Sunday, December 28, 2014

Kills of the Week

Life is about choices. EVE is about choices, too. Let's consider some bad choices that were made by carebears during the week of December 21st @ 00:00 EVEtime through December 27th @ 23:59 EVEtime, and consider how we might help the carebears make better choices in the future.

And just like that, any goodwill Sack R-A-T-T-E might have possessed went straight out the window. It's truly shocking to see there are still people who fly quintuple anti-tanked mining battleships these days. At least he had an escape plan, though--in the form of a 1mn microwarpdrive. Agents Ilithyia Borgia and Mal Warre somehow managed to catch up to the speedy miner and unleash the full fury of their Taloses.

Sammy DavisJr had a lousy freighter fit, there's no doubt. He compounded the error by ignoring his obligation to buy a mining permit. Throwing caution to the wind, he jumped into Uedama, where he was killed. Now for some proof that our Agents are always thinking of inventive new ways to kill Code violators:

Agent Vanilla Mooses, inflicting 0 damage, got full credit for this piece of elite solo PvP history. How did she do it? You'd have to ask her, but I'm willing to bet that her faith in the Code played a crucial role.

Colandria added to the death toll in Uedama this week with her 15.6 billion isk jump freighter loss. Naturally, she was anti-tanked, because who ever heard of a suicide gank in Uedama? When you think about it, every carebear who lacks a permit is anti-tanked. Agents unknown boat, Sophia Soprano, Braggs Seyllin, loyalanon, karma balancer, Amyclas Amatin, Chocolate Mooses, Globby, Jason Kusion, Quaker Oatmeal, reaper Shardani, Sasha Cohenberg, and Buhbye Rollard deserve highsec's praise for this kill.

BONUS! A behind-the-scenes look at Kills of the Week!

Competition for a highlight in a Kills of the Week post can be very fierce. There are so many misguided carebears out there. They suffer tremendous losses, all because someone on Reddit or whatever told them not to buy a permit. For example, this week, I felt it was important to highlight a dead Orca. Who would get the spotlight?

There was a 3.7 billion isk Orca. A very fine kill. But there was also an astonishing 5.6 billion isk Orca ganked this week! And yet, that didn't get featured either. Because...

I don't blame you if you need to take a moment to compose yourself after this kill. Torisia Steele lost a completely unfit Orca worth 11.4 billion isk. Carebears, do you really need to transport your BPOs through Uedama in an unfit ship? Consider alternatives, please. Agents Theodoric Darkwind, Norek Crendraven, Tisiphone Dira, Zombiepilot, Amyclas Amatin, Sasha Cohenberg, Quaker Oatmeal, DJ Rubbie, ZombieAgent, and Jason Kusion destroyed the Orca, which was worth more than many nullsec fleets these days. New Order sovereignty was enforced well.

Returning to our behind-the-scenes insights this week... When I saw that a 5.1 billion isk pod was ganked, I was very impressed. Yet this wasn't the most expensive pod popped. An incredible 8.7 billion isk pod was destroyed. (It was actually worth just over 9 billion isk if you add the value of an implant listed as 0 isk on Eve-Kill.)

Surely--surely!--a pod worth 9 billion isk would be the most expensive implant loss this week. Well...

X-FEANOR's pod was worth nearly 10 billion isk, again adding in the value of an unrated implant. Agent Sasha Cohenberg landed the kill after X-FEANOR's freighter was popped. It was a rough day for ol' X-FEANOR; he lost not one but two freighters in addition to the pod. Naturally, both freighters were completely anti-tanked, because highsec is 100% safe and nobody needs to worry about those CODE. people.

As a side note, X-FEANOR has lost several freighters over the last few months. Carebear apologists, don't feel bad for him over that 10 billion isk pod loss, either: He lost another one of those to our Agents in October. He has only himself to blame.

I'm very concerned for X-FEANOR. He should be considered unarmed and extremely bot-aspirant. Odds are good that he's involved with botting, RMT, and/or other unsavory practices. If you'd like to get a 10 billion isk pod on your killboard, you might want to engage in some PvP with him.

If not for the Code, how many other X-FEANORs would be out there stinking up highsec? Every carebear has a choice: Follow the Code, or lose everything you have. Keep highsec beautiful.


  1. The Code ALWAYS Wins!!!!! ALWAYS!!!!!

  2. If there were ever any doubt of the need for our beloved Code, today's blogpost must surely dispel it for all time.

    Blow after sickening blow to our 'finely honed senses'; the knife of cruel obscenity twisted again and again in the depths of our viscera; where will it all end?

    In 100% Code-Compliance, that's where. Let us redouble our efforts comrades!


  3. How the crap did Mooses nail that freighter?

    Did the guy self-destruct ?

    Mike Adoulin

    1. Frequently the CODE. gank a freighter in a rookie ship in order to enable the logoff trap. So I assume that the guy had something better to do than being bumped by the code for 12hrs as enterntaining as that may be.

    2. I prefer to think he just pointed his finger at it and went "BANG!"

    3. Er, "she." Sorry.

  4. 892bil ISK destroyed this month alone. The Marmite Collective got merely to 646bil. Actually, December is noticeably worse for Marmites ISK-wise than previous months. Is it because they wardecced the CODE?

  5. The worst part about torisias loss? A month back I killed his alt and dutifully offered him a permit. He took the loss of Emerald skyy's retriever so bad we've been at war ever since! All over a 10 million permit. I hope others can learn from this loss. Snigie Audanie.

  6. Implying RMT is a little over the top, even for you.
    Otherwise, carry on...

  7. I highly enjoy each KotW, yet pop a couple dramamine for the nauseating bot-aspirancy. It's an ambivalent experience.

  8. What's with all these idiots carrying blueprints in anti-tanked industrials and freighters?

  9. teh mooses

    loves, i can totes assure you the only raesons that I killed that spaceship was my love of the code and my desire to make the eve online a better place. Contact me or the chocolate moose when you are ready to like purchase a permit

    all praise the 315 it is love it is life


  10. Father of the New Order, James 315, I think a piece may be needed on the philosophy of the "Scooter McCabe" type of ganker; the one that ganks, but only if there is a valid profit margin to be gained. This is the type of ganker who, while they may APPEAR to support the Code and be aligned with New Order objectives, they actually take no actual pleasure in ganking or helping to cure bot-aspirancy- they see ganking only as a necessary step to relieve ISK-laden carebears of their assets- and to destroy a wreck containing billions of ISK is more of a sin to them than the sin of bot-aspirancy. These so-called "gankers" revile the Code and the New Order as "griefers," and have opinions about organizations like CodeDOT that are similar to the bot-aspirant Carebears that they gank. While I know that it is acceptable to loot wrecks in order to keep our wallets full enough to continue our good and noble work of ensuring 100% Code-Compliance, Does following the Code imply a vow of poverty, so that Agents are not so tempted by the idea of massive piles of ISK that we begin to start to neglect enforcing the Code?

    1. Now you're giving me images of the Joker burning that pile of money....

    2. Except, instead of chaos, which the Joker supported, we are intending to bring a better, more balanced individual to James 315's Highsec, as well as enforce the notion that it is only the Saviour of Highsec that has the integrity to not be corrupted with massive piles of ISK.

    3. "Profit" is not merely measured in ISK. Indeed, even if a NO agent destroys a loot-laden wreck, he has already profited himself and the bot-aspirant hundredfold in game content, waking the B-O from his slumber, and removing the filth from highsec.

    4. Enforcing the Code is about fun-per-hour, not ISK-per-hour. The temptation you speak of is moot.

    5. i sometimes think it would be fun to join you guys. then i come here and see all the smugness and condescension and it always changes my mind unfortunately.'s a shame really
      i also wish you were honest enough to admit you enjoy seeing your victims rage and squirm too.
      i do however agree with what you do no one needs bots or afk'ers.
      i just wish you were less spiteful and mocking while doing it is all.

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