Friday, December 12, 2014

The Legend of Katsu Hinken, Part 1

In the dark ages, before the New Order, highsec was boring, predictable, and unchanging. Today, highsec is alive. One of the most important characteristics of living things is that they continually change. You might say that to be alive, is to change. A single event can result in a remarkable departure from one's previous course. So it is with highsec today.

Agent Tisiphone Dira was wandering through Hek and advertising mining permits in local. An industrialist named Katsu Hinken just happened to be in local at the same time, asking for advice on how to build ships. Theirs was a chance encounter. Yet it would change both their lives forever.

When Katsu's questions about ship building were interrupted by Tisiphone's advertisement, Katsu became extremely defensive. He attempted to erect a wall between himself and the Code.

Others in Hek local weren't impressed. It's hard out there for anti-Order rebels these days. Annoyed by the ridicule he received in local, Katsu invited Tisiphone to a private convo. He wanted to be absolutely certain she got the message about not interfering with his business.

Katsu meant business--and not the permit-purchasing kind, either. He reminded Agent Tisiphone of the New Order's recent defeat at the hands of the Goons. Wait, that's a thing that happened? I was just getting used to the idea that CODE. lost its nullsec territory in a war with TEST.

Tisiphone was surprised by Katsu's vindictiveness. All this because she interrupted his silly questions in Hek local? Though the situation with Katsu was serious, he gave her mixed signals. First he told her to worry about the possibility that she was messing with a powerful nullsec coalition leader. Then he told her not to worry about who he was and what he did.

Katsu dropped another bombshell: GoonSwarm and Pandemic Legion created a new coalition for the purpose of defeating CODE. Interesting. I really need to read EveNews24 more often; I hadn't heard about any of this stuff.

As an Agent of highsec's most powerful fighting force, Tisiphone had good reason to express her confidence. But Katsu had some inside information about an imminent awox attack against the New Order. Or at least there was probably a spy or two. Or not, who knows.

Tisiphone became increasingly confused. Katsu issued another dire warning: Stay away from my entity! But he refused to name the entity. Without more information, Tisiphone would need to stay out of everyone's way to avoid disturbing the secret entity. The New Order would be paralyzed.

To avoid drifting into a stalemate, or getting surrounded on all sides by entities, Tisiphone invited the carebear to embrace his individuality. Katsu didn't need to be another Miner Bingo stereotype. Tisiphone urged him to make an original threat.

Our heroine didn't know what she was in for. Katsu, the intrepid reporter who broke the news about the Goon/PL anti-CODE coalition, had some theories about Burn Jita. All Tisiphone wanted was to sell Katsu a mining permit. Instead, she found herself in the middle of a conspiracy--and targeted by a mysterious entity, one whose power brokers operated at a higher level than she could ever have imagined.

To be continued...


  1. BeBopareBop RhubarbPieDecember 12, 2014 at 8:20 PM

    <3 you Tis!

    1. I have that effect on people.

      <3 back. See the comment I left on Sabriz's csm thread?

    2. These Carebears never stop to amaze me ...

  2. Katsu is clearly a man to be feared. :deadpan:

  3. Katsu is still trying to figure out why the Doomsday won't fit on his rookie ship.

  4. lol the whole of high sec elected james "the little dictator " 315 rofl thats hilarious

  5. As I understand it the vote was unanimous. Don't be angry with others if you didn't vote.

    1. who said i was angry fiction is amusing not annoying.i am suitably amused.
      and if there really was a vote i think it would be a tie ..but keep doing what you do code it's very amusing (oh and on a side note you guys are actually growing on me i just read the "it's in the game post " wow !! just wow !! )

    2. Actually the vote was unanamous in favor of James 315, not a tie.

      James cast a proxy vote for himself on behalf of everyone in high sec.

    3. oh yeah i forgot that in his mind he owns high sec.... "in his mind " being the pertinent statement

    4. Anon # 7:28,

      You would be incorrect. Because James 315 is the true Saviour of Highsec, it can be said that he literally "owns" all of Highsec. Otherwise, why would all Highsec residents have to pay 10 million isk for a New Order mining permit?

      It seems kind of laughable that James 315 could install the Code across all of highsec if he didn't "own" it first by will of all the highsec populace, amiright?

    5. lol james "owns" not even one system in high sec show me where it says in game that the code owns an area of space ? so no your wrong. he can "claim " whatever he likes it does not mean it's true lol

    6. Oft-repeated "lol"s
      Betray insecurity
      You know that's non-sense

    7. i know nothing of the sort maria. the "lol"s are there to convey my amusement at the thought that your james owns any of the space in high sec at all or ever will own any of it. as thus far he has failed to get code's name on any part of new eden except maybe a poco or two.

      p.s lol thats amusing too

  6. I think mining lasers must induce a form of psychosis. Code lost a war to Goons? Interesting since MiniLuv, the Goon ganking arm teams with CODE on occasion. Code lost sov to TEST? This flies in the face of (well, reality to begin with) the fact that most care bears assume CODE never goes to null sec- where 'real' PvP happens. James is the protector of HIGH SEC, after all.
    Remember that video from some time ago when the ganked care bear began hurling the title 'care bear' at the people that blew him up, clearly not even knowing what the term meant? Further evidence that PvE is mind numbing, both literally and figuratively.
    Proof positive that embracing the CODE is the only hope for care bearism. These pilots clearly need guidance and direction, if only to save them from the ravages of whatever space disease they are infected with.

  7. I felt inspired by Noragen's anti-anti-New Order sentiment:

    "I was full anyway, relaxing while you do nothing bumping me. Why do you twelve year-olds exploit that broken mechanic anyway? My friends out in Catch aren't going to take kindly to this harassment. Keep bumping me, HITLER, and you won't be able to bump somebody else. You know I could go somewhere else. Follow your own CODE and make ISK, more so than permits, properly. I'm never going to pay you. Not like I was doing anything important on this character, I didn't really want that ice and ore. Steal from my can and fight me... Oh, you won't because of your honor? More like, extortion! If I had the money I'd meet you in low-sec, kiddo. FUCK!"

    Perhaps other New Order supporters could learn a great deal from shaming the opposition by calling out their words before they even speak them. Goofus calls out Miner Bingo squares, Gallant calls out "Bingo!"

  8. I decommissioned a vexor fit with 4 mining lasers and cargo expanders today and a mackinaw tanked with civilian shield expanders. What us agents do is vital to the health of highsec. Without us we'd all see Hyperions mining veldspar while retrievers battled furiously in null. Thank James 315 for his wisdom in teaching the ignorant the error of their ways. Snigie

  9. yall have ruin my gankin. used to be you fly around a system or 2 and you run into a ret or a mack nowadays they all skiffs and procurers and you got to scout cuz when u find a ret he's all jittery. i don't sell permit but instead of tears after a good gankin i get hate mail complaining about permits or they give me crap about CODE. easier nowadays just to hang around jita and gank iterons. they drop isk and are a plenty.

  10. As an aside, Katsu has grown up at least a bit since this. He's actually flying with a real nullsec coalition now, and was on the last Burn Jita op. I've since discouraged him from caring much about CODE. simply because you guys just waste your time bumping miners.

    Maybe he still hates you guys, but you're smart enough to ship scan and commit correctly, and there's not a lot of counter-operation you can do. Very little that's actually fun, anyway.

    I appreciate the creativity you guys take in ganking sometimes, and if I ever figure out a non-boring way to kill you guys, consider it done.

    That said, continue enlightening carebears that mining in hisec is the most boring thing you can do. Is there even a point?

  11. Maybe he still hates you guys, but you're smart enough to ship scan and commit correctly, and there's not a lot of counter-operation you can do. Very little that's actually fun, anyway.

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