carebears. You can either travel through highsec or you can do Uni Coursework, but you can't do both. Not at the same time, anyway.

ISD BH Supogo declined to buy a mining permit, citing some heretical ideas about evolution. However, these ideas contain some interesting implications. If ISD evolved beyond the need for permits, doesn't that imply that there is a need for permits, and that non-ISD haven't evolved beyond said need? I'm not saying this counts as an official ISD endorsement of the Code, but...

Michael Pergkk gave his corp strict instructions not to invade highsec during the corp's war with CODE. If they can't go to highec, they can't illegally mine there. Sounds like CODE. has already won the war. (The CODE always wins! Always.)

Holystr Charante was convinced that only a "cripple" would attack an AFK player in highsec. But courage, honour, integrity, and elite PvP skill are not disabilities. Regardless, becoming an Agent of the New Order isn't about the body--it's about the heart.

You probably wouldn't expect someone who wrote a message like this to be capable of apologizing, but you might be surprised. Apocalypse023 Gamble sent another EVEmail before Agent Aaaarrgg could even respond. I told you we'd be seeing a Gallant...

No, Apocalypse023 Gamble is solidly in the Goofus camp. This was another test. I do hope you're taking these seriously, dear reader.

Aha. There's our Gallant. Enjoy the holiday cheer.


  1. Over 5 million views before the New Year! We did it!
    How about that hisec militia blog that no one reads?

  2. I love reading antiganker tears every grab bag!!!

    Praise James

    1. Why do you even post if you no longer play you nerd

    2. It's 2017 Jeremy why are you not playing scrabble with the kids?
      This could be your year, your opportunity, your one chance to turn over a new leaf and become a better you
      Think about breathe the possibilities in
      Imagine you without the need for Shitposting daily

      Think about it

    3. But anon 627, who will you cry over and obsess about if he stops. I think its the ones who are triggered that need the ritalin. How many you got left

    4. Lol @ the triggered crybears. Loyal alaways wins! Always!

      The proof is the inability of crybears to control themselves in his presence. He posts and then the floodgates open.

      What a bunch of PHags. PHaggy Phags at that.

  3. Who says he does not play mad phag

  4. These miners need to calm down. Eve is just a game.

    1. Especially the ignorant racist ones who don't even know how to reply to a comment when they are trying to troll you XD!

    2. All highsec miners are ignorant, lying, racist, PHaggy crybears. That's why they fail daily, and are unable to control their tears.

      All headed up by the "hisec failitia", and it's child murdering supporters.

      Remember ag:

      CODE kills miners, ag kills minors!


      The Code always wins! Always!

      How could it not when the competition is composed of thomas en chastity types? Scared little highsec shitters hiding behind CONCORD while lying about their 'victories' against real, honorable players.

      Any highsec shitter that supports the failitia, supports child murdering racists.


  5. Miner grab bag is my favourite

  6. Nothing marks new order territory like an exhumer wreck and a frozen corpse floating next to it. Its a sign you need to pay attention.

    1. And still the highsec carebear cannot see the warning, and complains when he/she/it is ganked while mining in a belt full of wrecks and corpses.

      That's the type of tard EVE doesn't need anymore.

      It's time to implement some sort of testing before we let just anyone play EVE with us. CCP owes the real players this added security measure.

      Make it happen, CCP devs that gank.

      P.S. If you are an 'Alpha only' player, sub up or gtfo you sorry ghetto queens. If you cannot afford a measly 15-20$ a month for EVE, you have made some terrible life decisions, and don't belong with the rest of us.

      The only people that benefit from Alpha clones are the underaged and the poors, and EVE don't need either to survive. EVE has always been the place for educated and social poeple, but somehow the child murderers always end up here trying to change things for the worse.

      If you won't support the game you don't deserve any consideration. Thank god CCP is downgrading the Alphas soon.


  7. Another PHag applicant posts ignorant tears in the MB comments section.

    It's a weakness on their part, and a sign of low I.Q./poor education. Or too much veldspar huffing causes brain damage.

  8. Miners, please calm down.

    Maybe try some salve for that raw anus, and some honey tea for those sore tonsils.

    Or you could quit being a whiney butthurt deep-throating highsec mining PHag and learn to play EVE properly.

    Or not.

  9. Antigankers why do you post in local concord killmails of knights when you barely do 5% damage and concord does 95%. If you had honour you would place the miners real clean killmail next to it that was performed by an elite pvper.

    1. Because they are composed of fail, in concentrated form.

  10. So like... does every CODE member literally have a "totes miner" account they log in, to be as low-brow as possible? Ive been in your home system, Ive been where you ganker dudes claim to be, and never once seen half the "rage and tears" that get posted on this site...

    It is beyond obvious that you're all taking turns writing as "disgruntled racist miner-sperg-lord" Anons... And honestly man, thats kind of sad. What will happen when CODE runs out of people who remember to log in and post "hate" from an anon "miner" profile?

    And havent you lot been busted forgetting to change account names like, many times before?

    Oh well.

    1. Ohh you mean me.

    2. Come to Dantan amarr its usually a cryfest in local when im ganking. True vine are the crybabies in system lately.

    3. But then again i dont talk to my prey. That way they can't call me a griefer. I just pop them.

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