Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Diplomatic Accountability

Although highsec PvE corps are, generally speaking, abominations, they can have their uses--and not only for boosting CCP's subscriber retention rates. Even in the worst highsec corporations, membership is a privilege, not a right. That means it's a potential source of leverage. From the earliest days of the New Order, our Agents used the threat of wardecs to get rude carebears kicked out of their corps. The process is simple: Contact the corp CEO, inform them of their member's misdeeds, and threaten a wardec. There's a decent chance the CEO will do the right thing.

This works at the alliance level, as well. A few days ago, Agent Lord Jasta encountered a miscreant in the Hidden Society alliance. He contacted Bliceroy Blackoak, a diplomat.

The problem is being resolved, even as we speak. But what about the real troublemakers? Can even they be brought to heel?

Agent Liek DarZ had an unpleasant encounter with a fellow named Brainiac Primal. The shocking tale was related in a MinerBumping post.

He was a hardened criminal. He despised the New Order, the Code, and everything else worthwhile about life in modern highsec.

As you may recall, Brainiac shouted treason against the Order in local. This disturbed the resident miners--perhaps even creating confusion about the legitimacy of highsec government. Still don't remember Brainiac? One more reminder:

Yeah, that guy. Could Brainiac's corp's CEO do anything about him?

The CEO, Kerra CrackPot, reprimanded Brainiac in private. It was a good start. However, Kerra herself didn't seem to be resigned to living under New Order rule. She was a little uppity, to be honest. So Agent Liek DarZ sent a follow-up EVEmail, emphasizing to Kerra how unprofitable a wardec would be. Liek DarZ requested an apology from Brainiac Primal himself. Would Kerra be persuaded to make Brainiac comply?

The Code gives our Agents amazing strength. The haughty carebear was forced to humble himself. However, Liek DarZ was not yet fully satisfied. There seemed to be a little part of Brainiac that wasn't sufficiently apologetic. And besides, Brainiac had spoken ill of the Saviour of Highsec. That was the real crime. Liek insisted that Brainiac send a personal apology to James 315.

Brainiac was annoyed by this request. He even dipped his toe into the denialist pool, suggesting that my Agent was actually my alt.

The rebel miner proved to be a sullen and unruly sort. Once more, Liek DarZ reminded everyone involved of the horrors of war and that, once unleashed, a wardec can be quite difficult to stop, unless the miners are willing to dissolve their corporation. Liek expressed his sincerest hopes that Brainiac would find it within his heart to make a sincere apology to the Saviour of Highsec--one that didn't betray any signs of dissatisfaction with New Order rule.

The Code works wonders, making even the most notorious carebear fit for duty in modern highsec. Of course, the Code isn't only about EVEmails, but deeds. Actions speak louder than words. Ideally, the Code reforms a bot-aspirant even beyond actions: The carebear should think good thoughts, too. Brainiac Primal has come a long way, but he is not yet compliant with the Code. I look forward to seeing more signs of his progress in the near future.


  1. Crybears - if they ain't dying they be lying.

  2. You say ganking and wanking like there's something bad about that.

  3. Did someone mention already that the CODE always wins? If not, i did ;-)

  4. If you can gank, indeed play any game at all, one handed while pleasuring yourself, I salute you! I've been trying for years and have yet to master the delicate art.

  5. My PVE/mining corp of 20 people all stopped playing Eve, one after another, because of CODE. We were just fed up with all the drama CODE was bragging about.
    That's 20 times monthly subscription that CCP is not getting now. This might not seem like a lot of money, but I'm sure we're not the first or the last to leave Eve because of CODE.
    I think that one day Eve Online will shrink back to a almost break-even for CCP because hardly any trail accounts are upgraded to subscription accounts, thanks to the warm welcome of your friendly neighborhood CODE buddies

    1. Seriously? You were that helpless against CODE? Just roll corp from wardeccs and move to to Khanid/Ammater....tank ships properly when mining AFK (Skiffs are great!), and you will be fine. I mean are CODE irritating? Sure. But they have nowhere near enough impact to compel you to quit Eve.

    2. MrRoeljanssen, I am sure that you and your friends will be sorely missed in the EVE community. I hope that Hello Kitty Online and WoW are enjoying their new source of revenue. If you ever want to return to EVE and actually PLAY the game; I am sure that Code will take you under their wing and show you the way of truth and light. No one is beyond redemption. Not even Gorila.

    3. MrRoeljanssen yeah bad corps are a dime a hundred in EVE. They usually fail just like yours after undock in anything but a starter system. Have fun in WOW.

    4. Played a PvP game. Was suprised PvP happened to him.

      Sorry mate, EVE wasn't for you.

    5. MrRoeljanssen - your post stinks of a carebear's sockpuppet. Post proof you've quit.

  6. MrRoeljanssen - actually you were a PVE/Mining/PVP corps. You undocked so you all were the second p in the PVP.

  7. Why does Code. call me a bot just because I don't like to chat to other players in local?
    I do the exact same thing over and over again and that makes me relaxed, no you aren't allowed to say that no one likes that because I do.

    I have been killed a lot in EVE but never by the Code. or their allies.
    But what I can say this far is that Code. has no empathy for their victims like the other players who killed me have.

    Cut the crap that you gank because you care.
    I can rape and kill just because I care for humanity but that still doesn't make the actions legal or anything between that.

    By saying that a player who enjoy static game play (do same thing hour after hour) is not a good EVE player and is a bot is a direct violation against EULA since my medical condition is like that I get stressed out of new things all the time.
    I can adopt but if I want to feel relaxed it should be the same thing over and over again in an endless loop.

    Sounds boring?
    That's just one of my days in real life ;)

    So quit this retarded role play that attacks not only in game but oog too....
    Code. doesn't do anything good to a game when all they want to do is to push Players to the limit and now they start to harass corps too?

    No way there will be free beers if I ever have to spend time with a Code. or their allys.
    Free beer is for friends who care about the other friend and so on, not a "friend" that makes jokes over a medical condition.....

    No, don't go there! killing/ganking is not caring for anything!

    Since you don't know the player in the receiving end you should be more careful before saying anything about them at all.

    1. EVE is a pvp game. This is not some mining simulator, or some relaxing single player game. This is full-on, non-consensual, unfair pvp, where everyone is to be assumed to be after you blowing up your space pixels. Every mechanic in the game, the market, mining, ratting is just a means to make the losses even more severe and painful to the players. Without boring activities, nothing would have any real value. It's the thrill to be in a violent, dark universe filled with danger and threat where you can lose everything you have been working on for months that keeps the majority of the gamers in EVE. When you think, no - feel entitled - to be able to play this gem of a game as some mining simulator 2014 or whatever, don't be surprised when someone else plays the game the way it is supposed to be played. A pvp sandbox.

      And 'sandbox' doesn't mean that you can do whatever you want WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES! You can play as a harmless peaceful miner, but somebody else can play EVE as some scumbag pirate, or ruthless warmachine, or roleplay or whatever else, and you have to adapt to your surroundings, fit tank, find some friends to defend your mining ops and so on and so forth. There are other games where you can mine in space, build vast empires, fly huge ships. The X sieries: X:rebirth (although it sucked when it came out, but i bet it is patched now), X3:reunion (loved that game, and still looks pretty), Elite: Dangerous (it is multiplayer, but not as harsh as EVE) and many other games. But there is only one game as EVE is, so don't try to change it, if it doesn't suit you. Try any of the other space-sim games out there, maybe you'll like them more :)

    2. Still Code. do whatever they can to push a player to the limit of breakdown. That is NOT EVE for sure.
      I don't talk about a safe environment I talk about Code. sick assumption that everyone that likes mining is bots, every one that does everything exactly the same every time is a bot.

      I have been reported so many times I can't remember and still I'm by my keyboard when GM tries to ban me.

      I adapt to all game play but I will never adapt to Code. sick assumption of a bot. As long as they call me a bot I will fight them.

    3. Are miners so sadly misanthropic that misanthropy and greed are the only motivations they can understand for human behavior? We explain, over and over again, why we punish miners. It's not about making them cry, or rage; we explain our goals, our motivations, it's all very up front. But over and over again, miners say we must either be acting out of greed, or out of sociopathy. Are these the only motivations you believe exist, anon@2:52?

    4. How original - another anonymous posted bringing rape and murder into a discussion about video games. Get help.

    5. @Anon 5:41 - miners mine over and over again, and miners whine over and over again. It seems your medical condition is not as rare as you'd think. Get help.

    6. DJ EntropyDecember 11, 2014 at 7:49 PM
      Maybe you should get help that thinks nothing mattes just because it's a game.
      There are plenty of humans that don't differ between the real world and a game when it comes to losing stuff so who is sick here?

      You gank and say it's ok just because it's a game.
      No it's not ok to gank and push players to the limit when they use foul language and throw threats etc. Then the ganker have gone 500 steps to far no matter what game mechanics they used.

      Code. is just a way for players to bullying without caring for what they really do.
      Gank by all means but STOP pushing the ganked player!!!
      If that's so hard to understand you should get threats against you, your familly girl/boyfriend and anyone who ever support your ganking issues.

    7. Yea right, attack a medical condition too, that's just like Code.
      Who is the sickest of us really?

      You can't even take the information that there are players that do stuff in the exact same way over and over again forever and EVER.

      It's when I don't do what I used to do I get ganked so is botting behaviour good or bad?

    8. @Anonymous chickenshit December 12, 2014 at 10:16 AM

      Interaction isn't bullying. Post with your main.

    9. Anon @ 10:16
      You realize that YOU are the one advocating IRL threatening, as well as threatening someone's family members over a video game? NOT the Agents of the New Order?

      You're making it quite obvious that it is the MINERS who are the most mentally unstable, and in the most need of re-habilitation!

  8. It's not okay to make fun of people with Bot-ulism.


  9. Wow, I see so many sins and mistakes from both sides.


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