Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The Best Revenge, Part 71

Previously, on MinerBumping... Operation Devil's Night loomed in aiva naali aka FighterJets GuitarSolo 1000Years's mind. But even as aiva put the finishing touches on his plan to defeat Pandemic Horde, the coronavirus pandemic struck.

aiva gave his council official instructions on how to deal with the virus.

For aiva, it was not merely a matter of protecting those close to him; the Imperium could not afford to lose anyone currently assigned to participate in Devil's Night.

The coronavirus was far from the only item on aiva's agenda, however. He was still concerned about the fuel situation.

aiva still suspected that Test Alliance Please Ignore might have been involved in the mysterious disappearance of Imperium fuel. All along, he'd hoped to attack TEST only after Pandemic Horde had been dealt with.

aiva's council was skeptical about the threat posed by TEST. Most felt that PH was by far the more dangerous enemy.

...But there was a reason that aiva was the one in command. Only he had the tactical and strategic brilliance needed to conquer nullsec and determine the course of EVE history.

Of course, a genius intellect will only get you so far. Isk is also important.

aiva contributed an additional 3 billion isk worth of PLEX into the Imperium supercapital fund. aiva sometimes had trouble scraping together the necessary isk, so he hoped that this payment would keep Donatien Alphonse Francois happy for a while.

...No such luck.

aiva soon learned that behind the scenes, his council was being pressured like never before. Not everyone in the Imperium's bureaucracy was happy with aiva. And he had rivals.

aiva's council passed along information about the growing restlessness of key Imperium leaders.

Despite aiva's extraordinary power and influence in the Imperium, the fact remained that he was not omnipotent. To maintain his position, aiva would need to keep the other power players happy. And that would require isk. Lots of it.

To be continued...


  1. Does aiva know yet?

    1. He knows everything! He is omniscient almost like The Savior Himself!
      He has 201 aiku!

  2. That's some solid advice about the paper tiger, if only there were a way to prevent fire from traveling up the stick, but unfortunately I'm not sure there are any fireproof sticks. Just watch what you hit and remember to stay safe!

    1. Bah.
      I use a flamethrower.
      Works fine..:)

    2. hope your tanks dont rupture

  3. A hand painted flag?!? No. Way.

    He's quite the Renaissance man. Is there anything this tactical genius doesn't do well? I mean other than the highsec mining corp recruitment thing, that's all 2.5d shit, and aiva works in the 3D only, friend.

    I would like to know his thoughts on the ganking of highsec losers like shardani/foxbolt/greer/mehk/ect.

    I kant waite untel I can fly carriors to!!

  4. Where was ag? They must have been out "protesting" for a new Gucci bag and some Nikes. ;)

  5. im not the flashy type of person small ajustments from me are commen but big orders are rare

  6. Jesus I was AFK from MB for 7 weeks and aiva is still being dunked on, amazing. I'm so glad this story hasn't finished yet, now I need to catch up on the rest.


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