Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Shocker, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Havoc5124 lost a fail-fit Mackinaw in the Hek system when Agent Tisiphone Dira ganked him. The miner went to the "Why am I dead?" channel to discuss the matter with Tisiphone and Dom Arkaral. He then revealed his true identity: An elite nullsec capital pilot!
Havoc5124 > your boys jump me again they r in for a shocker
Havoc5124 > im not mad just trying to get you here
Havoc5124 > duel free from concord and after i blow ur ship up ill take 50mil and an apology from you
Havoc5124 > you should be paying me for my time because newbie trash like you is just wasting my time
Freed from the shackles of his anti-tanked exhumer, Havoc5124 was ready to unleash his full fury on the New Order.
Tisiphone Dira > So is the dreaded wormhole cap fleet coming for me then, or am I safe to go about my bussiness?
Havoc5124 > u can bring ur business here and ill shut you down, hows that sound
Dom Arkaral > you are one lazy bear, no wonder you got ganked hahah
Havoc5124 > not lazy just dont really give a shit about you loosers
Havoc5124 > im laughing at you not crying
Havoc5124 > come back when u can fly a carrier and i might pay enough attention to you to listen
The miner was secretly in command of an empire in wormhole space, one which was patrolled by a fleet of his fellow capital pilots.
Havoc5124 > good for them so let me guess that means you are to much of a weak ass biatch to handle a carrier
Havoc5124 > thats why ur boys are flying destroyers and nothing bigger
Havoc5124 > freaking newbies
Dom Arkaral > I can tank a carrier in my bs anyday
Havoc5124 > lol ill believe u can fly a bs when u show up with one
The miner was so busy with his empire that he had barely any time to exact vengeance against the Agent who popped his Mackinaw.
Dom Arkaral > you still haven't noticed that I'm not even in the CODE. alliance haven't you?
Havoc5124 > ive noticed in fact im talking to my guys about dropping a war dec on all of your aliances
Dom Arkaral > "your guys" lmao
Havoc5124 > laugh now
Havoc5124 > have fun flying your pos destroyers
The other shoe dropped: Havoc5124 was only engaging in conversation with our Agents to keep them distracted while he made preparations for a full-scale war against CODE. and any affiliated alliances.
Dom Arkaral > whew XD
Havoc5124 > lol u r fool and ur stupidity is making me laugh harder so please stop making me laugh
Havoc5124 > u just dont get it do you
Havoc5124 > were r u
Dom Arkaral > Uedama same as an hour ago
Havoc5124 > hmm 14 jumps away...........
Tisiphone could only shake her head. Havoc5124 was about to destroy the New Order, leaving her with only a small chance of selling him a mining permit.
Havoc5124 > what r ur terms
Havoc5124 > as in restrictions
Dom Arkaral > none? this is EVE lmao
Havoc5124 > ok works for me
Dom Arkaral > oh welp
Dom Arkaral > guess he isn't coming after all XD
The miner offered to duel Dom Arkaral, but then he went silent. The miner disappeared, which is typical of carebears who vow revenge but actually do nothing. What our Agents didn't know is that Havoc5124 had every intention of delivering them the shock he'd promised.

The next day in the "Why am I dead?" channel...
Lament von Gankenheim > 2017.01.05 23:14:20 Player Donation 10,000,000 ISK 250,050,990 ISK [r] Havoc5124 deposited cash into Lament von Gankenheim's account
Dom Arkaral > holy mammoth how did you manage that?
Lament von Gankenheim > he ended our convo with a "it was my pleasure meeting you"
Dom Arkaral > how? he went to "fuck CODE." to "let me suck your tralala.. ummm your ding-ding-dong"?!
The news from Agent Lament von Gankenheim indeed shocked everyone. Their amazement only grew as Lament showed them the logs of his convo with Havoc5124 earlier that day:
Lament von Gankenheim > \o
Havoc5124 > greetings
Havoc5124 > i was reading over the chat log and saw you also offer services in assisting players in building proper tanks is that correct
Lament von Gankenheim > absolutely
Havoc5124 > good, im a returning vet of the game and would greatly appreciate assistance in getting back ontop of my game including PVP.
Lament had been contacted by Havoc5124, who saw him talking to other miners in the "Why am I dead?" channel. His attitude was completely different now. For the first time, he recognized that he was just a highsec miner in need of a permit.
Havoc5124 > i will pay the 10mil isk to you
Havoc5124 > for a 1 yr permit
Havoc5124 > is this permit good in all high sec
Lament von Gankenheim > every system 0.5-1.0
Havoc5124 > roger that.
Lament didn't even need to sell him on the idea. He simply collected the miner's isk.
Havoc5124 > isk inbound
Havoc5124 > 10mil transfered
Havoc5124 > awaiting your evemail
Havoc5124 > pleasure doing business
Lament von Gankenheim > my pleasure as well
Havoc5124 > do i need to leave my current corp to be one of ur agents
As I've often said, our wallets are filled with the isk of those who say they'll never pay.

Rebel carebears of highsec, you see that permit up there? That's going to be in your bio one day. And probably a lot sooner than you think.


  1. Replies
    1. Never heard of World of warcraft Anon 7:26PM? Rob expresses in three letters more wisdom than most carebears in three sentences.

  2. That was a pleasant turnaround. I expect the miner did some research and realized we are the only people in EVE with his best interests in mind.

    1. Lawrence,

      it was a pleasant turnaround on my part but I'm still learning more and more about your group. I spoke with one of your newer members and they linked me a web page about the CODE and CCP's reaction. this cleared up a lot for me and I absolutely agree that John 316 does have high sec best interest in mind. BTW I did do some research

  3. I wish I could still play EVE. But I was soooo obsessed with anti-gankers that I anti-ganked myself into being banned. :(

    1. Lol being that mad you need to make a copy account of mine XD XD. stay mad XD

    2. Real funny fake Wolfie. I think your mad.

  4. Havoc5124 > your boys jump me again they r in for a shocker

    best line ever. we should turn that into a meme.

    If antigankers try to anti gank they are in for a shocker (that doesn't actually work because its no shock when they fail non-stop daily)

    1. I heard that the anti gankers beat code in the alliance tournament.

  5. I guess we know what kind of "shocker" havoc wants...

    Fuck Cotex Biofluffer!

    1. Its cute you guys get trolled by one of your own and think its me. Cute, :) I'm flattered.

    2. Loyal getting banned was the best thing that ever happened to our alliance. Bye Felicia!

    3. Say "cute" again, Cotex.

    4. hey Codex - mind telling me why they're so dead set against you? It was a bit confusing being accused of being you when I only had the best intentions at heart.

    5. @933 no one is against him. Other than calling him out as the blowhard he has proven himself to be.

      I know what started this, I witnessed part of his original meltdown in Hageken over a month ago. He got triggered.

      Seems he is intent on learning eve etiquette the hardest way possible.
      Maybe he is trying to socially engineer himself into some unknown situation or group, but he seems to think the average Eve player is as uneducated as say his young friends in something like titanfall or lol. Both well known for the tirades and tears produced by their players.

      His big thing is posting on alts and threatening you with his superhuman IP something something powers, then calling you a TNT alt.

      If you give him facts that are contrary to his narrative, he will try to change the subject fast. Or flat out call you a liar. I guess he perscribes to the 'loud enough and long enough' school of thought. If all else fails he will revert to the "im just trying to help noobies" blah blah blah. Mind you he is helping them by enabling bot aspirant behavior in high sec.

      Best to ignore if possible. Most of us that know him have decided he is a blowhard, and we just wish he would go somewhere else.

    6. Useful summary, Miner. Thanks.

    7. Very useful! He sounds like a complete boor. I can understand the suspicion behind the accusation then, and I won't take it personally, I'll probably go and actually register a name to prevent that in future.

    8. Hageken Miner, you are right on one thing, I have been learning eve etiquette the hard way. its time for a change on that but its not easy to keep proper etiquette when you are wrapped up in things that prevent you from acknowledging an agent is in local. you are right on another point, blowing up on comm wasn't right and for that I apologize to those who had to wade through and read it all. other games with there trash talking has left me ill prepared for life back in eve.

  6. The only shocker havoc is going to get is the shock of being blapped by everyone else in High Sec. Especially by me. Congrats Havoc5124 you've made it onto the Blap-On-Sight list. :D #gonnabegud #gfgankerscoutgf

  7. Havoc sounds a lot like this mad miner:


    Must be something in the ore fumes makes them act like that.

    1. Its nice to see the TNT member trying so hard. :)

    2. Hey Cotex 227,

      Why you so mad at TNT? Is your butt still sore?

  8. That miner calmed down.

    1. Holy shit it finally worked!!


  9. The strangest thing about Codex Biovector is how he keeps his in-game name secret, and then gives everybody a hard time for calling him by the alias he uses, but then complains if they use an alias of their own. It's nonsensical.

    It seems that he has never done anything of note in game in the system of Hageken where he claims to live, and must exist primarily as a troll poster.

    "I don't have shit and I can't get shit, but I sure know how to post shit. What can I say, I'm a shitter." -- Codex Biovector

    1. Its interesting how you have a fake quote but cute your trying :) My In-game name isn't a secret. But you put no effort to contact the original.:) Guess its easy to run your mouth like usual lawrence.

    2. honestly, who cares? You code monkeys get so wrapped around the axle every time any one stands up to you. Next thing you know we have lengthy walls of text explaining who, what, where, when and why. It's an unhealthy obsession which will only lead to you anti-ganking yourself.

    3. Wah wah wah , codex whoever , you are, as has been posted previously a toothless windbag. All the miners in hagekan docked the moment i went red. You can not protect anybody in hagekan. You are just comedy gold here. Keep crying.

  10. The poor corps who were pitted against CODE. Did not get 3 jumps out of jita with their equipment for the alliance tournament before losing it without getting a single shot off. Ask jerry rin, Alliance tournament champion.

  11. antigankers are failing so hard right now XD XD id hate to be so mad out of game like 100% of them are XD XD

  12. CODE Always Wins
    plebs are going to stay plebs ;)

  13. I ganked 2 barges in 30 mins in hagekan, no resistance met at all. See you tommorow hagekan.

  14. Shhh nobody cares about NOL.

  15. But where oh where is Ming?

  16. https://evewho.com/pilot/Codex%20Biovector/

    The comments. Has anyone made it to the end yet? Is there like a suprise ending or something?

    What am I missing?

  17. I will never buy permit you disgusting code scums.

  18. This is so fun! What a great idea. Also I love how authentic you seem to be. Your style and passion for blogging is contagious. Thank you for sharing your life!


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