Wednesday, January 11, 2017

You Should Hail, Part 1

Sir Demonic > Hello.
Frost Pax > dude why did you blast me?
Sir Demonic > You were mining in space protected by the New Order of Highsec. You did not hold a valid mining permit, thus I had to destroy your ship.
Frost Pax > ....
Frost Pax > ok what is that
Hek is a busy trade hub. In addition to supplying pilots with almost every kind of ship and module, it's a great source of information. Frost Pax lost her Retriever while illegally mining in Hek. Now it was time for her to get some much-needed knowledge.

This is just one of the many friendly faces you can expect to see in highsec these days. Agent Sir Demonic had 15 minutes to burn, so he decided to spend that time helping Frost.
Sir Demonic >
Frost Pax > i`m realativly new to the game and i need to understand
Sir Demonic > Miners need a mining permit which can be purchased for 10 million ISK per character per year.
Frost Pax > but you lost your ship...
Sir Demonic > I do not mind losing my ship, as long as I can uphold the law with it, I can afford losing it.
Frost Pax > yeah but i dont
Frost was utterly confused. What was this Code, and why would people be willing to sacrifice a ship in its name?
Frost Pax > you dident hail
Frost Pax > dident say nothing
Sir Demonic > You did not hold a permit.
Frost Pax > have it crosed your mind
Frost Pax > you should tell me to stop
Frost Pax > and leave
Frost Pax > i`m not old in the game to know all of this
Despite playing the "newbie" card, Frost wasn't shy about telling Sir Demonic how to do his job.
Sir Demonic > A miner is expected to know that an agent might attack him at any time, CODE. has been around for four years, there is information about us available anywhere.
Sir Demonic > Miner, I must ask you to calm down.
The miner was distressed by the fact that the Agent didn't "hail" her before shooting her. Ah, another miner in need of education. Sir Demonic rolled up his sleeves and got to work.
Frost Pax > you are not the LAW of the game
Sir Demonic > The Code is the law of highsec.
Frost Pax > where does A NEW player
Frost Pax > can see
Frost Pax > the warning about this LAW
Frost Pax > of yourse?
Sir Demonic > Every citizen has to adhere to the law. There is an entire website dedicated to us.
Frost Pax > you dident answer my question
Frost claimed that there was no possible way a new player could be expected to know anything--not even something as important as the Code. Interesting idea. But let's take a closer look at that Retriever she lost.

Frost's Retriever was, unsurprisingly, fail-fit. However, it was very much a standard yield-fit fail-fit. It's nearly identical to most of the Retrievers our Agents destroy. Why was she able to discover how to assemble this Retriever, but not able to learn about the Code? The whole situation was very suspicious.
Sir Demonic > You could easily have heard of us if you informed yourself before starting to mine in New Order-territory.
Frost Pax > Where does a new ,3 week, player will see, or can be WARNED about this law of yours?
Sir Demonic > Three weeks is more than enough to hear about us, given we control the entirety of highsec.
Sir Demonic > There is a saying, "Ignorance does not equal innocence".
Frost Pax > No, that is not the case, i`m a 3 week player, in a corp formed of 3 people including me, where could i ever heard of this?
Frost Pax > i bearly understaned what do you have to do to make isk
Sir Demonic was right. Ignorance of the Code isn't an excuse for violating the Code; it's a sign of bot-aspirancy, and therefore a violation of the Code in and of itself. Even so, it wouldn't kill CCP to put some information about the Code in the tutorial. I mean, they want to help new players, right? They once advertised "Burn Jita" on the load screen, so why not do the same for something that affects even more players?
Sir Demonic > The founder of your corp has been around for almost 9 months. It was his obligation to warn you about the New Order.
Frost Pax > so its his fault
Frost Pax > not yourse
Frost Pax > because you blasted me with no warning
Sir Demonic > Yes. But it also is your fault, you should have asked if a thing such as the Code existed in the first place. Given how well highsec functions, that would be impossible without a group such as CODE.
Time and again, Frost tried to put our Agent on the defensive. But the more she spoke with him, the more her own guilt was laid bare.
Frost Pax > imagine this in really life, you do somthing you do not know that is bad, everybody is doing it, the same way you do it, the CONCORD(THE LAW OF THE GAME) lets you do it with no problem, then some idiot comes and BLAST a bullet in your ass! with no warni
Sir Demonic > Miner, I need you to calm down. Please refrain from swearing.
Sir Demonic > The Code is the law of highsec. Just like in reallife, if you break the law not knowing that you broke the law, you still did break it. Even if anyone else breaks it, too.
Frost Pax > i did not swear, i was explaining the situation, if you feel like an idiot, probably you are
Frost tried to prove her point by appealing to a real-world analogy. We can do that, too: Suppose you moved to Russia and broke the law, then said, "Who are the Russians? I'm new." I don't think that would get you very far.
Frost Pax > Concord Police are the enfocers of the law,
Frost Pax > that is why they are called COCORD FUCKING POLICE!!!
Frost Pax > you are just an player trying to do what? you dident got anything for killing me
Frost Pax > corect me if i`m wrong
Sir Demonic > I got something from killing you. I got the good feeling of upholding the law.
Another symptom of bot-aspirancy popped up: Frost saw the whole game in terms of isk. No wonder she had trouble understanding the Code.
Frost Pax > omg you really belive yourself?
Frost Pax > ok let`s say that i`m the fucking moron not you. How or what do i do to make people like you FUCKING LEAVE MA ALONE TO MINE!?
Sir Demonic > You need to purchase a permit and follow the New Halaima Code of Conduct.
Sir Demonic > Also, please refrain from using profanities while speaking to an agent.
Frost Pax > whare do i buy the permite
Suddenly, things took a turn in a hopeful direction. Was Sir Demonic about to sell a mining permit? Or would Frost Pax miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime?

To be continued...


  1. That's some fine work, Agent Demonic.

    Keep an eye on this guy, he's a up-and-comer!


  2. wow antigankers are truly failing at stopping the ganks.


    1. You could always spend your time reading the hisec militia blog that no one reads. Yet you return here daily to post your drivel.

  4. The attitude of that young lady! How dare she! What impudence! To challenge an Agent of the New Order about the lawful execution of his duty (and her Retriever).

    It's a good thing she appeared to calm down just at the very end of today's blog; but will she stay that way? That's the question, and I'm looking forward very much to having it answered!

  5. 'Suppose you moved to Russia and broke the law', and then some Russian cop may have questions!

  6. Welcome to EVE, here's a ship, fuck you.

    How is it people still don't know about this?

  7. Bu where oh where is Ming?

  8. We have only been around for 4 years ? ........really?

  9. Replies
    1. Have they been banned from Miner Bumping? That's the rumor these days.

  10. "Where do I buy the permite" and here we have the essence of these poor fools' bovine tunnel vision. These people need enlightenment and liberation from their slavery.

    Thank James Sir Demonic was to hand, or else it could be too late.

  11. You are doing racketeering - same as Italian MAFIA did in in XX century and Russian Mafia perfected.
    Did you ask if she already had permit ???
    If she paid 10M - you would still kill her anyway, because that who you are - Inglourious Basterds.

  12. That entire conversation was completely cringeworthy, from both sides.


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