Tuesday, January 17, 2017

zhammin Meets zKillboard, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Troubled miner zhammin strongly objected to the destruction of his fail-fit Hulk at the hands of Agent Super Perforator. When it became clear that zhammin was outgunned in highsec, he repeatedly demanded that our Agent move to nullsec.

As the victor in their battle, Super Perforator expected reasonable concessions from his fallen enemy. But zhammin had other ideas.

According to zhammin, the loss of his Hulk was equivalent to buying a mining permit. If that were true, our Treasury would have tens of trillions of isk right now! Our Agent politely explained how the Code actually works.

In spite of everything, the miner had a condescending attitude. Just imagine what zhammin would act like if he actually won an engagement!

Because Super Perforator refused to reimburse zhammin 190 million isk for his dead Hulk, the miner threatened to petition our Agent for scamming.

Again, in zhamminspeak, "crop" = corporation.

Super Perforator gave zhammin the New Order version of a GM's "Are you suuuuuure you want to escalate your petition?"

zhammin decided not to file a petition with me or CCP. He pompously announced that he planned to stop mining in highsec so he could begin doing important things in nullsec. But, as it turned out, his smug EVEmail couldn't have been sent at a worse time.

Only minutes before, zhammin managed to lose another ship in highsec, this time a fail-fit Thorax, which was armed with a rack of frigate guns and contained an eclectic cargo including seven Ice Harvesters. zhammin assumed Super Perforator wouldn't be aware of this loss, but thanks to the magic of zKillboard, our Agent was fully apprised of zhammin's doings. He demanded a full explanation from the miner.

zhammin should've been prepared for a question about his Thorax. Obviously he was not.

Super Perforator found zhammin's explanation unsatisfactory--and frankly told him so.

Ah, the subtle dance of negotiating with a highsec miner. After Super Perforator rejected zhammin and told him to leave highsec, the miner demonstrated a heretofore unseen interest in buying a permit.

And when several minutes passed without a reply from our Agent, zhammin's interest in buying a permit only intensified. Was this miner ready to turn his life around?

To be continued...


  1. Hmm- someone needs to teach that boy about rigs- for a 7 year old pilot to not know about that....

  2. The stream of consciousness from this miner is amazing. I think he said he has multiple mining accounts logged in all over highsec.

    And now, after spending all this time spewing scorn and abuse on Agent Perforator, a serious inquiry into obtaining a permit? I don't think this guy has a Compliant bone in his body.

    1. I dont understand how one could carry on a chat with this guy, It hurts to read that shit.

      Belligerent toothless windbag! Much like that sperglord codex biovector. Holy shit man that salt pile on his evewho!

      What is the correlation between dumb shitters and highsec mining? It's got to be low I.Q. or brain damage. Or both.

      Bravo James, again, for the salted satire. Is my fave babe!

  3. "And what were you planning on doing with a female corpse???"

    James 315, you now owe me... a new keyboard. That shit was hilarious.

  4. wow if antiganking stopped the gank for once instead of crying and whining to ccp to save them.

  5. I read Zhammin's comment "I hope no one like you (sic)", and was suddenly transported back over half a century, to a small tarmac'd playground in stifling suburban Essex.

    There, the mother of all rows was in progress between 2 girls, one of whom had been singled out for praise by the playground supervisor; I forget what for.

    But it was that remark - I swear it was the exact copy of Zhammin's - which stayed buried in my mind, until a chance quote on the MB website called it forth and spun me into reverie.

    The MinerBumping blog refreshes the parts other sites cannot reach.

  6. What a ghastly pleb this ‘zhammin’ has turned out to be. Destroying his ship was retrospectively the correct course of action.

    One can’t help but wonder why ‘anti-ganking’ waste hours of their time protecting such Code violating vermin.

    It will be interesting to read the outcome.

    1. "One can’t help but wonder why ‘anti-ganking’ waste hours of their time protecting such Code violating vermin"

      I think it's one of those "protect your own" thing. They must see some of themselves in those highsec shitters. Birds of a feather and all.

  7. But where oh where is Ming?

  8. I think it is the retarded, picking on the retarded, disabled and the illiterate. Not sure what is so funny.........just trolls really and insignificants trying to be important in a pixel game
    Pretty much what we do all the time

    Vic Diesell

  9. The forge has such toxic greedy bullyboy miners atm. So enjoying my stay here.


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