Monday, December 1, 2014

Smart Bombs, Dumb Miners, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agents of the New Order proved victorious once again, using smartbombs to vaporize 11 billion isk worth of bot-aspirant Hulks and implants. The contraband all belonged to one man, a miner named Fwydatt Masech. Despite the devastating loss he'd suffered, Fwydatt adamantly refused to purchase a mining permit.
Fwydatt Masech > its eve twiddles
Fwydatt Masech > its not your rule to make
Ilithyia Borgia > Well, your 10 bil loss says otherwise
Fwydatt Masech > what you do not understand is that is not a 10 billion loss
Fwydatt Masech > that is an announcement ot eve
Fwydatt Masech > what it takes to make battleships go to astroid belts
Fwydatt Masech > you just showed my set up to Every miner out there
Ilithyia Borgia > I think you have misunderstood the message
The optimistic miner didn't see his loss as a loss, but as an opportunity--to publicize his Hulk fittings to every miner in highsec.
Fwydatt Masech > your easy ganks are going to go down in number
Fwydatt Masech > and your expense to do it is going to go up
Fwydatt Masech > across the board
Fwydatt Masech > greedy need people
Fwydatt Masech > will attempt to make you a hostage to their egos
The miner wasn't bothered by the fact that his fittings resulted in a bunch of dead ships and pods. He thought it would be the start of a revolution.
Ilithyia Borgia > The real message is simple
Ilithyia Borgia > You are not safe in EVE
Fwydatt Masech > never said I was safe in eve
Ilithyia Borgia > you seemed pretty comfy botting away
Fwydatt Masech > botting?????
Fwydatt Masech > I have no computer sysytme running my ships
Fwydatt Masech > no
Fwydatt Masech > never
Fwydatt Masech > I click every rock
Fwydatt Masech > bouncing screens
Bot-aspirants get surprisingly touchy when you accuse them of botting. Our Agents aren't so finicky. They call a spade a spade, and a bot a bot.
Ilithyia Borgia > Where are your hulks?
Fwydatt Masech > in the market
Fwydatt Masech > waiting to come home
Ilithyia Borgia > Waiting to be ganked again?
Fwydatt Masech > nope
Fwydatt Masech > because see you are going to have to do it fast and furious
Fwydatt Masech > I am now going to take a three year prefected system and make videos out of it
Fwydatt Masech > and put them up everywhere
Fwydatt has spent years slaving away in the mines of highsec. Most people would view that as an extraordinary waste of time. But Fwydatt believed he'd perfected an unbeatable mining system. Once he replaced everything, that is.
Ilithyia Borgia > If it was perfected why did your ships die?
Fwydatt Masech > you ... made that possible by putting the proof in the pudding
Ilithyia Borgia > What proof?
Fwydatt Masech > that if you wish to make sure the only thing that can gank you is a battleship
Fwydatt Masech > do this
Fwydatt Masech > I will not be held hostage by bored players
Our helpful Agent questioned the miner. Fwydatt's answers revealed a fascinating set of contradictions. He considered highsec gankers to be "bored players". I wonder what he thinks highsec carebears are--engaged? Highly entertained?
Ilithyia Borgia > And you see the destruction of you assests as a victory?
Fwydatt Masech > yes
Fwydatt Masech > I do
Ilithyia Borgia > Becuase we destroyed you with smartbombs
Fwydatt Masech > battleship size smartbombs
Fwydatt Masech > and you proved everything I have said ... now had you done it two weeks from now
Fwydatt Masech > you would have lost that too
Fwydatt Masech > but you blew your chance to discover that lol
Every miner claims to have a secret. Fwydatt hinted that there was something important about the timing of his death.
Ilithyia Borgia > have morescrets?
Fwydatt Masech > SmileS
Fwydatt Masech > I am not your average miner but you already proved that to everyone in eve
Ilithyia Borgia > Will this be...the end of CODE?
Fwydatt Masech > no as you guys like to keep in check the lazy players
Fwydatt Masech > so I find it odd why you did take me on like this as it was obvious I was not a lazy player
The truth is, the miners are all the same. They don't have secret identities, plans, or ambitions. They simply mine. Fwydatt had been mining in highsec for years. Was he really on the verge of greatness when he'd been ganked? No. He was on the verge of more mining.
Fwydatt Masech > see the code broke
Fwydatt Masech > you guys only did 9733 damge to my ships
Fwydatt Masech > their hit points are more than double that
Fwydatt Masech > so CCP will replace everything
Fwydatt Masech > wink
Fwydatt Masech > smiels
Fwydatt Masech > YAY
Fwydatt Masech > me very happy now
Ilithyia Borgia > I am sure they will *wink
Fwydatt Masech > not only did you tell everyone in eve that I know how to mine I get everything back
Fwydatt Masech > when a ship has over 18k in hit points and it dies wiht only 9733 damage
Then Fwydatt made an incredible discovery, one which brought him much happiness and satisfaction. The damage on his lossmails was significantly less than the EHP of his ships. This is because killmails show raw damage, which doesn't take into account shield/armor/structure resistances. Fwydatt had another explanation: The game was broken.
Ilithyia Borgia > You and I both know that is not going to happen, but you can tell yourself whatever you find comforting
Fwydatt Masech > yea I will
Fwydatt Masech > its already happened
Ilithyia Borgia > MUst be the fastest petition ever in eve
Fwydatt Masech > no someone else already shot up one of my ships
Fwydatt Masech > and I lost it when it only hand 16k
Fwydatt Masech > for 9500
Fwydatt Masech > that is bad math
Fwydatt Masech > and that means eve is broken which means ... you used an exploit to sink my ships
Then the miner made a deadly serious accusation: The New Order's gankers were using an exploit to kill ships with less damage than needed. CCP would intervene, he believed.
Fwydatt Masech > which is bad for you
Fwydatt Masech > gotta Love eve
Ilithyia Borgia > Earlier you said we were CCP
Fwydatt Masech > no
Fwydatt Masech > I said where did you get that information about my ships
Fwydatt Masech > do you work for ccp
Fwydatt Masech > I have played with a calculator for three years
Fwydatt Masech > and no I will never pay you or your crew
Fwydatt Masech > I will not be a hostage
The carebear was deeply confused, but he was right about one thing: He'd spent three years doing little more than playing with a calculator. He had never truly played EVE. Until today, that is.
Fwydatt Masech > but what sucks is the math broke
Fwydatt Masech > so I get it all back
Fwydatt Masech > and you told everyone else in eve ...
Fwydatt Masech > oops
Fwydatt Masech > and you know who I will tell that the math broke...
Fwydatt Masech > just you and ccp
Fwydatt Masech > I have no need to brag you did that for me
Fwydatt Masech > you are awesome
Fwydatt Masech > Thank you
It was carebear logic gone mad. Fwydatt lost all reason.
Ilithyia Borgia > but...your system was so perfect?
Fwydatt Masech > it is
Ilithyia Borgia > Then how could you have died?
Fwydatt Masech > you only did 9733 points of damage to a ship with 18k hitpoints
Fwydatt Masech > because eve is broken
Ilithyia Borgia > Yeah, must be eve
Fwydatt Masech > and ccp will replace that stuff because of it
Fwydatt Masech > but if you work at ccp
Fwydatt Masech > and you took insider info to gank me
Fwydatt Masech > thats really sad
Fwydatt Masech > my screen locked up so hard I could have never warped out a pod if I wanted too
Though no longer willing to directly accuse our Agents of being undercover CCP employees, he said that if--if--they were cheating, it was sad.
Fwydatt Masech > I have not laughed this hard in a long long time
Ilithyia Borgia > Well at least we got your to pay attention to eve
Fwydatt Masech > borg... what is the real issue?
Fwydatt Masech > I am curious
Ilithyia Borgia > I have said it numerous times
Ilithyia Borgia > No permit = no ships
Fwydatt Masech > ooo you like people to be hostages
Fwydatt Masech > I will not be held ransom if I spend isk it will be on for your head and I will give the kill rights to a very few
As the minutes ticked by, Fwydatt eagerly awaited CCP's reimbursement of his lost ships. In the meantime, he plotted revenge. Kill rights! Limited-issue kill rights!
Fwydatt Masech > see that is the part you miss
Fwydatt Masech > my simple relax time destressing from my real life
Fwydatt Masech > and you blew up the results of some of that effort ... Running two compainins is stressful
Ilithyia Borgia > And we will destroy more of it
Fwydatt Masech > actually you wont
Ilithyia Borgia > Actually we will
Fwydatt Masech > enjoy have fun live a life built on fear you think you can control
Fwydatt Masech > problem with that love is sooner or later
Fwydatt Masech > karma happens
Fwydatt Masech > and I will never even be apart of that which I am very happy about
Fwydatt Masech > good night and may well yes may your night find you all the wrinkles in time that give you the grins you need
Unfortunately, the miner was unable to reconnect with reality. He'd spent too many years wandering around in the asteroid belts like a zombie. What would a zombie want with a mining permit? His full rehabilitation would need to wait for another day.

BONUS! Say, would you like to watch the destruction of Fwydatt's Hulks? See the glorious battle for yourself in loyalanon's latest video, True Champions of High Sec. Also contains footage of freighters getting nuked.


  1. "True Champions of High Sec" . . . CCP should use all or part of it for the next, improved "This is Eve" video!

  2. Wow, i've never seen a gank my self, so it was wonderfull !

  3. I think we have a new crazy strawberry here.


  4. Broken subroutines
    some smoke, and melted wires
    the wrecks of bot fleets

  5. I think this guy makes veers rants look good.

  6. The Code ALWAYS Wins!!!! ALWAYS!!!!

    1. No, you don't get it.
      They think they win but they are cowards that wouldn't last seconds in a real battle...

  7. Yet again, James illuminates the essential impotence of the Highsec miner.

    Agent Ilithyia doesn't really have to do much more than prompt for this villain to expose his own awful emotional immaturity. It made me cringe - and I don't cringe easily.

  8. "Fwydatt Masech > I have played with a calculator for three years"


    Three years well spent, no doubt.

  9. Incredible video. That is a LOT of catalysts!


  10. More lame matter how much you gank highsec only get stronger, and there is more PvE than other. The evil sociopaths have no real chance of winning. Go home griefers.

    1. You fancy yourself an economics guru, go check out Amarr or Dodixie markets, they are both dealing with large shortages at the moment and while NS changes have had a large impact on them part of the reason must also be the constant choke point ganking. The evil sociopaths have won eve, ALWAYS!!!

    2. I know! Thanks! I'm doing my part to make eve better....which requires getting rid of folks like erotic1, dj, d400, loyalanon, etc...

  11. Reading your posts I have to ask... what exactly IS a bot-aspirant

    1. In its strict definition, a bot-aspirant is one who would use a botting program if it were allowed or strives to achieve the efficiency of a bot by interacting as little as possible with the client.

      In practice it is a label applied to any player character that is indistinguishable in its actions from a bot. If I can't tell you're a living breathing player, you're contributing no more to the game than a bot would and will be treated as such.

    2. Botting programs? isn't that a good way to lose your account? seems foolish to not play a game you are paying for. I tend to speak to people that speak to me, so identifying me as a living breathing player shouldn't be that too difficult. Seems to me that the folks that lose the most ships to you are the ones that dont pay much attention, and in that case, I conclude they deserve to lose their stuff... Either way, Thank y'all for the knowledge and the good reading...

  12. Is there any fittings and ships that can destroy a Procurer? Because if there is can we get those fittings on here in the gank section? I need a fitting hard! Procurers must die!

  13. Do you all want a special treat????? Ok you got it!!!

    Here is a mail I sent Gorila Venzaga...his response will be on the next comment.

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Good Fight!
    From: Veers Belvar
    Sent: 2014.11.30 01:30
    To: Alana Charen-Teng, Amyclas Amatin, BeBopAReBop RhubarbPie, Capt Starfox, CODE Agent AC, Gorila Vengaza, James 315, John E Normus, Omar Alharazaad, Tengu Grib,

    To my dearest Gorilla, heroic and successful leader of the anti-Code resistance movement.

    As an initial matter, I must dispute your claim that you somehow "won" the war between us. As far as I can tell the only expenditures incurred were your 50 million isk wardecc fee, and my 1.6 million isk corporate reformation fee. In my book that looks like a 30-1 victory for Veers Belvar. No less a highsec expert than James 315 (famed Goon line member, ponzi schemer, and CODE founder) has declared that reforming corp is an absolute victory for the defender. Still, your tears are always appreciated.

    This does leave us with a few key questions for you to answer

    1. Did you really think it advisable to pay Marmite 50 million isk to dec me immediately after I thrashed you with a 30-1 victory? Was there any reason to expect Marmite to perform better than you had? I mean it was another easy 30-1 win, but I'm sure the people here are curious about your motivations for trying to get Marmite to do your dirty work.

    2. How go your plans to create a Grrr Veers corp to hunt me down? Your current corp only has 3 members, and it's motto is "We shoot Codemonkeys." Also your Title on your bio says "AG Diplomat, Code Tear Collector, Antichrist of Highsec." Do you think an update is appropriate given your new role? If you want to make this Grrr Veers effort work it's going to take a bit more than 2 failed wars and buckets worth of tears. Perhaps Loyalanon could help you out? He is known as a grand anti-Veers strategist

    3. Can your really justify retiring from your wildly successful AG career? I mean you singlehandedly managed to appear on THOUSANDS of CONCORD killmails, and nearly managed to foil ALMOST 1% of CODE freighter ganks. Apparently Loyalanon was considering shutting the entire freighter ganking operation because of you, commenting that "Freighters die, Whitelnights Cry, and the CODE keeps on winning."

    4. Do you think that Gankerbumping is an appropriate name for your blog? I mean bumping miners accomplishes them not being able to mine. What would bumping gankers accomplish? CONCORD is coming to kill them....

    5. Do you agree or disagree with the following comment by Cynabal B**** (not me!) on your blog at "Hilarious - the Antichrist is now in bed with code. This was a anti-code blog but it is now another propaganda website for code. Oh lets not offend code they are such wonderful caring human beings...sure people who like to wind up others are always such dignified people LOL

    Blog owner we can get all this trash on minerbumping. Where has the sarcastic leader of the resistance gone? Or has your obsession with this Veers fellow made you lose your focus?"

    Do you think it's appropriate to turn an anti-ganking blog into a one man obsession over killing Veers Belvar, or at least trying and failing to kill him, a heroic figure who has never once suicide ganked in his Ever career?

    6. When do you plan on fixing your hideous avatar? Can't you look more like Cpt Starfox, who is just sooooooo cute for a suicide ganker, you literally want to reach out and hug her. Sunglasses modelling contract, anyone?

    We eagerly await your reply, and always extend out our hand in friendship, peace, and solidarity.


    Veers Belvar,

    Highsec Hero and Elite PvE player

    1. Gorila's response....

      Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Good Fight!
      From: Gorila Vengaza
      Sent: 2014.11.30 09:44
      To: Alana Charen-Teng, Amyclas Amatin, BeBopAReBop RhubarbPie, Capt Starfox, CODE Agent AC, James 315, John E Normus, Omar Alharazaad, Tengu Grib, Veers Belvar,

      My Dearest Veers, HighSec Zero and well known greed driven loudly braying jackass.

      I shall endeavor to pay you the attention so obviously desire. Reading your mail reminded me of a screaming child wanting his pacifier.

      Firstly, as for the claim you won any war. You surrendered to my three man corp, which consists of myself and my two alts. I shall simplify for you, Me, Myself and I decced you and you closed corp within 2 mins. I call that a win regardless of isk spent. I thank you for demonstrating to everyone you have no concept of how this game is played.

      Question 1. I figured Tora was looking for an excuse to dec you and he offered me a deal. I was curious to see if you would make the mistake of braying at Tora as you do everyone else. Your reaction to Tora’s dec was worth every isk. By all means continue to bray at him as much as possible.

      Question 2. If you haven’t noticed I haven’t been playing very much over the holidays. RL comes first for me. But please continue to watch my every move.

      Question 3. It saddens me that you’re such a loudly braying jackass you refuse to see what others and I have attempted to accomplish in AG. I’ll get serious for a min. When I declared myself Antichrist of HighSec and starting shooting Loyal and Company, no one did anything but complain about them, just as it’s ALL you have ever accomplished.

      I went out and started shooting and others followed which I’m proud of. There are many active hunters in AG now where there were almost none at this time last year. I have actively campaigned for a resistance to CODE to give them someone to fight. Loyal and others have been more than bright enough to see this fact and it’s why he and others are regarded as “frenemies”, its saddening that one simple fact is too far above your head. As for saving 1%? If you did anything other than run your useless mouth, my Dear Veers, you would know saving AFK freighters is next to impossible, but we TRY ANYWAY. WE PLAY THE GAME.

      Question 4, I’m not changing the name of my blog to VEERSBUMPING no matter how loudly you continue to BRAY at me. Your ego is big enough already. It eclipses James’ at this point.

      Question 5. I find it hard to believe our not “Cynabal Bitch” as you rail on about psychopaths and sociopaths just he does and it’s something I don’t agree with. But as Loyal and I find the rage and hate funny, I allow you to post.

      As for speaking out about YOU Veers, I figure if anyone who knows me or enjoys my blog sees I don’t like you enough to change sides, you must truly be a jackass of epic proportions, A fact you illustrate daily.

      Question 6. My Avatar? I’m so glad you’re a fashion expert Veers. You should always be an expert at something as you fail at this game and fail at doing anything productive about CODE in game.

      I contemptuously await your next wall of tears.
      Lovingly …GV

    2. And now the treat would you respond to Gorila's points?

      Time to come out of your holes all of you anonymous forum posters too afraid to post with your in game names. This is your chance to shine!

    3. How about this, kudos to him, he's been able to trade words with you for longer than most anyone else does willingly as far as I've seen. Seriously, the man deserves a medal.

    4. By the by, this is my old EVE name, account mysteriously disappeared a couple years ago.

      And before you start jumping and hollering, I wasn't banned. XD

    5. Clearly Gorila has retouched a nerve with you, and for that he has done Eve some service.


    6. Confirmed that Veers thinks people fucking with him is actual serious discussion.

    7. Veers, the Major Frank Burns of internet spaceships!

    8. He is wonderful :)

      Veers <3 <3

    9. tldr version "Hi I'm Veers and I don't fight wars so I fold like a napkin then claim it's a victory, lol idiots"

    10. *cough* *cough* which is exactly what James 315 always did.

    11. so what you're saying is if you can't beat em join? Maybe you admire him more then you think. Also better get that strange cough looked at that makes you type it out.

    12. What I'm saying is that I agree that a 30-1 isk ratio is a pretty clear win for the defender.

    13. +1 Gorila.

      Veers... congratulations!

  14. I kind of like Gorila, he's got a bit of a sense of humor and does role play. Contrast this with Veers who basically drones on about the same damned crazy shit everyday.

    "Hi i'm Veers and i'm proud to have a small part getting some random players banned"


    1. Gorila is doing a heck of a job. He managed to stop ALMOST 1% of CODE freighter ganks.

    2. Well, that's 1000% better than you have managed, right?

    3. Gorila stops <1% of freighter ganks, it's not huge but it's something. Veers however can claim 100% success rate in trolling every eve-o forum topic about CODE.

      Veers always TROLLS!!! ALWAYS!!!

  15. Nice video. It'll be interesting to see the New Order and their friends without using ISBoxer.

    1. I doubt there is any use of isboxer in the entire video to be honest mate. Some friends and some alts and voila, a ganking fleet without Isboxer.

    2. Me and loyal were to busy raging at each other about the warp in for our bots to be effective. We had to use manual control for those hulks. It was a very human experience Bobbins.

  16. "The math broke." If this guy seriously discovered math breaking, I think he's up for a Nobel Prize! :D

  17. New comment on Gorila's blog....

    HomerNarrDecember 2, 2014 at 6:13 AM
    You wrote you would hunt Veers and join code for that. You also hailed jimmy boy.
    You lost your credibility by getting mad over a guy that has other opinions on anti-ganking than you. Seriously...


  18. Hooray for Veers, more flawless Veers victories! Veers always wins - even when he looses!

  19. Gorila responds!

    "I got aggravated with a guy who does nothing but run his mouth about calling ppl sociopaths and psychopaths in a game. Tell me Homer, have i joined CODE? Am I out Ganking? So glad all it takes for you for someone to lose credibility is trying to prove a point."

    Did he never really join CODE? Was it all a ploy? Is he in fact an AG double (or even triple) agent?

    What do you think anonymous posters too afraid to use your in game names (and apparently poor spellers as well, it's "loses" not "looses")?

    1. Getting real sick of your shit fake veers.

      Come on guys, nobody is so pathetically desperate for attention as to spend his days trying to get someone to pay attention to him. Not even me, I'm too busy vacuuming up that risk-free incursion isk. Clearly this is a fake.

    2. I got news for you buddy. All the Veers are real, as in real asshats.

      Just point to one post by a fake Veers and i can show you that he's the real deal. Hell I would post as Veers if i didn't enjoy posting anonymous so much

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