Thursday, December 18, 2014

Salah's Listening Tour, Part 1

There's nothing new about an organization seizing control of territory in EVE. In fact, it's the whole point of the game. What makes the New Order's conquest of highsec so unusual, is the motive. The New Order doesn't seek treasure. It doesn't covet power or glory, though it has those things in abudance. Nor does the New Order aim to impose its will on others (though our subjects' absolute obedience is required for practical reasons). Rather, the New Order is motivated by the desire to improve the lives and gameplay of everyone in highsec. The New Order is fueled by altruism.

Agent Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri has a restless soul. He doesn't sit on the sidelines and watch carebears wallow in misery; he takes an active role. But Salah knows that even a skilled Agent such as himself has room for improvement. He can rule the carebears better. How? Salah embarked on a listening tour throughout New Order territory to get ideas and input directly from the carebears.

Again, pragmatism requires that the New Order kill miners. Salah knew his listening tour wouldn't be a success unless the carebears were willing to return to their keyboards and speak with him. So he enforced the Code, slaughtered their barges and exhumers, and sought feedback.

Even today, highsec mining permits remain a subject of some controversy. The truth is, there are always going to be those who complain about taxes, even when the tax rate is astonishingly low. Some people just don't want to pay their fair share.

A few carebears consider themselves to be in the mold of an American revolutionary: "Give me liberty or give me death," they say, dying. What the carebears forget is that the revolution already took place. We won. There's no tyranny to rebel against, now that the New Order is in power. Time to stop complaining about taxes. Time to start paying them.

Salah patiently listened as the carebears repeatedly suggested that the mining permit be abolished. A pipe dream. Mining permits will be abolished the day after mining itself is abolished.

Not every miner was willing to participate in a productive manner. This didn't discourage Salah, however. Response rates are an issue in every kind of study.

One of the more common complaints: The New Order's treatment of "new players". The idea that we target newbies has been debunked time and time again. Even with the most liberal definition of "new player", the charge simply doesn't hold water.

In reality, our Agents disproportionately come from the ranks of new players. Partly that's because we provide a welcoming environment. Another reason is because many players come to EVE specifically because they heard about the New Order and wanted to join us. As for the "new players" we gank, they tend to be several years old.

Wherever Salah went, crowds followed. People like paul22223 were so excited, they could barely contain themselves. It's a perk of being one of our Agents: Instant celebrity.

It's a testament to the character and integrity of our Agents that they don't let all the fame and power go to their heads. They're remarkably humble and restrained. No one mistakes this for weakness, however. Our Agents have gravitas.

Former barge owner Falcore62 took issue with Salah's treatment of him. Falcore62 claimed to be AFK only because he needed to answer his door. Salah gently called him out for being a liar. Yes, it's true: Carebears are accustomed to telling lies. Only with our help can they be made to tell the truth.

Falcore62 has spent "almost a decade" mining in highsec--though he'd probably call himself a new player if he saw an advantage in it. He considered himself Salah's new nemesis. Would Falcore62 put a stop to Agent Salah's listening tour, just when he was beginning to make real progress? Was this the beginning of the end of the New Order?

To be continued...


  1. Why are so many players thick as shit.
    Just put a fake permit in your Bio.
    Worked for me for the last 4 months.

    1. DJ Entropy's disclosure is true - there is such DB and it's used by senior Agents.

      OTOH, what I discovered while observing and talking to miners holding counterfeit permits was astonishing - they were almost CODE compliant by the virtue of making effort to look CODE compliant.

      After all, everybody knows that just having a permit does not mean you can mine AFK, anti-tank or be oblivious to what's happening in local. Thus, those miners with "fake" permits were present at their keyboards, the tanked their ships well etc.

      They were faking CODE compliance so well, they actually became CODE compliant (though saving a hassle of paying 10mil, which I promptly collected of course). I'd say we need more of those witty miners around us :) even pretending to be CODE-compliant, they're making the Universe a better place.

      Of course, ship of such a pilot will be killed no matter how CODE-compliant he looks like -- it takes BOTH valid permit and CODE compliance, but I say he dies a much happier miner anyway.

    2. Lucky! For four months?
      Hahaha, there is obviously an issue with your agents.
      Competent pilots maybe, but it looks like there are some incompetent agents around when it comes to verifying information doesn't it?
      Many a time I have happily flown through a code enforcement team on my merry way.
      Not just me either. There are many people showing their fake permit.
      Oh yes sir I am code compliant ........ snigger.

    3. An interesting sentence.

      When a "fake" permit is found, the miner is placed in a special list - where he is hunted with priority and his corporation is subject to internet audit and asset re-distribution.

      What if the player is in an NPC Corp?

    4. Anon 1:19am
      We frequently conduct audits for NPC corps. Actually, NPC corps are our most valuable clients.

    5. Being in an NPC corp does not exempt the miner from being hunted with priority. That miner just doesn't have a corp.

    6. I have always found it really easy to sniff out the fake permits without ever having to go to the database. Not a single one has answered correctly when asked who the chair of the CSM is. Not a single one stayed in their ship much longer after such an error.

  2. Obviously not if the top post is true!

  3. I really hope that Falcore62 isn't an english teacher

  4. I like Salah's style of getting out there and spreading the good word. CODE. agents do something meaningful ingame whereas the Veers type lone wolves get absolutely nothing accomplished and like Veers they fad away over a few months. Goodbye Veers, you where just an average troll but a hell of a guy to laugh at.

  5. High sec 'kill the ganker list'.....bwahahaha. They can't even successfully kill an asteroid without blowing up.

  6. Toss pearls before swine
    See them strut and bluster on
    Blind to true wisdom

    1. The code is the furthest thing from true wisdom in existence....

  7. I really hope someone get really hurt in real life soon so we can get rid of this fucking Code. crap in EVE.
    CCP told me they like Code. and will do what ever they can to not ban or interfere with them.
    This sounds like there are pretty many CCP:s in Code...

    1. You wish that someone would suffer in real life over a video game. Seems healthy.

    2. I know of at least 2 CCP devs in Code plus several ISD players. I also have decent evidence there is a 3rd CCP toon in Code but I can't confirm it. The third one I have suspect on start with the letter "F" just so you know. Also 4 of the CSM have Code alts but's it's down to 3 now that that goon guy left CSM. Everyone knows Tora is running for CSMX and while they are at war now Tora has an alt in Code so for sure there will be at least one Code alt in CSMX. If you have to know who the CSMIX are it's mynna, gorski car and sion. The CCPers are soniclover and terminus. I got some other evidence but it's not creditable until i verify it with my inside sources. You also might be interested in some of the people caught up in 9-10. there were at least two who escaped banning due to CCP. you can message me in game if you want more details.

    3. 1. People like you, wishing ill upon real humans for playing a game are the sole reason I ever supported CODE.

      2. How can I support CODE when they blue up and don't gank bot-aspirants fitting anti-tank modules and sell out to the CFC?

      3. Gravitas... Gravitas... No, Don't Help Me, I'll Get It In A Moment...
      Experiencing A Significant Gravitas Shortfall
      Stood Far Back When The Gravitas Was Handed Out
      Absolutely No You-Know-What

    4. I can wish whatever I want so...
      If I wish players bad health in real life it's not a violation against EULA so what's wrong with that?
      Code. always say they don't break EULA so I just play the same game as they are.
      And since I got a really annoying answer from CCP about Code. I really wish they will die a horrible death in game and out of game.
      A wish is not a violation against EULA ;)

      No I'm not normally that aggro but Code. is beginning to annoy me so I will play their game not breaking EULA but be a really bad player.

    5. The code protects both in and out of game

    6. Trust me it won't protect you in real life ;)
      Fight me and I will send you to your maker for sure ;)
      But I do wish you luck in the fight but since I will fight back you will probably logon to EVE and gank someone who don't fight back ;)

    7. Wow is this anonymous real? Gotta be a troll. "Fite me RL" is so, so amazingly gamer nerdish. Gotta be like, what, 12?

      Anyway kid, I've met some of the Code people RL. There are lots of combat vets who fly with Code. Please, please, please find one of them and try something. I want that video.

    8. <3 posts like anon tinfoil here, makes my day to see such stupidity over a video game. Go outside dude.

    9. anon 10:08am How would I know who you are? I mean you seem to be a regular berty big balls when you say you would win in a fight but you can't even find the stones to post who you are.

    10. @Anonymous Chickenshit December 19, 2014 at 8:21 AM

      If you're going to smoke that stuff it would be good manners to share. Also, how are we supposed to contact you for more details when you're too chicken to post with your main? :)

    11. Since I trained soldiers in CQC for many years I'm not so inexperienced as you might think I am.
      So bring on your soldiers, if I trained them they will be a hard nut to crack...

  8. Wow, this is some impressive tinfoil-hattery over here.

    1. Yeah, Code. is all tinfoil-hats...
      They are cowards and thinks everything is ok if it's only a game.
      For me life is a game so fight me in real life and se if you survice you little shitty gamer ;)

    2. I just feel embarrassed for you, anon@10:09. Once you're done with puberty you'll look back at these messages and cringe.

    3. LMFAO!!

      For the record Anon10:09... your an idiot.

      Just saying. ;)

  9. Oke lets take a look at the " mining permit "

    A mining permit is needed in High Sec for mining. Mining should not be a routine (not stripping entire belts) Its not rocket sience but even with a mining permit its still done.

    A mining permit is needed in High Sec so you can use your freigther to move stuff... wait wut? Please Rename to Freigther Permit. and charge an aditional 10 mill for this.

    A mining permit is needed in High Sec To runn any kind of missions, Please for the love of all that is the saviour of highsec james 315 him self Change this to Missions Permit.

    All Original Code Commandments still apply and if people wish to comply Charge them for all of the activities in high sec of Change it as a bulk to HighSec permit.

    The Code is great for the content it has brought, and now its time for it to evolve just as the price of The plex goes up so must the price of the Permit.

    Feel free to contact me ingame. я з £ у 8 мая @ г м я л. З аб м (encoded for carebearism)

  10. Now why would you want this as a permit holder?

    Under the current system, mining permits are flexible!
    With only one mining permit, you can mine, haul, AND mission! It's three activities for the price of one! What a bargain!

    If James 315 were to differentiate between the types of permits, then highsec residents would have to buy separate permits for each type of activity, and James feels that this would represent an unfair financial burden for poorer players. Not to mention that it's just a lot more needless paperwork to keep up with.

    1. It is no bargain to sell your soul to the devil, and that is what the purchase of a permit is doing, selling your soul to the devil...

    2. Please tell me how "buying" a permit is "selling" something. As even Captain Obvious can tell you, those two words are antonyms, meaning they are exact opposites of each other. As far as i've known, the only people "selling" anything have been New Order Agents, selling permits for the low, low price of 10 million isk! And I don't really think James 315 can be considered "The Devil," considering he's just a person, albeit a very important one.

      Unless, of course, you mean "handsome devil," in which case, James certainly fits that description! :)

    3. such narrow minded arrogance...

    4. What's sad is that you're not giving us your soul, you're just giving us ten million isk.
      Only a carebear would equate their own soul with ten million isk. *sighs sadly*

  11. @ Ming Tso

    The "Mining" permit is as it states a mining permit, Since that is where is came from. Now that the Code. has grown out f its baby shoes. It is time for the logical next step since the permit is not meant to be just for miners but for all highsec dwellers.

    As to the paperwork it not more paperwork, since the "source" just adds character names and dates it does not differentiate between the types of permits it merely shows the care bears that there is a difference to a mining permit and a hauling permit.

    To follow in the example of CCP The code should evolve in to the next step to be more visible to other players that are currently dabbling if they would need a permit or not.

    The answer is simple yet hard to understand there currently is only 1 permit for all. But why should a 1) Mission runner 2) Highsec hauler 3) Explorer 4) Marketeer need a MINING permit?

    All supporters know why... THEY do not. In order to to convince the carebear we must think like a carebear, they can think only in isk do they not?

    Feel free to contact me ingame. я з £ у 8 мая @ г м я л. З аб м (encoded for carebearism)

    1. Let me answer all of your concerns via line-item:

      "Now that the Code. has grown out f its baby shoes. It is time for the logical next step since the permit is not meant to be just for miners but for all highsec dwellers."

      The mining permits already are for all highsec dwellers and highsec activities. Just because they are "mining" permits does not mean that they are used only for mining, and their name makes them no less applicable to hauling or missioning. As such, there is no need to change the name, as nobody is confused by the name. Unless you are, in which case, consider yourself now educated. Mining permits are to be applied to all highsec activities, and the name shall not be changed.

      "To follow in the example of CCP The Code should evolve..."

      The Code does not follow in the example of CCP, nor should it ever. It follows ONLY the already perfect and infallible word of the Father of the New Order and Saviour of Highsec James 315, who the only person authorized to make amendments or changes to The Code, which is pointless since the Code is already perfect.

      "But why should a 1) Mission runner 2) Highsec hauler 3) Explorer 4) Marketeer need a MINING permit?"

      Because James 315 and The Code require it of all highsec dwellers to be in compliance of The Code. As a Code supporter, you understand the need for this.

      "In order to to convince the carebear we must think like a carebear, they can think only in isk do they not?"

      Being Code-Compliant, we must never be tempted to ever attempt to "think" like a carebear, to do so might cause irreversable damage. We must attempt to convince carebears to come to the glory of the Code, but we must never compromise our own ideals to do so. Could you imagine a New Order Agent attempting to "think" like a carebear? How effective do you think an Agent of the New Order would be if he attempted to enforce the Code while AFK?

    2. Actually we tend to just call them "permits" and leave it at that. Better to embrace the simplicity of the Code (one permit covers all forms of carebearing), than to complicate things just to satisfy some weird fixation on categorization and naming you might have.

    3. Ming Tso... you silver tongue devil. I got all warm there for a second.

  12. Apperantly you will do not have the wisdom needed to understand what i have been trying to teach you, Try marketing lvl 1 and read it again.

    The code atm is like wallmart its big its there and people try to avoid it yet they can't.

    Give it a shiney look and people will make the change easier. You may twist and turn so you don't have to adept to anything but then your no better than an afk miner

  13. Also, like Wal-Mart, the Code has everything a highseccer could ever want. The Code, like Wal-Mart, is meticulously planned out.. everything has its proper place. And whether or not you choose to accept it, everything in the Code was deliberately placed exactly how it was by its Creator, The Father of the New Order, James 315.

    Would you go into a Wal-Mart and tell the manager that you thought that the bread was in the wrong place and needed to be moved to be more "efficient?" Well, you might, but any Store Manager that you talked to would just pretend to listen to you and laugh at you behind your back, because they know better than you do about the design of their stores. And they might have little control over some of it.. but most of the design is handed down to them from corporate, Just like the Code is handed down to us from James 315.

    As such, supporters should not feel like they have to make suggestions to improve the Code, instead, we just listen to James and do whatever he tells us to do.

  14. This article is an inspiration for me


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