Monday, April 3, 2017

You Don't Know James, Part 4

Previously, on MinerBumping... Highsec miner EDISON ENGLISH pushed all of his chips into the center of the table. He was absolutely confident that he'd friended me on Facebook, and that this made him untouchable. But when our Agents questioned him, they learned that EDISON had simply been another victim of the Kusion Ruse Kruise.
AGBee 001 > "Nevertheless, rumors continued to swirl. Dom Arkaral was purportedly my alt, and he had plans to sell control of the CODE. alliance to the highest bidder. Even the amount of the heist was subject to change."
AGBee 001 > "The Anti-Gankers rejoiced at more good news: Jason Kusion had stolen assets from the Goons as well, forcing them to postpone Burn Jita indefinitely. Was a new era of peaceful carebearing about to begin, or would the industrialists of highsec find their
EDISON ENGLISH > slow down..i dont read fast
Because EDISON had been so unwilling to read MinerBumping in the past, Agent AGBee 001 saw no choice but to paste content from the blog directly into the private chat. That way, EDISON couldn't help but read it.
AGBee 001 > Everything Dom told you is a lie, he has been lying to you for quite some time evidently
AGBee 001 > Your faith in Dom is going to get you wrecked, just an FYI
AGBee 001 > He's not giving you good advice
As the miner caught up on his long-overdue MinerBumping reading, the truth dawned on him.
Lillie Naari > It's shocking, isn't it?
EDISON ENGLISH > im lost for words
EDISON was completely crushed. It was a day of reckoning for EDISON, and he knew it.
EDISON ENGLISH > i 100% belived dom was james and i have known him coupkle years my main is 11year player]
Lillie Naari > you didnt read reddit?
EDISON ENGLISH > im screwed
EDISON ENGLISH > i dont read a not good a reading and writing
The miner could no longer hide his guilt--not even from himself. There would be no last-minute intervention from the Saviour of Highsec.
Lillie Naari > You figure out why i was so harsh in questioning you yet?
AGBee 001 > How much ISK do you have?
AGBee 001 > I need you to make me a full API key
EDISON ENGLISH > na..ill scrap him
EDISON ENGLISH > go back to other things on my main
EDISON now experienced the full realization of his defeat, the kind of defeat so familiar to his fellow carebears. It was a bitter pill to swallow. Biomassing seemed the only way out.
EDISON ENGLISH > i made ed just to mine other reason
EDISON ENGLISH > he not skilled for anythin other than mining ivce
EDISON ENGLISH > i have no clue what to do now
AGBee 001 > Not easy to help you m8
AGBee 001 > You've really dug a hole for yourself
The only silver lining was that EDISON was in a convo with two Agents of the New Order. If you're in need of help in highsec, there's no better place to look for it.
AGBee 001 > and you're dishonest
EDISON ENGLISH > not dishonest
EDISON ENGLISH > 100% truth..i belived in dom/james
AGBee 001 > Well, I'm afraid your decision to biomass instead of becoming compliant doesn't suggest your pledge to become Code compliant was sincere
EDISON ENGLISH > ur boss wont even talk to i gonna do
The miner felt he was in an impossible situation. He could feel himself sliding down a spiral of despair.
AGBee 001 > And you talked a ton of trash in local and in this chat rather than live up to your end of the bargain
AGBee 001 > You insisted Agents can't revoke your mining permit, for instance
EDISON ENGLISH > i cant give proof..i told u im in pvt chts with dom
AGBee 001 > and you violated the Code in too many ways to list tonight
EDISON ENGLISH > i just wanna eve
Our Agents comforted the miner by reminding him that everything was completely his own fault.
AGBee 001 > That permit he sold you has been revoked
AGBee 001 > I'm trying to help you but you need to understand your previous ideas were incorrect
EDISON ENGLISH > ill remove from bio
EDISON ENGLISH > im done guys
EDISON finally complied with our Agents' request to remove the revoked mining permit from his bio, so other Agents would know to gank him. That was a step in the right direction, at least.
EDISON ENGLISH > i cant pay
AGBee 001 > Thank you for the apology
EDISON ENGLISH > no..i feel stupid
EDISON ENGLISH > i put too much faith in ppl
AGBee 001 > You need to put faith into the New Order, not some random on facebook
In a world filled with deception, spin, confusion, and fake news, it's important to know where you can get accurate information. Facebook can't be relied upon, but MinerBumping can.
EDISON ENGLISH > next time we meet..maybe things will work out diffrent
Lillie Naari > i personally wouldnt eat a blacklist like that
Lillie Naari > but, if i had to, id biomass the blacklisted toon
EDISON ENGLISH > cut the plz
During their earlier, brief conversation, EDISON had been put on a blacklist by Agent TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet. Being blacklisted by an Agent of the New Order is really rough. Agent Lillie Naari frankly advised EDISON to biomass his character.
Lillie Naari > Well, EDISON ENGLISH will be blacklisted, so he's as i said, "Burned" and unplayable in the future. Other toons you make won't have the blacklit marking
EDISON ENGLISH > i like ed
Lillie Naari > Shucks?
EDISON ENGLISH > wow you run everyone off from the ice?
Lillie Naari > i dunno what to tell ya. You probably shouldnt ave gone all in on a fake permit from "James 315"
Lillie Naari > and then talked crap to the diplo?
EDISON mourned the potential loss of his ice mining character. But as Lillie reminded him, he was in a mess of his own making.
EDISON ENGLISH > yeh i get that
EDISON ENGLISH > so ill get another o) ? fro u?
EDISON ENGLISH > can we startv a fresh?
Lillie Naari > But how does that address teh blacklist from the diplo?
EDISON ENGLISH > cant we iron it out with the diplo.....
EDISON ENGLISH > i dont want to get my account hacked..i dont trust you...sorry i dont mean to be a in enough mess as is
Agent Lillie wanted to explore the possibility of getting an API key from EDISON and arranging some kind of payment plan. However, EDISON was wary of giving out an API key.
EDISON ENGLISH > this seems bigger than i thought
EDISON ENGLISH > i thought code was just a few guys
EDISON ENGLISH > dom has seen my cry for help...hes ignoring it
Lillie Naari > Perhaps he doesn't care as much as you thought.
Even now, EDISON held out a little hope that Facebook might come to his rescue after all.
EDISON ENGLISH > well sorry it went south so fast
EDISON ENGLISH > leason learned
Lillie Naari > i doubt that
The Agents ended their conversation with EDISON on an uncertain note. The miner had shown some remorse for his actions, or so it seemed. But he hadn't given them the money he owed.

A few hours later, I received an EVEmail from EDISON. There was still a part of him that clung to the falsehoods of the Ruse Kruise. For a highsec miner, acceptance of the truth can take time.


  1. "Our Agents comforted the miner by reminding him that everything was completely his own fault."


  2. The miner bemoans his lack of reading skills - yet found no difficulty in absorbing all that Reddit-rubbish and regurgitating it with perfect memory and embellishing it with a web of lies worthy of any work of fiction.

    I don't buy it.

    1. Oh please, Rob, don't insult us Fiction Writers like that. The stuff we come up with has to at least be halfway plausible. :D LOL.

    2. Hehe. No offence intended Zander. I simply omitted to say '..any work of fiction, yet bereft of that plausibility which makes those literary undertakings palatable'.

      Auto-editing sometimes leads to confusion :)

  3. wow antigankers are STILL failing

    1. Still banned? Cry much buddy? Seems you are crying Daily. Get out there start ganking instead of taking credit for other people's work. Crybaby.

    2. Start doing your damn job instead of always talking about AG, starting to think you like AG. You gonna join em?

    3. loyal has been ganking for weeks now

    4. Loyal ranting on about AG is somehow a comforting, stable presence in my life, like that "where's Ming" guy.
      Let's face it, if loyal shut up about them then the Antigankers would lose whatever relevance he might think they have. And that would take something away from him.
      After all... ganking becomes much harder and meaningful if you have a dedicated group out there trying to stop you.
      Antigankers... alone the name sounds like a challenge to overcome.

    5. Not really a challenge at all

    6. Zey protect das Bergmann und must be eliminated. Heil James.

    7. "loyal has been ganking for weeks now"

      Ganking what? NPC rats? Loyal was 100 times as good as anybody in TCE is now. No one even comes close. Nice try buddy.


    8. IM not your buddy guy, I'm not you guy friend, I'm not your friend buddy

    9. Lets all get tacos

    10. @AnonymousApril 4, 2017 at 3:29 PM

      IM not your buddy guy, I'm not you guy friend, I'm not your friend "pal"

  4. You want to feel.sorry for this miner, then you realize he is allowing this to happed. It could end anytime he wants it to.

    Just grow up ED.


    1. The COde is a bone, that needs to be stroked!

      Damn wankers!

    2. Speaking ill of code is not acceptable by code, terminate yourself.

  6. Fantastic post I like it. Keep it up

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