Wednesday, January 18, 2017

zhammin Meets zKillboard, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... zhammin was an unlikely candidate for a New Order mining permit. His interactions with Agent Super Perforator seemed to scream "Goofus". But just when our Agent was ready to cast the miner out into the darkness of lowsec, zhammin suddenly showed interest in buying a permit.

Super Perforator delayed in responding to zhammin's request for information. It wasn't some kind of negotiating tactic or sales technique; she was simply engaged elsewhere. She returned from ganking to find zhammin's new EVEmails--a pleasant surprise.

Reading anything written by zhammin was a bit of a slog. Our Agent was really going to have to earn this 10 million.

Anyone with at least an ounce of common sense can see that a New Order permit is a very good deal. Our Agents don't have to "sell" it so much as describe it.

We frequently tell miners to calm down. We don't instruct them on how to calm down; we assume they all have their own methods.

The more he thought about the concept of a mining permit, the more it made sense to zhammin--and that was even before he began using mind-expanding substances. It was time for a private convo.
Super Perforator > o7
zhammin > sorry the mail just go to slow can you wait like 10 min and then im will be relax
Super Perforator > back fro your smoke?
zhammin > i just need go smoke a jay really fast
The miner still wasn't sufficiently relaxed. Super Perforator was prepared to wait. Calmness comes so infrequently in a miner that one can scarcely complain when it comes late.
zhammin > so im back
zhammin > okay
zhammin > okay so now just andswer simpel not all that about alluy and all that just say yes or no okay
zhammin > if i pay
zhammin > and other gankers gank us will you do any thing about it
zhammin > its was the frist questing
When zhammin returned to his keyboard, it was obvious that he was having trouble typing. Because Super Perforator had a reference point, however, she knew that it couldn't be blamed on the miner's intoxication. zhammin's issues were baked into the cake, so to speak.
Super Perforator > If you are ganked by our members or affiliates... (more than 500) whilst bearing a permit and complying with the code, you are eligible for reimbursement.
Super Perforator > (you can get your money back)
zhammin > okay thats cool tho
zhammin > so what if it not from ally or you crop
Super Perforator > if you follow the rules you should be pretty safe
So far, things were going smoothly. There was one area of concern, though: What if someone who wasn't affiliated with the New Order ganked a permit-carrying miner?
zhammin > we will mine here for good if it is
Super Perforator > otela?
Super Perforator > keep an eye on zkillboard for otela
zhammin > nonono i mean if a player is not in you crop or any of you allys crop and i get ganked what will happen for him and for me
Super Perforator > pretty much every ganker is on good terms with us
Super Perforator was able to dispense with zhammin's concern. Non-Order miner gankers aren't really a thing.
zhammin > yeah
zhammin > in here we will sty for good
Super Perforator > but it is up to you to have permits and to follow the code
zhammin > what you mean wityh fololow the rules if i pay i will have to mine no matter what and where i like to or the no meing to pay
Super Perforator >
Our Agent again extended zhammin an invitation to read the Code. Now that the miner was in a more relaxed state, would he be better able to attain enlightenment?
zhammin > okay gfive me a min okay
zhammin > ill okk befor i ask you more
Super Perforator > as long as you have a permit and are in line with the code, you are safe.
zhammin > and what in line means :D
Super Perforator > don't try flying a freighter through uedama with triple cargo expanders......
Super Perforator > for example
zhammin > ehmm why not ?
Still not enlightened yet, it would seem.
Super Perforator > We do not just gank miners
Super Perforator > The New Halaima Code of Conduct started out because of miners, but covers all of high sec....
Super Perforator > check out the alliance killboard on
Super Perforator > and there are at least as many agents of the New Order that do not belong to the CODE. alliance.
zhammin > did you see how much shit it say on the damn webside
Just when zhammin appeared to be ready to buy a permit, he made a major faux pas, one that reflected an incomplete appreciation of MinerBumping and the Code. The mining permit sale was now in jeopardy.

To be continued...


  1. But where oh where is Ming?

    1. Here I am! :D

      I am happy to see that I made so much of an influence on you that you permanently enshrine me in the comments on this site. It helps me to remember that:

      1.) The Code is still winning.


  2. As someone who's smokes a lot of weed, I can honestly and objectively say that this dude smokes entirely too much weed.


  3. zhammin > did you see how much shit it say on the damn webside

    Insolent, ignorant, and self–righteous. My favorite type of miner to help comprehend the Code of Highsec. It is worth the time spent when it finally dawns on the miner just how insignificant he really is.

  4. I do love reading these tears, no wonder antigankers are so salty when their recruits behave like this.


  5. "We frequently tell miners to calm down; we don't tell them how to calm down...." Once again, the Saviour's benevolence is on display. And deft sense of humor!


  6. As a famous singer of the reggae genre once beautifully intoned:

    "I hope this zhammin's gonna last...."

    Over to you Mr Marley

  7. Lol, there is a citadel in perimeter called down with Code, LOL

  8. Drugs are bad, 'kay?

  9. Except for Ritalin, you all need Ritalin for your ADHD so you can focus


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