Friday, December 26, 2014

Yes, the Code Always Wins

The Christmas season has been filled with miracles.

Certainly it would be a miracle if TDD Dominaters stopped exploiting newbies with his high-tax fail-corps. That's not the Christmas miracle I'm talking about, though.

On Christmas Eve, notorious rebel leader Gorila Vengaza joined CODE.

Gorila joined up with a group of gankers and underwent his "baptism by CONCORD", killing freighters in Uedama. The Anti-Gankers were astonished. However, as a prominent leader of the anti-Order resistance, Gorila had a few more tricks up his sleeve...

The "Anti-Ganking" channel was created by a carebear named Astecus. As founder of the channel, Astecus retained control no matter what. But Gorila had long been a moderator of the channel. And while Astecus slept, the New Order's newest Agent sprang into action. In a daring tour de force, Gorila removed the other moderators and appointed loyalanon as their replacement.

Then came the masterstroke. Since the beginning of Anti-Ganking's existence, Astecus and the other moderators had built up a ban list, comprised of "troublemakers". The ban list was built, brick by brick, until it contained over a thousand entries. It was not so much to keep people out, as to keep them in; it was designed to keep the rebels in a bubble where they could not hear dissenting opinions.

The ban list was wiped clean, an action which could not be undone. The ban list would need to be built all over again. Anti-Ganking's Berlin Wall fell and New Order Agents came rushing in. Scorpions' "Wind of Change" blared from the speakers as our Agents embraced the poor rebel souls.

Not every carebear was ready to accept their new freedom, however.

Rumors spread like wildfire: Gorila Vengaza must have been hacked! Rebel leaders don't say the Code always wins, do they?

When the carebears finally accepted the truth, many of them were furious. Highsec "mining consultant" (that gets me every time!) Kalynn Shardani sent a blistering EVEmail to her former colleague.

A few hours later, Astecus awoke to a bunch of alarming EVEmails. He ended the party and started banning people. But his prized ban list was gone, and no one could erase the memory of the New Order's triumph--a triumph that was but a foretaste of highsec's great future. Nor could the carebears get over the shock of Gorila's change of heart.

On EVE-O, Gorila posted "Announcement From Gorila" to explain his actions:
....Lately my biggest Issue has been the campaign of RL death threats and accusing people of being sociopaths and psychopaths because of how they play a GAME. It’s something I do NOT agree with and have actively campaigned against since day one. It’s a hate campaign Veers is very vocal about and sadly his sentiments have carried over to the AG channels and I’ve seen many embrace it. I’ve sat back and watched the hate and I do NOT approve. I do want to say there ARE some good people in Antiganking regardless of the others and if my actions hurt those people I do apologize.

What I have found from the beginning is I’ve had more in common with CODE than anyone in AG. I can honestly say from experience is I’ve enjoyed my interactions with CODE more than many of my interactions with AG. I have felt many in CODE GET the game and what it means to play it. From 07 I have always understood that no one is safe in the EVE universe and nor should they ever be “SAFE”. You should also have FUN and be laughing when you play a game. Not many laugh in AG from my experiences there are MANY in CODE who do laugh and have FUN.

I’ve seen person after person claim to be the “normal players” while making death threats and other crap at CODE member’s children. To me there is a HUGE difference in telling someone you’re going to hunt them down and kill them INGAME as opposed to making threats to key someone’s car or assault their children in RL. If that’s “Normal” I’d rather be a “psychopath” and play with CODE.

With that said I now refer to a saying my new CEO is known for...

The carebears were furious. Kalynn sent Gorila another EVEmail, telling him to "enjoy your lies and voyage of hatred". Gorila again explained that he wanted to have some fun ganking people, which is as legitimate a play style as any other. Kalynn fired back:

Kalynn, like the rest of the "Ganking Is Bullying" crowd, really did believe only sociopaths would shoot a miner in a 0.5 system (doing the same thing in a 0.4 system is elite PvP). Kalynn continued:

The mining consultant wasn't the only rebel who was disgusted by the Christmas miracle. Many others chimed in. Gorila's actions drew condemnation from Veers Belvar in a series of comments on the Christmas Miracle MinerBumping post:
Getting Gorila to hijack the channel and delete the block list is a new low... even for CODE... and that's saying something. It's pretty pathetic to have absolutely no moral values or standards of common decency. Grow up.

"Real miners" want to mine in peace and accumulate wealth. If they were looking for content, they wouldn't be miners. Only trolls like "315 miners" who don't actually mine are looking for content and interactive gameplay.

And we do have content... it just doesn't involve hurting other people. You can play the game and be a decent person, you cannot suicide gank and be a decent person.
One can't help but be struck by the contrast: Gorila spent months leading the rebels and attacking the New Order, but he was welcomed into the fold by Agents with open arms. On the other hand, when Gorila took a step one millimeter away from the carebears' party line, they condemned him, called him a sociopath and a scumbag, and blocked him.

In short, 'twas a Christmas filled with surprises for all.

And the gifts kept on coming...


  1. The Code ALWAYS Wins!!!!! ALWAYS!!!!!

    1. Calm down miner.

    2. Xmas message to Veers.
      You stated that the 315 Miners just troll, don't actually mine. HOW WRONG YOU ARE.
      MY accounts came to be known by the name Manic Miners, due to the way they could strip belts, with maxed out t2 miners, orca pilots etc. And yes I still love to mine the belts.
      Hence, why I set the 315 Miners up. But I also wanted so much more than just a mining corp. I wanted a corp that allowed its members to do other aspects of the game. Experience EVE fully.

      So remember Veers,

      The Code ALWAYS Wins!!!!! ALWAYS!!!!!

    3. Veers Posted on the forums "No. When your entire purpose in playing the game is to induce real life rage and sadness, and then to post that on the website"

      Now we know why he is here!!!!


  2. A Merry Christmas indeed!

    Remember kiddies... EVE is just a game. It's meant to be FUN! If your getting all worked up and filled with hate... well I'd suggest a nice colonic and some hello kitty.

    Happy Hollidays!

    1. Just closed my 10 payed accounts since playing with dicks like Code isn't something that makes me happy. And the funny thing is that I never got ganked by Code, never been AFK with any of the accounts even for a minute. And I'm sure it will have zero impact on game but it may give Code dicks a good laugh.
      Oh, I never mined with these accounts either but the atmosphere that Code creates isn't nice.

      So keep having fun playing as idiots, as long as you aren't idiots out of game.

      Will never return to EVE at least not in a near future, there are other companies that deserves my money and time...

    2. Something tells me it's not the CODE that forces you out of the game, but a coming ban on automation tools. Why on Earth do you need 10 accounts to play this game? Are you trying to turn the game into some sort of money-making device? Remember: game is there to waste your real-life money, not to make it.

    3. Dont let the - "Are you sure you want to Biomass?" button stop you from quitting!!

    4. Since you can only build with 11 slots you need some more accounts when you filled your slots.
      And nope, all bots in EVE is crap almost as bad as bots in other games.
      I don't multi box, don't bot but I did play for fun.
      Don't worry about the accounts, I could afford many more than that with no worries.

      And as I said, play as idiots if you like that. That's OK as long as you aren't an idiot out of game.

    5. 10 accounts just to stay in station and do some production... Never experiencing anything surprising, never discovering anything in this huge game... I thought there's nothing worse than being a miner in Eve, but you just showed me something new.

    6. You got the whole story, some day Code will try to make some impact on me and that's not how I would like to play EVE.
      I enjoyed null and wh but with the game changing in the direction as for now it's not for me.
      You can be assured that CCP have all information of why I'm quiting so there is no need to prove anything else.
      And as I said accounts is closed and all characters are deleted so belive it or not, it's up to you.
      Never cared for real money or game money but I do care about having fun. I can't just sit and watch a group in game do everything they can to make other players mad and after that make fun of them, that's not me at all.

    7. Dude, with your definition of fun you probably should look at M$ Excel next time.

    8. Not all accounts just built stuff but you are free to think whatever you want.
      You just sounds jealous since I can afford 20+ accounts with no impact on my economy ;-)

    9. To give you more bait.
      I had one account per PC

    10. So you still have more than 10 accounts after you quit Eve? Why do you close some of them, and leave more than half active? Aren't they impacted by CODE playing practices as well?

    11. DJ, don't spook him yet :) I'm curious to hear about his house/account ratio (would be surprised if it goes below .5, preferably should stay above 2) and number of personal high-paid servants changing production jobs 24/7, working on shifts.

    12. 10 paid accounts is not entertainment. It is a job. You sure Trump didn't just fire you?

    13. It have happened but you are allowed to belive it or not.
      Since you Code. freak have CCP employees in your ally (if that's true) you should easily verify this since I sent all information to CCP why I'm quiting.

      I quit before I get effected by the players behind Code.
      It's not me to make other players angry and make fun of them to provoke real life threats that's wrong and that's mostly why I quit EVE.

      Hide behind a keyboard and play bad ass if you like but that's not what I like in a game.

      Since you can't force me to prove this you are allwoed to think whatever you like about this biomassing, account closing thing.

      And 10 accounts is not work it's fun.

      Just be happy that I have closed all my accounts and biomassed every character on all accounts.
      Now you get more space and less stuff built so you can gank more and so on.

      Even if I'm not botting and never have I'm planning to create a new kind of bot for EVE just to make more content to the game...
      You will need more targets right?

      Enjoy I have quit DJ Entropy, I don't need to send you any proof of this.
      Give me a proof that you have spies everywhere instead. Should take them less than a day to track me down and hack my accounts that will be in EVE for some time before they vanish since they are paid for some time.
      I even changed the password to be a really easy one so you can hack it really easy.
      If it's true that you have CCP employees in Code you should ask them right away since I sent all information to CCP why I did this.

      So happy hunting, I will have an eye on the account for being hacked etc.
      Will buy a beer for the first Code player that cracks them.
      Create a character and post that characters name here and I will stand by my word.

      I'm not angry at the players behind Code but I can't stand behind the make fun thing that you keep doing all the time you ganked someone.
      So everyone should be happy now, right?

    14. AnonymousDecember 26, 2014 at 10:19 PM
      My house is of no interest here ;)
      But since you sounds interested I have a small server park here for analyzing purpoes, not big park but it does it's job I think.
      Just my hobby to analyze stuff and beat technical systems.
      I have no servants here and my accounts in EVE is 0 as soon as they disappear.

      No need for servants, I only sleep 2-3h/day in average so there is plenty of time to kill between work and spare time ;)

    15. The ColonelDecember 27, 2014 at 12:05 AM
      You could if I had anything left but I don't have that.
      Everything is sent back to EVE for someone else to use.

    16. "I had one account per PC"

      Also one house per account.

      Also one wife per house.

    17. Alana Charen-TengDecember 27, 2014 at 12:30 AM
      And one stupid Code follower per PC too ;)
      No, I only have one main house and a wife and a daugther.
      But if you have a hard time to understand I will explain this some day if we meet in real life.
      One wife per house sounds much like Code style, not my style ;)

    18. Are you going to have more sleep now that you got rid of that disturbing Eve accounts? 2-3 hours per day can get you really, really mad... Not healthy for you, not healthy for your family.

      Also, you mentioned 20+ accounts, are you keeping 10+ more once you closed 10?

    19. If he began with 20+ accounts, then unsubbed 10+ of those accounts, and can still afford 20+ accounts with "no impact on his economy", then how many new houses could he buy? How many wives could be allocated between those houses? How many daughters could be produced?

      Please answer in complete sentences or you will be penalized on your grade.

    20. Alana Charen-TengDecember 27, 2014 at 7:10 AM
      Learn to read in the first place, it have always been 10 accounts, just said that I could afford 20+ accounts if I wanted to.
      Don't be like the other Code that all they do is to try to get the other player mad and angry.

      You sounds like you are trying to get me mad so you don't really deserve more answers from me.

      Still no fancy Code spy that hacked my accounts but there will still be beers if you crack it and put proof here.

      So if you want answers from me, don't try to get me mad. All you show by that is that Code is what everyone on the not Code side says and I'm not sure that is the correct version but you starting to show it may be truth from that side.

      I still don't like that you hide behind a keyboard and push players to a point there they might throw threats etc.
      Even if that's not ok according to EULA and you name it a real life court would say you did your part in getting the threats.
      Just think about that when you try your best to get the other players mad, some day you will find a player that wont just shout in a forum like this.

    21. I was never addressing you in the first place, Anon with the 20+ accounts. I was only joking with the other posters here. I have no interest in your thoughts or answers, so please stop writing so many words.

    22. That's OK, have a nice day.

  3. LMAO. It was a great Christmas eve I must say. You would think that this would be taken as a lesson or message about the state of things in AG and an indication it's time for change...but no. Still they wish to blame everyone but themselves for what has happened, been happening, and what is still yet to happen. Firing off a butthurt mail and blocking people will NEVER solve your problems or bring you any closer to your goals. It is that very thing that chased Gorila, and many others, away. I hear insults of childishness yet they are the ones acting like a spoiled child having a tantrum. The bottom line is AG just does not have the mentality or capacity to be an effective force in any way (with the exception of a select few opponents who do have some respect). Sometimes it's just time to declare something a lost cause and dis-associate yourself with it. I have even tried personally to offer insight and advice to the AG community only to be insulted and blocked. If you don't want to learn or listen, you will forever be a failure. This IS A GAME..where other player shot ships..some will offer to help...if you deny help, you will never learn. I love how the whole "You can play the game and be a decent person, you cannot suicide gank and be a decent person" mentality. It reminds me of my uncle who is still a hippie, lives in his van, has never held a job, and has been a loser his whole life because he refuses to accept that the world is what it is and not what he wants it to be. No offense intended to If you want change, you need to change yourself. Eve is a game...not rl. You can be whatever you want to be, do whatever you want to do. What one chooses to do in a game does NOT reflect what kind of person they are in rl. My best advice to those who feel "grief" or "discourse" playing a game is to stop playing the game. If you stick your hand in the fire and it burns it the fault of the fire for burning you? Eve is the fire...if you're not prepared to get burned or at least understand you can and will get're playing the wrong game. Anyways...I hope everyone had a great holiday! XOXO

    1. Exactly. AG, don't be angry at Gorila..instead ask yourselves why this happened and how you can prevent it in the future. Take a long look at what has truly been going on. The first step to change is to take a long look in the mirror and see where the issues really lie. Try not to live in denial about what has occurred. Shun the hatred and hate speech. Teach the masses to be good opponents rather than hateful enemies. Both the poison and the antidote lie within yourselves. You only need to recognize this poison and flush it from yourself. There is so much opportunity for greatness but it is wasted with hatred. Try talking to some may be pleasantly surprised. This change lies within you..and only you can make this change. :)

    2. Kaely, knowing AG crowd a little bit, my guess is they'll just decrease number of moderators, increase ban rate and decrease tolerance to common sense in channel.

    3. BeBopareBop RhubarbPieDecember 26, 2014 at 10:12 PM

      I would like to remind people that there are some good folks in AG, its just unfortunate that the public channel tolerates so much hatred over a game.

    4. Yep, there are good folks. Yet I witnessed numerous bans based solely on dissenting opinion, or even worse than that - presentation of facts disproving something an anti-code zealot just said in channel.

      Shortest way to ban there is
      * white knight shows concord KM with his name on it, commenting: that's how I kill the CODE
      * crowd cheers
      * reasonable person links associated KM of a miner, proving that just being mentioned in concord kill doesn't mean gank was stopped
      * reasonable person attempts to explain that if one really wants to stop/interfere with CODE then he should know what are the tactics of suicide gankers and why they're called suicide gankers in the first place
      * annoyed crowd invokes "tl;dr he's CODE agent, burn him!" agenda
      * reasonable person gets banned from the channel without any way to explain that he was only educating ppl, not advancing some agenda...

      does it sound like a good approach to promote healthy discussion? Nope. But it happens on regular basis nonetheless.

    5. They are all toxic and foster the toxic environment

    6. Nope, not all. There are some pretty OK dudes, but unfortunately they're minority (or just quieter than angry mob)

    7. "The bottom line is AG just does not have the mentality or capacity to be an effective force in any way (with the exception of a select few opponents who do have some respect)."

      I agree, and the few opponents who are worthy of respect could probably be counted on a single hand.

    8. Yeah...sad, but true.

  4. I was lucky enough to witness the event as it happened. Never saw such joy and freedom in this anti-ganking channel, infamous for its toxic, hateful content. Welcome to the CODE, Gorila, and thanks for that beautiful content you've created. A really remarkable page in history of Eve!

  5. Wish ccp would unban you. The game needs you xxx

  6. BeBopareBop RhubarbPieDecember 26, 2014 at 10:10 PM

    They did, hes just undercover in areas not related to code. THE KITTENAI RULES ALL!

  7. Wow, this is awesome.

    Well done Gorila & welcome aboard. You got the better of me a couple times in the past & made me a better player because of it (improvise, adapt & overcome etc).

    Secondly, this action completely & utterly illustrates the difference between the so called carebear 'good guys' & Code. It's a game babe, if it's not fun you're doing it wrong!!!!

    - Guybertini

    1. Well played, Gorila. Welcome to the club of people actually enjoying a role playing game.
      I've said many times that judging by what care bears put in local and evemails and blog comments- they are nobody you would want to associate with, in game or out.
      You are among a better class of people, as well as player now. Happy ganking, brother.

    2. Welcome aboard gorila, look forward to seeing your first solo kill! Snigie audanie

  8. Never met you in-game, DJ, but you were hilarious on the teamspeak recording I listened to. Definitely regret never flying with you. :)

  9. I just read Kalynn Shardani's evemail rant featured in this blogpost. It. Is. Gold.

    "... I am not angry at you"

    And yet, all the evidence points to the contrary.

    "... I don't have time for idiots... I dont care for people like you... I dont wish you well, never will, you don't deserve it... Now go back to your idiot corner, dont send me any e-mails, you are blocked... I have no desire to communicate with you EVER."

    This is what a child throwing a tantrum looks like. We could fill an olympic swimming pool with these tears.

  10. I see now why John E Normus and others have respect for individuals like Jennifer en Marlund. During my brief time in the anti-ganking channel, I encountered a very unpleasant fellow named Hrolf Aideron. I sent Jennifer the offensive comments Hrolf had made, and Jennifer removed him from channel. Curiously, Astecus was in channel while these comments were being made, and did nothing about it. He also ignored the evemail I sent him regarding this.

    Evemails are here:


    Hateful sentiments in Anti-ganking
    From: Alana Charen-Teng
    To: Jennifer en Marland

    In my very brief time in the Anti-ganking channel, I have found one particular individual to be exceedingly distasteful.

    Hrolf Aideron > The CODE fuckers just like to annoy people. I think they're pathetic. Probably raped by their daddies or something like that.
    Hrolf Aideron > I heard a guy claiming he was with CODE the other day. I slit his tires. Laughed my ass off.


    From: Jennifer en Marland
    To: Alana Charen-Teng

    Thanks for your mail, Hrolf Aideron has been permabanned from AG and GI. This is the mail I sent him.

    I think we all benefit from weeding out these kinds of people; feel free to mail again if us mods miss someone being a total douche.



    Anti-ganking channel
    From: Jennifer en Marland
    To: Hrolf Aideron,


    Someone drew my attention to a couple of comments you made in Anti-Ganking:

    Hrolf Aideron > The CODE fuckers just like to annoy people. I think they're pathetic. Probably raped by their daddies or something like that.
    Hrolf Aideron > I heard a guy claiming he was with CODE the other day. I slit his tires. Laughed my ass off.
    Hrolf Aideron > One of the CODE rats apparently reported me for hurting his little pansy feelings.

    Frankly, the first of these comments is sick. The second one, a reference to real-life attacks, is kind of disturbing even if its a joke. The third shows that you don't really care or know how awful your comments are.

    We really dont appreciate these kind of comments in anti-ganking, and we try to keep the channel respectful and reasonable. I know gankers often don't respect other people, but your comments are on a whole other level.

    So I'm sorry, but we've decided to permaban you from anti-ganking and gank-intel. I know you might be unhappy about it, but we have to think about other people's channel experience, as well as our own reputation.

    FLy safe.



    1. Yeah, it looks like that when you read the newspaper at least.

      "The rapist to the woman before he struck her: 'Merry Christmas'"

      Code players are really busy these Days ;)

  12. The game is just not the same without DJ.

  13. Here are some demographics I found out in my research:

    CODE. = 18 to 50 years old. Married or with Girlfriend. Employed or retired. Enjoys playing a multi-player game with others. High IQ, well read, very stable & a true Bro gamer.

    Care-bears = 12 to 18 years old or Russian. Lives at home. Has no employment. Struggling in school / college. Has zero or very little irl friends. Very angry at society etc etc. Users gay and sex slurs as insults. Lower IQ. Plays EVE as a single player game, other players get in his way. He likes the idea of EVE but would rather play in his own instance if he could. May have multiple accounts to 'purge' his loneliness. May use suicide threats in game if he is upset or not getting what he wants.

    I think that is a fair observation. (I have played both sides)

    1. If only it were that simple. Plenty of "adults" throw a hissy fit worthy of a three-year old when they experience non-consenual interaction in Eve.

    2. 'or Russian'......


      Mike Adoulin

    3. Lol Admiral Root. I giggle a little every time the phrase "non-consentual interaction" is make it sound so dirty :)

  14. If so many people on either side of the fence are finding themselves upset then quit Eve. Why pay to be a part of something you're not enjoying? If you don't like the stress of being identified on either side then well, quit or create a new character and avoid high sec, although it would be easier not to play at all.

    Eve hasn't been fun for a long time.Eve is however great fun to read about so if you enjoy the interaction please continue I'll keep enjoying reading the stories no matter how similar or alike the themes are.

    BTW if you see Sidrat Flush in high sec it'll be on the side of The Code as it's the only way to mine or mission in high sec without going totally bat shit insane.

    Also as an aside - don't sit on the fence as you only end up with splinters.

    1. Oh I'm enjoying this quite much. I'm sure I speak for others when I say they are as well. It's all content...which is what it's all about. :)

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