Monday, January 30, 2017

The Shocker, Part 1

The rebel miner says, "Leave me alone." Yet he needs our help--desperately.

Havoc5124's anti-tanked Mackinaw was basically a 202 million isk distress signal beamed directly to our Agents. Luckily, our Agents are never far from the asteroid belts of Hek, so they were able to reach out to Havoc5124 soon after he began his transmission.
EVE System > Channel MOTD: Persons found in breach of the Law of Highsec will henceforth have their equipment decomissioned. This communications frequency should be utilized to discuss said punitive actions and to determine a preventative plan of action to ensure future compliance.
Tisiphone Dira > Not at all. I don't gloat.
Havoc5124 > in not new to pvp
Havoc5124 > u 2 were on me before i could finish realing in my drones
Upon receiving an informative EVEmail from Agent Tisiphone Dira, the miner reported to the "Why am I dead?" channel.
Tisiphone Dira > Oh, as this isn't your first rodeo, you are familiar with common courtesy and etiquette? Where then is the 'gf' or 'good fight' in local?
Havoc5124 > it would have been a good fight if i actually fought back
Tisiphone Dira > You just admitted that you were attempting to make an escape, pulling in your drones and warping your pod out.
Tisiphone Dira > I foiled your attempts to escape, it was a good fight
Havoc5124 > blah blah blah
Like many miners, Havoc5124 believed a battle doesn't count as PvP unless both ships are firing at each other. He didn't understand the predator-prey dynamic or the PvP food chain.
Havoc5124 > now that i know your creeping around here maybe ill turn u into my new play toy
Tisiphone Dira > Woah, calm down friend. The Code commands that miners such as yourself treat all Code agents with respect and deference
Havoc5124 > you wanna square up the kill right thats fine by me
Havoc5124 > lol you hpnor ur code ill pull the trigger
Before Tisiphone could give him another chance to buy a permit, Havoc5124 suddenly transformed. The hunted had become the hunter.
Havoc5124 > makes no difference to me, i got my corp heading this way and they will camp gates looking for you
Dom Arkaral > "I'll pull the trigger" come on now, don't lie to yourself
Havoc5124 > lol lol roflmao
Havoc5124 > you think this is my pvp toon, wow dude u r such a newbie
Dom Arkaral > you have a titan pilot in nullsec? ohemgee
Fellow Agent Dom Arkaral joined the conversation already in progress. He was deeply skeptical of the miner's claim to be wolf in sheep's clothing.
Havoc5124 > close but it is a cap pilot
Dom Arkaral > yet you're in highsec, mining
Havoc5124 > thats were this toon was left
Dom Arkaral > just another excuse lol
Havoc5124 > look you think you know something and yet u know nothing about me. all ill say is watch out because i will come at you sideways
Havoc5124 explained that he normally conducts impressive PvP operations in nullsec using his capital pilot. The only reason he was AFK mining in highsec was because he'd left his character in Hek. See? It all makes sense.
Dom Arkaral > if you did have a toon in null, you'd be running havens all day long in a couple of carriers
Havoc5124 > not many of our cap team is on right now
Dom Arkaral > another awful excuse
Havoc5124 > lol say all u want but when i pod you maybe u will think again
Havoc5124 > and we r in wh space so be carefull jumping in holes. you might jump in the wrong one and find me with my carrier drilling your hole
Another reason Havoc5124 was spending his days mining in highsec was the inactivity of his fellow nullsec warriors. But once they logged on, he'd unleash them upon our Agents.
Tisiphone Dira > Havoc5124 i think you need to calm down. All we need is 10m and an apology
Havoc5124 > 10 mil and apology, and what will you do if i tell you to "go fuck yourself"
Havoc5124 > now that i know u target miners maybe ill camp out the belts and wait for you to show
Havoc5124 > and dont say there are kids in this room, this online games interaction isnt rated so stuff that shite
Tisiphone encouraged the miner to put aside fantasy in favor of reality. The best way of doing that, if you're a carebear, is to buy a mining permit and obey the Code. Havoc5124 became hostile instead. He wasn't ready to abandon his fantasy just yet.
Dom Arkaral > do you talk like that to your kids? such a filthy mouth
Havoc5124 > i dont have kids
Dom Arkaral > ok then, do you talk like that to your family and friends?
Havoc5124 > ah yes i do
Havoc5124 > got anymore quick comments
Dom Arkaral > miner, calm down
It was clear that the negotiations were getting nowhere. How could Havoc5124 buy a permit, if he was still doing his "elite nullsec PvP'er" routine?
Havoc5124 > couple newbies arent going to upset me
Dom Arkaral > who's your "all-powerful" nullsec alt with?
Havoc5124 > u will find out when it kills you, lol thats when u will know
Havoc5124 > im done with you newbies come on back to hek and ill give u a real fight
Havoc5124 > lol this toon aint no whimp
The miner challenged our heroes to a rematch in the Hek system. It was time to settle this conflict, once and for all.
Havoc5124 > so Dom Arkaral u like hiding out in high sec
Dom Arkaral > I'm in plain sight lol
Havoc5124 > yeah head in the dirt
Dom Arkaral > if you say so lol
Havoc5124 > i do because thats were newbies belong, rolling around in the dirt
Havoc5124 > have fun playing in the dirt
Havoc5124 > your boys jump me again they r in for a shocker
Descending deeper into his nullsec PvP'er persona, the miner sneered at the New Order of Highsec for being in highsec. It was as if Havoc5124 had forgotten that he'd been mining with a triple-cargo-expanded Mackinaw in Hek only moments before. He promised to shock our Agents. A lot of miners promise the same. But Havoc5124 was about to deliver.

To be continued...


  1. I like how it's all 'right now' stuff from this aggressively impotent miner, and then, at the end, '(if) your boys jump me again...'.

    Empty threats never sounded quite so empty...

  2. these miners think that antiganking will save them.... lol.... LOL.

    1. ... I'm insane in my own little world.... I close my eyes and dream of ganks but then I remember that I can't log in because I was a total douche to everyone, even to people in TCE.

      Sorry I was such an ass guys. plez someone ask ccp to unban me please?

      Commenting in minerbumping is all i can do and it is driving me insane... lol ... LOL.

  3. Lol at fake wolf arguing with himself. Doesn't this pleb have anything else better to with his time?

  4. \o/
    I was waiting for this one to come up :D

    Praise James

    1. Dom why you so angry all the time? You're like that Kusion fellow. Always grumpy. Did your girlfriend leave you cause you play eve too much?

  5. Its cute the way you wankers think you can force others to play your way. Our group of resistance will never bow to extortion or bullies! Lol. I never cry over trolls trying to troll me! Lol! :D

    When I ran the gankers out of Hageken all my stream fans were cheering me on and donating isk and injectors. Looks like they hate TNT as much as I do! LOL! Its cute they try so hard (and fail) to troll me. "Trolls will be trolls!" Lol :D

    Looks like Dom Arkaral has joined the trolls side on the forums. Guess I just found yet another TNT alt LOL! Red must be one of his, its easy to tell because they use the same types of phrases.

    LOL I am never mad! Why would I be mad at fail ganker losers trying and failing to troll me? All I do when they try is start up my stream and crack jokes for hours while my fans laugh at the ganker tears! LOL!

    TNT must be afraid of me LOL, I saw them undock in rookie ships and die to concord, then they left system because I was there LOL! Chickens lol!

    Don't forget miners, Hageken and my citadel there are safe from gankers when I am in system. You can tether at my station and laugh at the gankers with the rest of our antiganking group! Hageken will not bow to fail TNT ganker alts LOL!

    I am never mad or scared of in game bullies, they are so sad because the game is their life, they must really hate me for callimg them asses in local lol! I made them look bad and now they are trying to stir up shit with me! Losers lol! :D

    War dec corps won't even come near us, our trader friends in Jita know who to put pressure on to keep the trash out of our area. Most people I have met have given me props for not bowing to gankers, and they have donated so many supplies that I have a titan worth of assets spread all over eve. LOL! TNT cant stand it that I was given almost 100 skill injectors to help fight gankers and bullies, now they try to make me look bad on the forums and Evewho comments. So sad when they fail LOL! Try hards!

    Any high security player that wants good advice and a safe place to mine afk just contact me in game. I got you covered! Lol!

    There is a group of well organized people in Jita right now planning the end of CODE because you idiots support TNT bullies. You should have chosen your friends better lol! I would let you play your own way if it were me but these guys are not going to stop until every CHODE/TNT gankers is hiding in nullsec. Lol! Where you belong!

    Fly dangerous!

    1. Codex scaredy cat come out of his citadel yet?

    2. I'm curious why you guys are using my name on your website? Fake account with another persons name. Its cute someone is going this far.

    3. We are desperate yo. Please tears... must... have...

    4. I have never seen a grown man use the word 'cute' so much....

      Codex seem like the kind of person that thinks he is smarter than you because he's too thick to know any better.

  6. Wow , they still foam at the mouth to imatate eve onlines number 1 pvper still. Thats what i call obsessed. Lol

    1. KB, why do you fly with people who despise you almost as much as they despise miners?

  7. I'm curious why you guys haven't tried contacting the Real Codex, and not the fake account that is clear as day.

    1. Fake Codex best Codex.January 31, 2017 at 3:51 PM

      I'm curious why Codex posted this as an anon. What's your angle? No one believes you Codex, you have been proven a liar too many times.

      Please tell us all about that TNT alt you "doxxed". Even if you had the wrong guy you should tell us all about it.

      And do tell everyone why you hate TNT so much please, we need the details. You seem to really hate those guys.

  8. But where oh where is Ming?


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