Thursday, January 19, 2017

zhammin Meets zKillboard, Part 4

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Super Perforator had quite a project on her hands: Despite losing a Hulk, zhammin refused to buy a mining permit and had a terrible attitude about everything. But zhammin's obnoxious behavior disguised his very real interest in buying a permit. And the more our Agent explained the process, the more zhammin was attracted to the idea.
zhammin > did you see how much shit it say on the damn webside
Super Perforator > please, miner, do not refer to the Saviors words as "shit"
zhammin > i cant read all that alot of what it say i dont no even what it means lol :D im from danmark and never have go in school i cant read so good so its not fair the so much hahahahah :D
At the last minute, zhammin suddenly became resistant. He couldn't imagine himself reading the Code.
Super Perforator > buy a permit....
Super Perforator > fit your ship properly
Super Perforator > do not act like a bot
zhammin > look i will pay but if i get ganked i will not only get pist off i will get really mad f i cant mine with get ganked or some one comeing in and telling me i need to pay to him to or some shit like that but i will pay for the hole crop i got
Our Agent helpfully summarized some of the finer points of the Code. zhammin got back on track.
Super Perforator > 10 million ISK is not a lot
Super Perforator > our alliance and the New Order will respect a valid permit... ships have been replaced... even freighters.
zhammin > and my ships are fitted the hulk you just blow up ws just one of many hulks i got lol ^^ but i dont got any here tho but in jita damn but i will pay for all menbers we got and yeah 10 mil each but what do you need names or what or you just put our crop
zhammin > i will pay for the hole crop
In fact, the miner was now willing to buy mining permits for his entire crop. Corp, I mean.
Super Perforator > please evemail me the names of all characters, then I can copy their names into the list
Super Perforator > the problem with corp is that some people join and leave.... and that gets confusing.
zhammin > yeah i see but we only a 2 men crop
zhammin > only me and a old german
Super Perforator > there are 15 members in your corp
zhammin > but give me 5 mins and i send you name and who do i send the isk to
The miner was still hazy about some things, but Super Perforator was confident that she'd be selling at least one mining permit that day.
Super Perforator > send the ISK to me
zhammin > okay
Super Perforator > got the mail!
zhammin > so i send you 120 mil
zhammin > there you go
Super Perforator > CONFIRMED!
In the end, zhammin chose to purchase 12 mining permits, enough to cover all of the active members of his corporation. Super Perforator counted the money. It was all there.
zhammin > okay cool so now i can mine again with get blow up :D
Super Perforator > well... I will send you mail soon with details.
zhammin > heheh okay :D and thx for you are so chill after i have been a littel bitch you cool tho
Super Perforator > maybe also take time to read some of the website.
zhammin > yeah io have it open still i will look at it befor i go sleep but now i will love to mine :D
The isk came with an apology from zhammin, who was much calmer than he'd been in the immediate aftermath of his Hulk loss. Perhaps there's something to the idea of using medical marijuana to treat bot-aspirancy?
zhammin > thx alot and 1 thin k do i need put some in my bio we need do that long for many years ago and i know to the code like you see im not a new player ^^
Super Perforator > I will send you the details of the current format for the bio
zhammin > okay cool thx alot so i just send that to the other chars to right and some of the accs is the old mans so i need tell him it or do you send an mailto all chars or what is it
Super Perforator > I will do
zhammin > ohh okay cool thx alot
In any case, the experience with zhammin demonstrated why our Agents don't give up when a miner initially refuses to buy a permit. Our wallets are filled with the isk of those who would "never" pay.

Things were looking up for zhammin--indeed, for his entire "crop". Super Perforator's quick thinking and persistence had saved the miner from a life of drudgery.
Super Perforator > pleasure doing business with you1
Super Perforator > praise James! o7
zhammin > okay cool thx alot you the best
Super Perforator > james is the best, i merely try
Agent and miner walked into the sunset, and they all lived happily ever after.

Ah, but life and highsec are messier and more complicated than the fairy tales of our youth led us to believe. Only a few days later, a pair of gankers from CODE. caught zhammin AFK mining with a fail-fit Hulk.

The supposedly Code-compliant miner was further incriminated when our Agents examined the contents of his pod.

Now was the moment of truth for zhammin. Would he redeem himself for his crimes, or would he act like a Goofus and try to shift the blame?

Old habits are hard to break, it would seem. But in the end, the New Order of Highsec will break them all.


  1. Honestly,how hard is it to follow the CODE. Why waste all that isk if you dont follow the first line in your own bio.

  2. "im from danmark and never have go in school i cant read so good"

    "some of the accs is the old mans"
    Account sharing.

    "i dont even have the fucking isk to buy the hulk all i got from that was from a friend so that why i don't have any thing"
    Sqandering his friend's ISK.

    Looks like his ostentatious and noncompliant brand of mining is unsustainable. Praise James!

    1. "zhammin > okay cool so now i can mine again with get blow up :D"

      I remember asking myself at the time why he would want to mine with get blow up... I hope it didn't have anything to do with his collection of female corpses...

    2. Did you ever find out what he had planned for that corpse from his original loss?

      Great immersion there. I loled like hell.

    3. Thank you.
      And no... the issue of the corpse was never solved.

      In retrospect I am glad not to know.

  3. What part of 'no AFK whilst mining' don't miners understand?

    I mean, he bought a permit and agreed to follow the Code.

  4. We all knew that this story would end with The Code winning, as always – but this is truly an epic victory!

    Very nicely handled by Agent Perforator \0/

  5. From Wikipedia:

    "Education in Denmark is compulsory (Danish: undervisningspligt) for children below the age of 15 or 16..."

    "Literacy in Denmark is approximately 99% for both men and women."

    Clearly, if you're from Denmark and you 'never have go in school', you're quite an exception. There's always one, I suppose.

    zhammin should just communicate in his native language - as many other miners do; it's unlikely we'd be any the wiser.

  6. Some guys in Jita were talking about a hit they'd put on your business.

    I don't support the CODE, and I don't expect this comment to make it past your site admin, but so long as it reaches someone inside of the staff that's fine.

    I respect the right players have to go about their own business within the frame of CCP's EULA, so I thought I'd give you a friendly heads-up, to batten the hatches. Despite my misgivings regarding your operations, I am a little in awe of how well put together they are.

    1. Your post is completely pointless. Would you like to buy a mining permit?

    2. Your welcome for the compliment.

      I will purchase your permit - and even encourage others to - if you would make these concessions:

      1. Implement a sixty second rule - an Agent would attempt to open communications with the Miner. If the Miner fails to respond, gank away. This gives the Miner ample time to respond, as any good Miner is constantly checking his screen no matter what else he is doing.

      2. Raise the permit to 20mil ISK, to account for the extra effort and restraint that #1 adds to the role of a CODE Agent.

      And, pointlessness aside, I thought I'd mention it. Make what you will of it, you probably get them all the time anyway.

    3. Anonymous Miner

      There are no concessions. A new Order Agent entering system is sufficient warning for an illegal miner to dock up.

      Miners are expected to show respect by default; anything less is met with punishment. Consequently we have no need for additional suggestions of how to gain respect from miners. They have New Halaima Code of Conduct, and the guidance and mercy of James 315, for which they should be eternally grateful.

    4. That anonshitter is a "little in awe of how well put together they are."
      Ahahahahahaha! In awe of who? Some butthurt highsec sperglords? Ahahahahahah!

      Link proof in the form of chat logs and screen shots, or gtfo, Codex Biovector alt! If there were any real plotters you could just link them here, if you weren't a scared lil bitch.

      You can't hide that type of stupid behind some anon post, Mr Biovector. Your true self shines through. And by "shines" I mean "window lickers are easy to spot in a crowd".

      You poor dumb bastard. Tell us again how you "don't believe in markets" in EVE. That one made me laugh for days.

      For those of you who don't know who the 11:41"spy anon" is:

      Samp IP! Ahahahahahaha

    5. Quick to call someone out - and yet you post anonymously yourself?

    6. 951 missed the point but not the trigger, gtfo codex

  7. I do have several other suggestions to increase revenue and generate more respect than dissent from the Miners of EVE. I won't spam them here - if you want to hear them, just tell me. I'll visit the blog again tomorrow.

    1. Hey anon101, you need to post your ideas in the general discussion section of the EVE-O forums. Then link it here and we can all have easy access to it. ;)

      Well what are you waiting for man? Chop chop

    2. I'd even go to the forums for that.

  8. CODE is bad, and can't handle a real fight. This is a fact. Get good scrubs.

    1. I just wanted to redact my previous comment, The people in code are not bad, but i don't agree with how james sees the game.

  9. But where oh where is Ming?

  10. Codex biovector, not the first, not the last, but definately an example of how to lose at eve within weeks of playing the game.

    You no doubt know how to make an alt. Delete character and try again.
    Ip: karma balancer verified


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