Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Return of the Mad King, Part 4

Previously, on MinerBumping... Once upon a time, a man named Fin Udan had free rein over EVE-O. He insulted ISD and CCP, and he spread profanity and conspiracy theories at will. He seemed immune from the rules, until eventually he was cast out into the darkness. Then, one day, he returned. Posting under the name Rogue Halo, Fin renewed his crusade against the New Order IPO thread in Market Discussions.

Fin's triumphant return had soured quickly. He was making no more progress winning over the community than he had all those months ago.

Now the forum warrior found himself getting bogged down with his various personal vendettas. Then Fin switched gears. It was time to focus on his true goal: The elimination of the New Order IPO thread.

...And to do that, he would need to go back to the EVE General Discussion subforum, a place where hopefully he would find a more receptive audience. Fin posted a new thread, "A scam in plain sight", in which he informed everyone of all of the crimes being committed in another subforum.

While the Market Discussions subforum seemed to be owned lock, stock, and barrel by the New Order, maybe there was still a shred of decency left in EVE General Discussion. And if not, maybe CCP would show up to tell Fin how he could get the New Order thread locked.

But then, at the very moment Fin's victory seemed to be at hand...

Disaster! ISD Max Trix had been alerted to an active thread in EVE General Discussion. He moved swiftly to transfer the thread to the Crime & Punishment subforum.

Fin disagreed with the decision to move the thread.

Fin learned to his disgust that the Crime & Punishment subforum was an even more pro-Code venue than Market Discussions.

ISD Max Trix removed Fin's complaint posts from the thread. However, he did not take any action against Fin. According to the forum rules, abusing members of the ISD is grounds for an immediate permaban from EVE-O; people have certainly been banned for far less. So far, Fin's posting privileges remained intact. Was... was it all happening again?

Fin didn't believe in polite ambiguities and gray areas. Whatever he sought, he went after it directly. Now it was time for the moment of truth. Fin wanted to know if his EVE-O invincibility had been restored. If it had, he would use his powers to bring down the New Order IPO thread. And if not, he'd rather be banned again. It was all or nothing. Fin challenged the ISD and pushed all his chips into the center of the table.

Twenty minutes later, Fin still wasn't banned. But maybe that was just because the ISD hadn't read his post yet. He occupied himself by skirmishing with posters in the Crime & Punishment forum.

Then Fin noticed that ISD Max Trix had indeed seen his challenge. The ISD member was quietly deleting Fin's posts. But Fin himself was still free to post anything he liked. Apparently nothing he could say would get him banned. Fin Udan had his powers back. And that meant one thing...

Game on.

To be continued...


  1. He must be a ganker deep down inside. 50 ISK says that he joins Code. Let see:

    Thin Skin... check.
    Rude to Everyone even corpmates... check.
    Megalomaniac... check.

    Some one give that turd a cat! He is already Code. Maybe he's another Loyal alt. We'll know if he gets into Conference Elite without going through NOL for training. XD

    1. 741anon,
      Welcome to the Pandemic Horde anti ganking militia. You post tears like a true PHag!

    2. Tears from laughing so hard. You must be new to EVE. 'tears' come from anger and sadness for a loss. You seem angry, Angry-Phag-Agent. Do you want to talk about it? Did your freighter no go boom?

  2. Fun Fin is what happens when someone grows up being told they're always wrong. They hit teenage and decide to rebel, by doing guess what? "I'm right, whatever you say! I'm right, you're wrong; always!"

    The tragedy is that even when they are right, it's often in quite the wrong way...

    No fun being Fun Fin, I should think.

    1. Lulzy, all Rob has to do is post daily and some tear faucet will shit himself trying to make a point.

      Anon818, If your point is that you have no self control, we knew that.
      But please continue to cry, and while you are are trying to improve yourself, please remember to ensure you have a valid mining permit.

      Get a permit or get rekt, miner scum.

    2. calm down wanna-be-ganker...and take your meds ;)

    3. Agents going nutz over our daily trolling of their precious blog. Calling 'shut up' tears... lolollololol!

      You agent code types, so thin skinned, so angry. Quite EVE now before you have a stroke. XDXDXD

  3. But where are the Kusions??

    1. Come back Daxter! I take back all those horrible things I said about you. I really miss you. I just want to hold you in my... whatever it is that catalysts have... overheated light neutron blaster IIs.

    2. Daxter come back! You can blame it all on me...

  4. Awoxing the HSM: A top secret mission to find out why they have so much fun.

    1. What is an hsm?

    2. I think that means 'Ham Sam-Mich'.

      Either that or 'hisec failitia'.

      They all the same, mad and creepy and spergy as hell.
      And they fail daily! Always!


  5. I wonder if fin is insane

    And every so often he escapes the nuthouse long enough to hijack some random computer, lose his shit over James' IPO, get recaptured, and then start planning his next escape. All while chanting "three one five" under his breath.

    He seems like that kind of special. I mean he can't seem to grasp the idea that EVE is a game, and everyone knows that shares of anything in game is all imaginary.

    Either that or he's low I.Q.
    I mean real low, like 5 or 6.


  6. Jeezus the ag community has become quite a group of shitters.

  7. But where oh where is Ming?

  8. ISD's cant ban people only GM's and CCP. You ever try to get a Dev on a Saturday night?


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