Saturday, January 21, 2017

Twilight of the Pods, Part 1

It is said that an EVE player is more likely to stick with the game if he joins a player corporation. The challenge for a new EVE player is how to know whether or a particular corp is good or not.

The first rule: If it's in CODE., it has to be good.

It used to be a common--near universal--practice, but these days only a small fraction of players are willing to autopilot their pods through highsec. Vrix Nation is one of the main reasons why.

The Vrix crew has been busy. Their goal is to reduce the number of highsec pod autopiloters to a cool zero. Among the carebear population, this is a very controversial policy.

Each gank recipient is sent a message by EVEmail--just in case the message sent by Thrasher wasn't received.

Unfortunately, not all Code violators are willing to listen. You'd be surprised how many happen to be caught in a bad mood.

If you were to survey the thousands of pod losers, you'd find many of the different types of the Code's enemies amply represented.

In order to make progress, a carebear must be willing to blame himself for his loss. If he blames "newbie killers" (despite having played EVE for months or years), that's a bad sign. After all, if the source of your problem is gankers, your problems will never go away; the gankers will always continue to gank.

The Agents of the New Order are truly elite. As evidence of their elite status, only a small number of gank recipients demonstrate the potential to become Agents. Fabio Legolas Uitoh is not a member of that elite group.

The rebels and skeptics accuse our Agents of "blind obedience" to the Code. Yet the rebels themselves show blind disobedience to the Code. Their disobedience generally results in losing expensive ships and implants, while obedience results in fun and emergent content. Which is better?

The Code violator lives in denial. He doesn't recognize our authority, but judging by the number of killmails we earn, the EVE client seems to recognize it just fine.

We can see, then, that violating the Code is simply a manifestation of madness.

...A madness which cannot conceal the anguish and saltiness of the carebear.

The soldiers of Vrix Nation march onward. Will they find a potential Agent? Or at least sell a mining permit?

Even the rebels seem to understand that the New Order is a family. Maybe that's why they instinctively wish death upon our family members. Nevertheless, our Agents will not give up on highsec so easily. They must press forward.

To be continued...


  1. Yawn

    (before you give out crap advice...i am calm)

    1. I agree. These are tiresome.

      You'd expect carebear vermin to be more eloquent, a more creative in their emails.

    2. I dunno, Anon 737. The bit about Karma and the Bear was quite new, to me at least. I felt there was some attempt at originality.

      Almost entirely lost though, wasn't it? Trying to be icily devastating whilst burning up with rage - and in print - is bound to invite the Schadenfreude which I'm barely able to control these days. Heigh-ho.

      Also, good of James to make a play on the title of a Wagner opera, which itself was a translation of Old Norse 'Ragnarök' - thereby providing the link with EVE and with our story, for Vrix Nation are Titans among the family of Code enforcers.

    3. Anon @ 6.41.

      Love the 'this whole Code stuff is boring and beneath me' type meme you are trying to project here.

      Yet you are sufficiently motivated to come to the minerbumping site and post messages.

      Code wins again!!!!!

    4. it´s like groundhog day, same shit only with different actors. but code-people are easy to please as long as they can keep telling themselves they "win".

    5. Anon 1204, if only you could lick your own face your sodium levels would be normal again.

    6. 641 is trying hard to sound calm.

  2. Anon641 displays the self-centered attitude of entitlement so common among Highsec miners, TEST, and people in Provi bloc.

    Excellent kills and excellent salt. The tutorial still requires new capsuleers to use autopilot, so the mission to reduce the number of highsec pod autopiloters to a cool zero will be a long and enjoyable one.

  3. Life's been tough for demi after she left Bruce...

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

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