Monday, June 8, 2020

The Best Revenge, Part 72

Previously, on MinerBumping... aiva naali aka FighterJets GuitarSolo 1000Years was poised to deliver a devastating blow against Pandemic Horde in the endless Imperium/PH war. But aiva's resources were not infinite--and the costs of running the Imperium kept going up.

aiva was a financial wizard. He was able to manipulate markets and do all sorts of amazing things with money. When it came to isk, the only thing he was bad at was accumulating it.

But if maintaining his grip on the Imperium required money, aiva would pull out all the stops. Buckle up...

...And get ready to throw away everything you thought you knew about the EVE economy.

Unfortunately, no one was around, so aiva had to quietly cancel his economic revolution. He would remain poor for now.

On occasion, aiva allowed his trusted colleagues to catch a glimpse of his personal life. When he wasn't building nuclear reactors, aiva was engaged in all sorts of cloak-and-dagger shenanigans. No wonder he was so good at EVE.

aiva's life had prepared him for EVE in a way that few other players can claim, and even fewer can claim truthfully.

aiva did a lot of thinking when he wasn't playing EVE.

While the Imperium's highest-ranking bureaucrats awaited their weekly payment, aiva went to his colleagues and made a disturbing announcement.

For undisclosed medical reasons--scratch that, travel reasons--aiva would not be able to find the money to make his weekly payment into the titan fund. He wouldn't have enough time to mine ore and manipulate the PLEX market; he was going to be too busy dealing with personal issues.

aiva was absolutely committed to winning the war against Pandemic Horde. But he wouldn't violate international law to do it. Nor would he allow anyone to exploit his supercomputer of a brain to achieve that purpose.

...But aiva's council knew their man.

aiva's intellect was a force of nature. He couldn't resist the temptation to solve any and every problem posed to him.

The nuclear reactor in aiva's garage wasn't the superweapon--he was. All of which presented a disturbing question: In their zeal to defeat Pandemic Horde, was aiva's council ethical enough not to unleash aiva's dangerous mind upon the world?

To be continued...


  1. oh god, are they gonna use a supper weapon?

  2. Wow, that retard is batshit crazy. Does he even hear himself?

    Just to put everything in perspective: Tactical Retard Is Still Convinced He's Not Being Played, Part 72 . . .

  3. If I find you that you guys are spreading Wu Flu to affect Pandemic fleet operations I will be reporting you to CCP. That is clearly a violation of the EULA.

    1. Not to mention several sections of the Geneva Convention.
      But don't worry, he's a supper genius, not a supper villain.

    2. You'll never be able to prove it.

    3. "Take *cough* this warp. Fleet, jump *cough* jump. Did *cough* he say *cough* jump?" Sound familiar Joe? :)))

  4. Oh my! I start to worry for our Emperror of Gewns. I don't think The Mittani ever missed a payment he owed to his war-council.

  5. Replies
    1. Is Mittens behind Dosh LLC? Hope you aren't planning taking down the entire company. That would hurt him.

  6. i may not havealot of dosh that does not mean i dont use what little i do have effectivly

    1. The musician and the dry cleaner dress the windows and wear nice shoes.

    2. I've laughed at LL's post for days now

  7. Dosh? Jeezus, are we back in 2001 again?

    Where's the adult that's responsible for that miner? Surely he's not left to his own devices! With that aiku? This is what happens when the bleeding heart liberals shut down the asylums, there's nowhere for 'special' people to go for proper care.

  8. I was waiting for the best revenge part-72, no one can win this battle!!! Assignment expert


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