Friday, January 13, 2017

Highsec's Only True Defense Against Bots

Agents of the New Order of Highsec are powerful on their own, but when they assemble fleets--watch out!

And our fleets have been busy. One day after another, they form up and send a storm of firepower against their enemies.

They weren't joking about that Orca being fail-fit.

I think that Orca looks much better as an explosion, don't you? Click here for the full-size version of the photo taken by Agent Alt 00.

On yet another fleet operation, our heroes went to the Hageken system, where bots were known to be active. Our Agents are so effective and so omnipresent that even bots are forced to use Skiffs these days.
EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Hageken
Mihai Albescu > Melehov is a bot. He's not present.
Allexia Juno > fffs
Mihai Albescu > The Skiffs are all bots too
Allexia Juno > damn.... that sucks... how do you know?
Magnus Africanus > bumping them for half an hour with no response
Mihai Albescu > Do you know how to report bots?
Sergio Von Coarstein > he's already reported numerous times
Magnus Africanus > tell code
The carebears say, "Let CCP deal with the bots." They fail to understand what the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Junior referred to as "the fierce urgency of now". Besides, CCP doesn't do anything about bot-aspirants, so why trust them to handle bots?
Sergio Von Coarstein > no one will risk thei ships here
Allexia Juno > how do i report?
Allexia Juno > RED PEOPLE
Lawrence Lawton > Let's see if the bots respond.
While the Hageken locals were groaning about the bots, salvation appeared in the form of red flashies.
Allexia Juno > you friendly?
Ganku Desu > we're killing bots, don't mind us :)
Mihai Albescu > Hageken IX - Asteroid Belt 2
Allexia Juno > hahahah this is gona be awesome
Disal Tsero > hei all, gonna pop up there to see the show as well!
Allexia Juno > hahaha looks like you got a crowed
Hageken came alive. The New Order had come to the rescue!
Lawrence Lawton > Kill: Otu Mort (Skiff)
Magnus Africanus > epic work
Allexia Juno > that was FUCKING AWESOME
Allexia Juno > OMG THAT WAS so the best thing i have ever seen
Disal Tsero > that was great
Ganku Desu > we'll be back
Morrigan Laima > we can kill one every 15 minutes.
You know something? Many highsec miners have never seen anything fun happen in EVE. It's sad, but true. Luckily, these days they have hope--in the form of the Code.
Allexia Juno > hahahahahahaha
Ganku Desu > 2 down 6 to go
Lawrence Lawton > Kill: Lor Ast (Skiff) Kill: Lor Ast (Capsule)
Lawrence Lawton > Botting will not be tolerated.
Magnus Africanus > G'night All, good luck with finishing them off
Ganku Desu > Kill: Lik Goto (Skiff)
After three of their Skiffs were destroyed, the bot fleet was forced to retreat. The people of Hageken will never forget what they saw: Unmistakable proof that our Agents are the good guys, the heroes of highsec.


  1. \o/ That is goddamned heart warming right there.

    Well done, Agents!


  2. I'm pleased that my comrades paid that system a visit.

    Did you by any chance run into that strange "Codex Biovector" chap, the one who promised a safe haven in Hageken to all anti-ganking folk?

    No? Thought not.

    1. We saw no sign of Codex Biovector whatsoever. It appears that he is a toothless windbag.


    3. Its interesting that someone would pose as Codex Biovector and post up on a site clearly meant to target miners. The fact you guys fell for it even shows your retarded. Why would someone come to a website and state the anti ganker speech to a ganking website. (The logic isn't there. I Might be cocky[Over aggressive play style in R6 and TF2], but that is arrogant even to my standards.)

      -Ganking Bot players I don't see anything technically wrong with. Ganking new players or players just barely playing as it is, Kinda is unnecessary. (Clearly differ views)

      -Haven't called anyone in "Hageken" a loser, But interesting to boast about.

      -Never claimed Hagaken "Safe" but interesting that the troll would choose careless words without any thought to my actual opinion.

      - Why would I state something like this. "Attention miners and antigankers in Hageken area, BV mining still has a safe citadel in Hageken," This is a ganker forums. Why would I say Attention miners/antigankers to a forum set to gankers.......... The logic there is a dead giveaway of a troll.

      -"toothless ones!"
      I don't think that is actually a sentence I would use. And there is to many "!".

      I really hope you guys are not that stupid to notice a troll is posing as someone to troll you into trolling another. (Silly concept but hey whose a judge here.)

      The power of Observation seems to be lacking here.

      Put some thought to what I'm saying and consider before you get fooled yet again by some random troll. My guess he is one of you that is trying to stir up you guys for targets of his choosing.

      My guess is the troll is upset I never quit on the game, And kinda made him look like a idiot during a live stream. (Priceless) And since he has been failing on making me quit he seeks to stir up any nonsense he can to "help" his cause.

      (A Puck shot to a chap)
      As Far as it goes with "Rob Thompson" self employed UK citizen. I didn't know the senior citizens knew how to use a computer. (Shocker)

      PS: Claiming that you were looking for me and only looking at night let alone maybe what 5 mins? Sorry I was busy with diving into data sites(Wormholes). Earlier Sunday we had Go4Pro season going on so its nice to kick back with a easy set of pace.

      I do hope you guys do have common sense.

      Fly Safe o/

  3. Yay! These bots have been active in nearby 0.5 systems for many months, where they originally used Mackinaws and Hulks. I killed a bunch of them there and sent reports to CCP. Unfortunately CCP is slow at kicking bots and the bots upshipped to Skiffs.

    Recently the bot fleet greedily moved into populous Hageken for the plentiful asteroid belts and came under greater scrutiny. The Hageken locals were the ones who tipped me off about this bot fleet. Killing bots is exhausting work, and the encouragement from the locals went a long way.

  4. Where was the antiganker streamer who was on all those drugs from russian jita drugpushers ?

    awesome stuff Lawrence.

    1. My only regret is that there was a Hulk on dscan somewhere while we were occupied with the Skiffs. A miner and his Hulk are soon parted though.

  5. It is easy to kill a ship that cant defend it self. I was mining in Hageken this morning on my regular routine, and NOTHING happened!
    I guess CODE are the toothless ones! Lol!
    Attention miners and antigankers in Hageken area, BV mining still has a safe citadel in Hageken, and we will not be bullies by fat nolife grocery baggers! LOL!

    See the problem is that gankers can only kill certain ships and most of them are their alts, and you can't suicide gank a citadel. Lol.
    All those "supporters" you had in Hageken was just alts anyway. Losers.
    Don't worry, I will let everyone in Hageken know that you are nothing to worry about, and that it is safe to mine all day and night.

    I have already taken down some gankers that were trying to bully the honest miners in that area and I wont hesitate to take down all the rest of your alts also.

    1. Codex biovector. Epic shadowboxer


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